Custom X-ray building on time and on budget

| 07/05/2017 | 15 Comments
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Mobile scanner and its new purpose-built home

(CNS) Finance Minister Marco Archer had the giant scissors out this week to snip the ribbon and officially open the new building constructed to house the Customs Department’s $2.36 million critical mobile X-ray scanning truck that has been exposed to the elements for several years. Twelve months after construction began, the new $1.3 million building was finished on time and on budget. Located on Portland Road, the first new customs building in 23 years covers 3,000 sq. ft. and is next to the Port Authority’s Cargo Distribution Centre.

“This new facility will prolong the life of our scanner truck, which has been exposed to the elements since its acquisition,” said Collector of Customs Charles Clifford, as officials gathered at the new facility for the official opening.

“The new building will also provide state-of-the-art offices and facilities for our valuable staff who will work here and our customers. Additionally, the building is certified to Category 5 hurricane standard and will be used to ensure business continuity in the event that our headquarters and any other customs operational centre become inoperable for any reason.”

Planned and designed by the Public Works Department to customs’ specifications, the building will provide  space for Customs Freight Security Initiative Section as well as the Container Processing and Inspection Unit and administrative offices. Alan Robinson from the PWD was project manager and Dean Scott the local contractor.

The mobile X-ray truck that the building will protect has proved to be an invaluable source since it was commissioned, a customs release stated. It has successfully prevented illegal firearms and other contraband from being imported, and stopped the export of stolen goods from robberies and burglaries, explained Clifford. The machine also helps confirm that the content of containers matches importers’ declarations.

As he wielded his giant scissors, Archer said, “Not only will revenue collection be enhanced thanks to the new facility, but customers will get better service. I applaud the collector of customs and all his staff, PWD staff and the private contractor for their collective efforts in making this facility a reality.”

Financial Secretary and Chief Officer in the Ministry, Kenneth Jefferson, also applauded all those involved to make sure the costly machine.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    why build a building for a machine that has not been working for almost 2 years
    too late sounds to me!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Built by a company found guilty of not paying pensions to employees which is supposed to make you ineligible for government contracts…..but it’s who you know and not what you know in Cayman.

  3. Lifevest says:

    Maybe CAT5 proof but I hope it floats ! Portland Rd, we get a drizzle rain and its under water.

  4. PPM no#1 suppoter says:

    Yes Marco Mr fiance minister i hope people get a refund from you for charging this island a fee for a Xray machine that has been down for sometime? Yes and before you cry political partisanship Kenneth did not approve this message i repeat did not approve this message

  5. Anonymous says:

    mmmmm…..why would you build a building just to put something in that only has a life of …ummm 10 years max even if it does it will be technologically obsolete (umm…it already is compared to what I see at some border crossings) in like three years. Yeah guys I got the new iphone 7 so I am going to buy a $700 dollar case to prolong its life….that the same logic…

    Man, they should have just got up in the helicopter and got $5 notes and started to make it rain on each of the districts. 1 it would have been entertaining, 2) it would have caused less of a carbon footprint and 3) nobody has ever seen that before in Cayman.

    Then he could have got up and said., 1) I stimulated the economy, 2) where in recovery mode, 3) We got a surplus so we can make it rain money…Imagine the PPM political opponents trying to beat them on that…yeah vote for us because we wont throw your money out of a helicopter:) The people would say…yeah I want the helicopter team back in power we can at least see where the money is going in the air for us to collect…and it would be exciting because people would be finding notes laying around for months.

    But…..we all know that can’t happen….not because it wouldn’t just end back up in the government coffers after being spent…but because either it would be stolen on the way out to be deployed or no possible way to make sure it ends back up in the pockets of the right people…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, why does anyone have a garage for their car? Garage keeps it safe, saves on wear and tear, makes the car last longer until we buy another which he same garage will protect. It’s ano brainer

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Supposed to be in use years ago”. How is that possible if it was only started 12 months ago? Now maybe it should have been built years ago. However, without government finances being in better shape it could not happen. So I guess thanks to the current government that was now possible?

  7. Anonymous says:

    And surely a basic cement box for a fraction of the cost would have sufficed. Why did a “garage” in a container lot have to be a custom design with a hard to construct curved roof?

    This thing should have been built in under four months and for less than $250,000.

    Need to focus that X-ray machine on the inner workings of government.

  8. Sharkey says:

    What about the Citizens of the Islands holding Government accountable too . We are just as civic responsible as the News Media’s . Just look at the coming Election , we have incompetent candidates that needs to be replaced, are we going to depend on the Media to do that .

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    On time???!! This building was supposed to be in use years ago! Pleease ask Government how many x-ray machines at the Customs port warehouse have been destroyed (and the associated costs) due to siting them in inadequate/inappropriate locations while waiting on this building!

    The media must hold Government accountable for its misleading statements and claims in their attempt to make up for lack of action until their last few months in office. CNS, as a responsible media house, please present this query and release the response – if you get on!


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