Cop seriously injured in ‘vicious’ assault by suspect

| 27/05/2017 | 16 Comments

(CNS): Two police officers were violently assaulted by a suspect burglar during an arrest in George Town Friday, with one sustaining a serious eye injury. The police commissioner said he was alarmed by the vicious assault, which happened after the patrol officers tracked down the suspect following a break-in at a house in Mangrove Avenue, Prospect. The 21-year-old man has now been now charged with assault GBH, ABH and criminal trespass. He is currently in custody and expected to appear in court Monday. Meanwhile, the seriously injured officer has been airlifted to Miami for emergency surgery. The second officer was treated at the George Town hospital and has since been released. 

The male and female officers were called to the burglary report around noon yesterday. When they got there, they were told that the residents had come home to find the burglary in progress. The suspect fled from the house, jumped a fence and made off in a reddish Honda Accord, and the witnesses were able to give the police the car registration.

The two officers then began making checks in the area and on Dogwood Street nearby they found a man and vehicle answering the description given. The police told the man about the allegations as they placed him under arrest on suspicion of burglary.

But as the male officer began putting handcuffs on the man he “suddenly became combative and violently resisted arrest, punching the arresting officer, knocking him to the ground, and kicking him repeatedly in the face, chest and head”, the police stated in a release.

The female officer intervened and was also kicked in her stomach repeatedly while trying to subdue him. The man then ran off but was apprehended by the officers a few meters away and finally arrested.

“All of us today are thinking of our colleagues and are a bit stunned by the viciousness of the assault against them,” said Police Commissioner Derek Byrne. “Of course we accept that the nature of our job entails danger at times, but this should never be allowed to become a regular occurrence or to escalate to such a level. I am alarmed by this incident and the ones that have preceded it.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope that this new Government can see that the Cayman islands Police officers needs to be fully armed at all times , and more power put to their commands by the way of Laws . If they don’t crime Will take over the Cayman islands and the criminals would kill the Officers .

    Think about this , which one would you rather see injured or dead , the Officer or criminals ?’ I would say the criminals .

    • Anonymous says:

      You really want to put guns into some of these officers hands? Like the small minority whose standards leave a lot to be desired? Hell, some of them have abused tasers…be very careful what you wish for..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Arm all officers with taser and they need go to cross fit training to get fix again…too many fat and sloppy cops in cayman.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Certainly an attack on an officer of this nature was unexpected & uncalled for. But consider this : with all the legal logistics of today, had a private citizen opted to voluntarily assist the police in detaining the suspect, he likely would have been facing charges of his own. The POTENTIAL of violence and counter – attacks is what you sign up for when you make a career choice to become a police officer. Further, I agree with Mr ‘Black Belt’ – these cops need training.

    • The Truth says:

      The training they really need is in the proper use and safety of firearms, tasers, pepper spray, etc. and then arm them…… otherwise we will continue to have a wimpy police force. And more crime!

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow! so sad

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is why the police need to be carrying guns. Gone are the days of respect and honor. Try this crap in the USA or Jamaica and see what happens. You must fight fire with fire; all this shows is weakness to these asshole criminals.

    • Anonymous says:

      Neither of the examples you refer too are exactly shining examples of democratic or fair really want that? Because the fear of brutality in the US at least has done nothing to slow down gun crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with having the best police possible. Tuff but caring not unarmed and fearful of crimmals.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We need to create a police force instead of a service because they are weak and too easily intimidated. The criminals are becoming more violent and the police are not changing to meet the threat to the public. I don’t feel safe in cayman and I live in a neighborhood with drug dealers and burglaries. The police are not given the proper equipment to protect themselves much less us. It is known that the expandable baton in which they carry is less reliable than the rapid rotation baton. Pepper spray is very effective but not all the time especially when someone is intoxicated on narcotics. Handcuffs are good for restraint but only if you have the person under control. Tazer is not carried by most officers they just don’t have enough for that. Better teach them some karate.

  7. Unison says:

    I recall one incident in Bodden Town where I saw an officer made an arrest, but the other officer standing beside did nothing!

    My point is – some just where the uniform. The COP need to do more to protect police officers. Simple 1 year training don’t do it. They have to be taught how to fight! Not just given a vest, pepperstray, and taser. You got criminals that know how to work around these things.

    I spoke with a veteran officer who told me he feels unsafe working along other officers, because some of them don’t know how to fight! They are dangerous to work with!

    COP: We need officers with more self-defense training!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Police Commissioner Derek Byrne.
    You should be alarmed by this and previous incidents.
    One Criminal takes out Two Officers!
    The headlines should be reading One Officer takes out Four Criminals!
    You’re letting your people down by not providing them with proper fighting/tactical skills.

    Many years ago when I was involved in martial arts, me and my colleagues were always “cautious” when we had to face off against one particular 4′ 5″ 80lbs female opponent. More often than not she got the better of us…us being a foot or more taller and twice the weight!

    Provide all of your officers with the training they can handle and then some.
    And while doing so they can exchange some of that fat for muscle.

    Give it a thought so that the public doesn’t have to read further such embarrassing headlines.

    Black Belt

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