Gun seized in South Sound, local man charged

| 04/05/2017 | 0 Comments
Cayman News Service

John Brandon Smith

(CNS): A George Town Man was charged earlier today with two counts of possession of an unlicensed firearm and was remanded in custody after an appearance in Summary Court, where he was refused bail. John Brandon Smith (24) was arrested Tuesday along with his 18-year-old wife following a search at their apartment in South Sound, where a handgun and ammunition was found in a back-pack and seized by police.

Chief Inspector Frank Owens said,  “This is another example of a robust and quick response to removing firearms off our streets and the potential harm that can be done to the public.”

Smith had been originally been stopped by the police because he was wanted for a traffic offence. It is not clear what raised the suspicions of officers but shortly after apprehending him they conducted a search of his home, which the court heard was a shared residency.

Smith and his wife were both arrested on suspicion of the firearm offences after the weapon was found in the knapsack, but Smith’s wife has not been charged and remains on police bail.

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