Backroom talks on again over new government

| 27/05/2017 | 256 Comments
Cayman News Service

McKeeva Bush front and centre, with Ezzard Miller and Arden McLean in the back

(CNS): The ‘new new’ potential administration that was cobbled together just before midnight Friday that put McKeeva Bush back at the helm of government was on shaky ground Saturday morning, CNS understands. Various unverified sources suggested that the elder Independents, Ezzard Miller and Arden McLean, are not entirely enamoured by the idea of propping up Bush as leader. They appear to be looking to shape another potential cabinet line-up that could see Bush maneuvered into the speaker’s chair again or off the government frontline altogether.

The possibility of a new mix of the independents on the front bench, or an ‘eastern alliance’ with the PPM, was beginning to emerge.

CNS understands that meetings were taking place in hotels in the Seven Mile Beach area Saturday and, in a third possible government deal so far this weekend, another compromise was being discussed to secure an Independent-PPM alliance that could see Moses Kirkconnell as the premier.

It is understood from Bush’s correspondence Friday with his CDP officials that the first attempt at a CDP alliance with the Independent candidates had collapsed, as Miller in particular was not keen on working with Bush in Cabinet and that Chris Saunders, formerly a Bush supporter, was also reluctant to support him as premier.

As a result, Bush went to the PPM and accepted the offer of a neutral position as speaker. In return, Bernie Bush and Capt. Eugene Ebanks would sit on the government backbench, with Bernie Bush as deputy speaker, propping up a PPM-led cabinet with McLaughlin as premier and Tara Rivers remaining as education minister.

But that deal lasted around five hours after Bush received significant backlash from his own supporters, who accused him of betrayal, and from the various supporters of the non-party candidates, who saw Bush as collaborating with McLaughlin to deliberately keep the group of non-aligned MLAs out of power.

Following the intervention of Dr Steve Tomlinson, Bush reneged on the deal signed with the PPM, and in a classic piece of political maneuvering, he managed to secure enough support from the Independents to be premier instead.

But that line-up began to splinter Saturday. Whether further talks can hold it together to make it to ‘Swearing in Day’ on Wednesday remains to be seen. But given the lack of agreement and cohesion between the various independent groups now propping up Bush as leader, that new administration would not be a stable government.

Given the new voting system, which has created an opportunity for greater accountability, voters are able to speak directly to their single representative and apply pressure to indicate what they want to see.

Although current politics is reminiscent of the horsetrading and backroom deals of politics before 2001, there is, in addition to the formation of political parties, another significant difference between then and now: Backroom talks are no longer as closed as they once were. Pictures, messages and speculation make their way onto social media with lightning speed, shaking the deals even before the ink is dry.

Check back to CNS for more as the political negotiations continue.

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  1. Wake up call says:

    Why are he 2 largest groups letting the Man with the smallest group call the shots. Come on guys wake up.

  2. Dr. Who says:

    “Stop The Bickering “. Lol.

    • Rewind please says:

      Isn’t it ironic that Dr. Tomlinson was so pro to “Stop the bickering”, yet he is the one encouraging the bickering. Hmmmm. Maybe he should read a page or two from his own book.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is shameful! We the ppl would like to know who will be leading our country! They wont stop this foolishness until the UK steps in… then we’re really up the creek without a paddle. Fyi, they would love nothing better than to take total control of our island. Please get it together and make a decision! A final one! Embarrassing…

  4. Anonymous says:

    The True Position;
    The country is trying to be hijacked by the Puppet Master / Power Broker known as Dr. T. who brokered the disastrous coalition between the Independents and McKeeva Bush and the CDP. The electorate sent an absolute clear message that they did not support McKeeva Bush or the CDP. The CDP were elected with only 3 seats in their strong hold of West Bay with the lowest minority of only 9.38% of the total vote. The brilliant Dr. T with all his wisdom together with all the independents decide to hand McKeeva and the CDP with the Premiership and total power to run this country with the tiny minority of the vote with only 1476 votes out of 15,721 votes. The elected independents have secured 19.85% of the total vote yet they have decided to betray the country and their supporting voters by misusing and redirecting their votes to support McKeeva and the CDP. All Cayman voters must stop and think carefully for a moment and ask themselves, “Who in their right mind” would trust any independent to form or run any government when they give the country to McKeeva Bush and the CDP. The independents are NOT a cohesive group whatsoever as their very group name suggested so how are they ever going to run a government when none of them are successful business men or are they capable or qualified with the responsibility and experience of managing and running a country. The only hope for Cayman’s future is for two or more Independents to wake up and bury their egoes asking themselves what is really in the best interests of our country. It is time to become and adult and a true professional, by listen to your supporters and the country’s electorate that the most beneficial, practical and preferred solution is to form a coalition with the PPM in the best interests of the country and its people for a promising future for many generations to come. The alternative is a disastrous train wreck of uneducated and inexperienced and unqualified Independent newbies trying to run the country in an International forum which is totally over their heads.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This has always been a problem with government regardless of party. They can’t make a decision and stick to it. As soon as some grown a$$ adult starts to cry and whine they bend over backwards to please them; which unfortunately never seems to benefit Caymanians. Get some backbone boys…you’re acting like kids playing in a sandbox.

    Oh, I can’t wait until the expats start posting their comments…they’re all having barbeques right now laughing at us then show up to work tomorrow like nothing happened. They’re just as bad as the politicians !!! Jeckle and Hyde.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      As 95% of bloggers are anonymous pray how do you identify those who are expats? Many whether ‘paper Caymanians’ or otherwise care about the future of Cayman. If you ever read the press see how many put something back into these islands.
      All of us want the issue of the elected government resolved.

  6. Knot S Smart says:

    Copied from my post on the morning after the election:

    The best coalition would be Ezzard for Speaker of the House, Mr Moses for Premier, Suckoo for Deputy Premier, Arden for Minister of Roads etc, Roy for Financial Minister, Alden for the Financial Industry (where Wayne was) and Ms Julie and Tara for the other two Ministerial positions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cuckoo for Deputy????? Are you in dream land or just blatantly crazy? He’s done nothing during his four years, not even when he was councillor. Not even show up when he was supposed to. How the check he going to be Deputy Premier? He’ll be snoozing at the beach when you need him.

  7. Indegenious says:

    Of course he changed his shirt. He has 5 of them same colour. Have you noticed that his pants, shoe, watch and his mind was also changed? Stop being so critical. He changed everything including his pen.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If Dr. Tomlinson had any morals he would call an immediate press conference and apologise to the Cayman Islands the mess that he have created and let us know that he is backing off.

    Another thing, at least the people can’t say that both CDP and PPM has created this mess.

    Prayers changes things. People, pray that God will intervene.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Independents betray the country and betray the supporters who voted for them.
    We entrusted our vote with you all and you all give our vote without our authority or permission to McKeeva Bush and the CDP. How can we eve trust you again for you are now showing us that you are no better than McKeeva himself. Disgusting abuse of the power and responsibility we handed to you all on election day. Obviously you all do not care or listen to your electorate or your supporters.

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember that the independents don’t have enough bodies to make up government and they have to go somewhere to get it weather CDP or PPM to get what they need. Now the people believe that these two parties are evil but the independents don’t have a choice. Now they have to pick the best of the two evils that what happened to America and that’s what happenings here. There’s nothing else that can be done!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    News Flash: Latest Government

    Alden Speaker

    Arden Premier
    Moses Deputy Premier Minister of Tourism
    Ezzard Minister of Health

    Government Backbench

    Business community very worried about Arden and Ezzard but PPM convinces them that they will control policy because they have a majority of 7 to the 5 independents. Alden will still control policy from the chair, negotiations ongoing to get the other three independents to join as councilors which then gives a majority to the independents.

    Mac, Bernie and Capt. opposition.

    Watch this space.

    • Bush Master says:

      WTF! Are you tell me that you took the Premiership out of the hands of two jack asses and gave it to bigger jack ass? I’m a Caymanian and I can hardly understand a dam word that this man is saying when he makes a statement. Let alone talk about putting him on an international stage as leader of this country!

      • Anonymous says:

        The average (and majority) Caymanian doesn’t really need be on the world stage. This banking is not really a good thing for this island.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Lord….NOT Arden as Premier. The man cannot form coherent sentence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pure lies!

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s with the lies

      Keep deeming.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      Fake News!

    • Oh we screwed bobo says:

      LMAO! Adren as Premier, just imagine him speaking in London, lol.

      If this happens I really feel sorry for our country.

      Alden hit Mac up again plz as speaker, don’t give any power to Adren or Ezzard! The 2 biggest donkeys in town. Oh and for Chris bloody socialist, someone who will try and start income tax a day give free WiFi to the islands.

      Lastly lookout here comes independence!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dear Independents; Do not sell your souls to the devil just to have power. The election results made a few things very clear:
    1. Cayman wants change, that’s why you won so many seats
    2. The majority of Cayman does not want Mac and his party running the country.
    Surely you as a collective group can figure out a better solution that putting Mac in as Premier and alienating everyone that voted for you. Shame on you! Do you want to deliver to Cayman four more years of bad deals with Dart, Shetty, China Harbour etc How can you trust a man that makes a deal with one party then signs another one. He is not a man of his word or values, he will do anything to reclaim his crown. We are becoming the laughing stock of the Caribbean. Who in the world will bring their business here with all this foolishness going on? Lord help us!

  12. Sharkey says:

    I wonder how the “Independents” can be the mojiourty and sit back and let the Big Mack just come in and take over , this just shows that there’s no leadership in them and they are not ready for the job . Independents this is not a good first day on job , this just shows the world not just Caymanians that you all are “INCOMPETENT INDEPENDENTS” and should not be in the Government representing the Cayman islands .

    But what I think that the Dr T has done is wrong and should have to pay the consequence for . I think that what he did , is like buying a group of uneducated kids their DIPLOMAS so they can get the job , then he Dr would be able to tell them how to do their job .

    Shame on you DR T for mingling in the Election in the way you have for your own intrest /benefits , about you are doing it for good of the Islands .

    But what Mr Bush did, if not changed would go down in the history books of Cayman islands as the slipperyies political deal ever did . Big Mack has played everyone so far .
    I think that it’s time for the VOTERS to step back in this discussion and speak up and have their voices heard again .

    • frangipani says:

      What Steve Tomlinson has done to this country is reprehensible and yes! shame on him for mingling in the election process. I hope he will realize the chaos he has caused and repent before it is too late.
      Money won’t help him when he stands before the Almighty.

  13. Unison says:


    Stop spewing your hypocritical nonsense on CNS and through the media! It was you same commenters that voted for them! You same ones gave them power about its your civic duty! Your false belief that politicians bring good to the world! What about God first and living a godly life???


    I and about 5000 of the electorate didn’t … because to me, IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE WHO GETS IN !

    If the heart is not converted to God but lost in the desires of power and self, no matter if he or she is well liked, that person is not going to do best for the country. And the fact that people “run” for power, can say things and get in, is proof the system encourages the chasing after selfish ambitions and desires. By time the person makes it into government, virtue is not their aim – self-interest is! If you read the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible, how did leaders or kings received power? Instead of running, they were CHOSEN AND ANOINTED WITH OIL, and many times surprised they were chosen because they had humility. So seeing the democratic system does not encourage humility – the mother of all virtues, why am I voting??? It makes no sense!

    A theocracy or meritocracy are way better systems than a democracy. Not truly knowing the person, in a democracy, if I vote, do you know I am accountable for the sins they do???! And I should be here comolaining since it was I who put them in! Why put myself in the position of being held responsible for what sinners do?

    Not a Jehovah Witnesses, but I wholeheartedly agree with them on showing allegiance to God’s kingdom alone by how I live and what I teach. By my life and obedience to God, I can do more good for all? Perhaps that is why in this year, the Russia has banned the JW religion, and compared the group as terrorists against the state. See recent news –

    JW’s won’t vote! They will not salute the Russian flag! They refuse to serve in the military and get involved in wars! They do not worship the state – their allegiance is totally Jehovah’s kingdom. Despite their doctrinal errors and being classified as a cult, I agree with them and many other religious groups on this issue of allegiance.

    THE IDEA OF PUTTING IN THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS, IS STILL EVIL. So say the 25% of Cayman’s electorate that didn’t vote ?


    • Bush Master says:

      Well said Unison!

    • Jotnar says:

      Well if you don’t vote what right do you have to complain about the choices made by those that do.

      • Unison says:

        And if you do vote what right do you have to complain about the choices made by those you voted for ?

        I can complain about those in government – you can’t

    • Anonymous says:

      They would also let there children die for want of proper medical care because its against there belief . I know of two very decent and nice people who have had no contact with there ‘ family ‘ since being cast out at 18 for not blindly following the beliefs of the ‘ church ‘ …..yeah , let’s hold them up as shining beacons to follow .

  14. Anonymous says:

    You are God…. and Jesup said, “Ye are all Gods and you do not know it”

  15. Anonymous says:

    Have ever seen a bigger bunch of self-serving wannabes whose only interest is how much publicly funded income and pension they can scam?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard and Arden must feel ashamed of themselves. It is one thing to join forces with Mac and a completely different thing to support him being Premier. After the things that were said in the past by Ezzard in particular it is beyond belief that he would support the latest agreement.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please people open your eyes!!!!! Your independents have shown their true colors before this even started for real. Dr Tomlinson had to negotiate with Mac because none of these guys were ready to put aside their egos for the good of this country and by the end of it the best solution they had was to put Mac back in power? You guys need to go look for archives from 5/6 years ago and reminisce about the “GOOD OL’ MAC DAYS” I’m sure some of the independents do have the best interest of the country at heart. Please step up!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Proud as peacocks. Every last one of them. Don’t let Arden’s sour puss face fool you because he always looks like that. And Alva cannot hide his joy. They were ALL happy to sign up McKeeva Bush as Premier with a team of bought out inexperienced (at best) ministers knowing that XXXXX Dr-T was behind this. Every last one of them is a dangerous sell out! Any new formation they appear in from here on out is tarnished by the fact that they were willing to sign up to this. Their character has been proven.

  19. Love of Country says:

    I am all about the big picture and what’s best for the COUNTRY! I could care less about parties and alliances so despite being disappointed about the initial deal I made peace with it. I could live with it. Now my greatest concern is the stability and collective expertise in this group. Who in heavens name will secure ministerial positions? If Arden n Ezzard “opted” out of taking a ministry that leaves a bunch of complete newbies most of whom I am sure struggle to manage their own day to day affairs much less the complications of operating on an international scale and dealing with global complexities. I would ask Mac to reach out to Roy for love of country to take on Financial Services. In the REAL world our standard of living is constantly under attack from external forces please work together and cut out the infighting to keep our seat at the big boy table!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    The voters who supported independents must really feel brutally betrayed when their vote is redirected and misused to support Mckeeva and the CDP to now run this country. The country clearly indicated no support for McKeeva and the CDP except for 3 seats in the West Bay stronghold. How must the voters now feel that the ego of their independent candidates over rules their vote as their candidates are not interested in the true wishes of the people who supported them. Very few would ever want their vote to be used to put McKeeva and the CDP back in power to destroy this country. Ezzard, Arden, Anthony and Alva, you are not honorable men and you have now lost all respect for in only two days after the election you betrayed your people and are not representing the wishes of your supporters. Absolutely disgraceful and shameful.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Tomlinson needs some of that very old Cayman medicine for trouble makers. Cow itch!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Any elected independent reading this.. please understand that 99% of these comments are being made by PPM supporters!!!! You are doing the right thing by joining with the 3 CDP candidates, the PPM wanted none of you!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      7:50 at least when PPM was in you did not hear that we were on the black list, grey list and every list, you did not hear law suites here there and every where. There was a much closer relationship with the UK and professional representation on the international forefront. Investors started to gain trust in the Government, I am a first hand witness to that as I work in the financial industry. Yes PPM could have done better, but no Government is perfect. You did not hear so much arrogance like what is happening right now. I will say it takes more than 4 years for any government to turn the country around in any part of the world. So if you thin the Independents think that they are going to go in and change this overnight especially with how they are starting off, well think again. Like Alden said…….. Train Wreck. Boy is it happening now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you just realizing now that you are among the 1% of independent supporters who can read and write?

  23. Knot S Smart says:

    Has anyone seen the Manifesto of Dr T in this election?

  24. Knot S Smart says:

    This morning I feel like how that well known Cayman businessman was after the Interbank collapse. He would faint and every time he came to, he would ask ‘any news yet?’ and when they told him no – he would faint again…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sunday morning and a good day to stop the bickering. May the Lord bless and keep us and cause his face to shine upon these three islands.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Omg get a grip people, if you think these types of talks and fallouts haven’t happened before you are mistaken, like cns says, the main difference is the access of the media. Who ever is leaking from the inside needs to stop, the most unsettling part about all this is that whoever is leaking “Austin?” is proving he has no discretion and is not up for this important role. The old hats need to get over their egos, I think you’ll find the new young ones are are the most willing for compromise it’s the older hats that you keep voting in that are causing the problems. Don’t blame the independents. If the Mac as Premier deal went a head so be it, he would have very little power, the independents as ministers would have all power and votes. I think people need to sit down and really think before they post nonsense on comments sections. Really think about what you are saying and if it is fair and true. dr T is not an elected member but just an advisor at this stage, you can’t blame him, that is just ignorant. All other parties including the PPM have advisors make no mistake. CNS and Cayman27, and all other media outlets need to be more responsible in their reporting, the public don’t need to know everything if it could upset the democratic process, just be very careful it’s a very sensitive situation. I pledge that the media not report anything more until the governor has had official sign off. That would be BEST for the country.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I hope the independent candidates are paying attention to the comments. If they want any shot at getting in more than one term they will ditch MacKeeva. No one outside of west bay wants him. That was very clear in the last two elections. He couldn’t even carry his normal 4 seats in west bay. The people are done with him so any aliance that puts him as premier shows us they are fake and Biggers liers than any other group.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I have seen comments saying the people have spoken and said that they want an independents led government. An argument could also be made equally for the PPM as they in reality have 8 seats equal to the independents s everyone knows Tara is PPM.

      This should mean that the people voice is best served with a PPM and independents coalition. Mac has been brilliant in serving his own cause as despite having been rejected by the people he will still be the premier. a powerless one.

    • Anonymous says:

      So what will McKeeva affiliation with PPM do for them? This all seemed fine yesterday. MCkeeva was an outstanding Stateman when he was supporting Alden (PPM) in forming his Government .
      Know this I hate two face people, if McKeeva is bad of the Independents he is bad for PPM.
      Let the records show, WB wanted CDP, GT & CB want PPM and the rest of the Island did not want either. INDEPENDENTS WHAT WE AS A PEOPLE WANTS IS STABILITY IN THIS COUNTRY AND WE DO NOT WANT A PPM OR CDP GOVERNMENT THAT WHY WE BROKE THE WING OFF OF BOTH PARTIES. Please at what ever cost keep PPM out

    • Sharkey says:

      This just shows us how relentless and determined Bush can be , did anyone see if Mr Bush was wearing that same turquoise shirt when the results were made public , he didn’t even stop to change his shirt before he thought that the new Government was done .

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe they have sold their souls to the devil. We need to march. This is serious!

  28. Fishinfred says:

    They remind me of someone who buys brand new shoes , new suit, gets a great haircut , and heads to the biggest island dance on record for them, they get in meet all their friends and their fave record cones on , it’s final,y their moment, everyone looks at them and smiles, the person tries to stand up but just can’t, he realizes he just can’t dance,

  29. Anonymous says:

    GOD help us all. We have Mr. President Tomlinson to thank for what is now going to come in the fallout over the next four years of this dictatorship. Thank you President Tomlinson for destroying my country with this collection of selfish egotistical maniacs who all show they have no honour or interest of working in the best interests of the country before self.

  30. Anonymous says:

    As much as I wanted to see a coalition Gov’t mixed with PPM and IND from those 19 persons elected, the PPM-CDP deal did seem to present some semblance of stability and continuity and seemed, for the most part, a fairly good deal for the country at this point.

    However, now that things have changed and deals are now happening between CDP&IND groups, I am concerned about MB having to take on responsibility of Premier at this time and believe a role of Speaker may have been best for him now because he probably knows the rules of the House/the LA better than any other person at this point. Also, I believe a role like that would be better for his health than having to take on pressures as Premier.

    I wonder if the PPM-CDP deal could be re-brokered or re-negotiated to include some IND as I believe many people wanted to see some IND, other than IND-PPM, in Cabinet.

    Maybe with some fine-tuning of CDP-PPM Agreement to include some INDEPENDENTS, we could really have a workable Gov’t that most people could feel comfortable with while maintaining some certainty and stability that we need at this time.

    I really do hope that our representatives try to do what’s best for the people who elected them and for the good of the country as a whole.

    Anyway, let’s pray for all of them – that they would let God be their guide, to lead them in what’s right and to help them to put selfish ambition and pride aside for a bit so that they can get on with making the right and best decision for the people of the Cayman Islands, especially for the Caymanians and whoever else really loves living here and wants to see these Islands remain one of the best places to live.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Tomlinson. You are now the enemy of the people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Strong words, however there are other factors such as the new OMOV system! Clearly it is a potential constitutional crisis and the first we have certainly seen on this scale.

      Dr Tomlinson’s concept has resulted in too many loose alliances, that are not coordinated hence we now have chaos.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous. Who can be proud to be bought out like this and is this even legal? So is Steve now our new DART? If this goes down I hope the U.K will swoop in and do as the may. Love of power is a horrible thing in the wrong hands. Why didn’t Tomlinson put himself forward as a candidate?

      • Anonymous says:

        Your statement is completely unfounded. Omov has created the opportunity for constituents to tell their representatives what they want to see happen. Greater accountability and say in the formation and operation of govt. that’s what it was supposed to do. As for constitutional crisis, the present situation is no different than we had before we had parties. In fact this type of maneuvering took place the last 2 elections to a lesser degree. The process currently ongoing is normal for a small jurisdiction that didn’t have a clear majority winner. People need to stop panicking and relax a bit. We will end up with a Govt in short order. For these talks to take place over a week is not a crisis.

        • Anonymous says:

          Big countries also. Anywhere there is no clear majority, even places with more entrenched party systems, e.g., UK, any where any time there is a ‘coalition government’.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are right!! They taught that the OMOV was a great thing but they didn’t know what else it came with….they never saw it coming!!! Know why…they did it for all the wrong reasons. This is not a Dr. Tomlinson thing..this is now a Cayman thing!!

    • Anonymous says:

      He doesn’t give a $#!t

    • Unison says:

      Doctor Tomlinson has served the community, saved people’s lives … probably saved a member of your family! And now because he like many other well-off folk, is passionate about the governance of his country, you and the 60 others are going to call him an enemy of the state???

      Wow :/

      • Anonymous says:

        Dr T is trying to put in a government that he can control and that will help him with future business interests. If you can’t see this, you are blind. Lets just throw the growth and sale of medicinal marijuana in Cayman out there as an idea…..

      • Anonymous says:

        You said you did not vote. Why are you shooting your mouth off here then.

      • Anonymous says:

        His front staff treated me like crap.

  32. Anonymous says:

    This has shown that the candidates only care about themselves and lining their own pockets With the KYD. Quite clearly they don’t care about the community.
    Lies lies and more lies….”

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m afraid it was not only Ezzard, Arden, Mac and Alden who got baptized in Lemon Juice……….. but they all seemed to have got ducked under more than once !!

      We need to ascertain from the Chief Medical Officer (not Dr. Tomlinson) what is the antidote to this, to bring all of them back to their senses and realize that the Cayman Islands stability comes first, before all of their big egos.

  33. Anonymous says:

    So i guess everyone is thinking that commenting on here is gonna make a difference. Get over it! This is politics… any of you that voted for an independent candidate, please remember what Aldin was preaching before election day. At the ppm rally he spent most of his time talking trash about independents… he was so against independents that he tried to do what we all thought he would never do. Join up with Mac. And now independents should work with PPM over Mac? Really now… Aldin tried to use his head and it backfired! Im glad Mac effed him over and i think things should stay how they are now…

  34. Referendum says:

    If this the best the independent electors can produce then I wish to retract my vote because this is utterly rubbish you are ramming down the people’s throats. This is NOT what I signed up for when I voted for an independent candidate.

    Looks like a lot of you independents will only serve one term and 4 years come and go very quickly. So milk the country for all you can get now.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Arden and Ezzard look like this gig is as popular as a rattlesnake in a lucky dip.
    They look as though they have been baptized in lemon juice.

    They are way out of their comfort zones. Alden’s 8 plus Ezzard and Arden is a majority.
    It is time for the independents to apply more payments to their mortgages and enjoy the ride.

    I dare not refresh the page, something totally devilish may transpire before our eyes.
    Alden may propose to Arden and the Kimpton will be very happy to accommodate them.

    Then Helen can go home and we can get back to life as we thought we knew it.

    I am only joking after all…..aren’t I?

    • Chris Johnson says:

      And where is Mac? He left Cayman this morning for Miami. How can you take this joker seriously? Does this represent a serious interest in the wellbeing of our islands? I hardly think so.

      • Anonymous says:

        His wife has a medical appointment and he is by her side where he should be. I respect him for choosing his wife over these jokers

        • Anonymous says:

          mckeewa is the biggest “joker” of them all. I note your choice of the words “medical appointment” as opposed to “medical emergency” or even “medical situation”. I am quite certain mr. mac at this point will jump at any chance to run from the less than pleasant situation he has once again gotten himself into. At least he’s not running off to China to sign bad deals with the chinese or to Las vegas with our credit cards for a change.

        • Sir Tin Doom says:

          30 people give Mac a thumbs down for supporting his wife through a difficult time. Let’s you know the type of people on this site backing the PPM. Hopefully come Wednesday the PPM will just be a bunch of back benchers!

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh PLEASE! Do you seriously expect us to believe that?

  36. Unison says:

    Alot of DOOMSDAY comments here ?

  37. Bush Master says:

    With the Political pot boiling in every crack and corner in Cayman,and everyone seem to have their solution on who and how the Government should be formed. And judging from all of the comments of hate for one side or the other, that is being spewed all across forums such as this one. It seem that everyone on this island is a Politician! So can someone tell me why in hell did we go to the poles and voted to elect these people? If we can’t trust that they can make the correct decisions about what is best for this country. I truly believe that in this metaphorical land of milk and honey and other sweeteners it can have it’s bitter tones as well, as shown here in all the comments that are being displayed here and on social media sites elsewhere. Cayman can we just stop trying to be politicians and let the people that we chose to do that job. Get the job done!.

  38. 4 years to go... says:

    All these candatates had a lot to say before the election. How come they are all so silent now. Kenneth, Austin and Chris what’s up? Ask your ppl what you should do as we the ppl vote you all in. I guess we don’t matter now until the the election.

    • Anonymous says:

      4 years to go: What they will come up with is justification for not asking voters to guide them. All that talk on the campaign trail about being transparent and abiding by our wishes was just talk. Like a used car salesman they want to convince you that what they are selling is the best.They made it sound like all that was needed to make Cayman better was to vote for an independent , any independent.Now what we have is three different groups of independents trying to form a government while each one has a different set of plans for their 4 years.First there’s the group backed by DR T .Austin and Kenneth; then we have the former CDP candidates John-John and Chris; then there’s the group that includes Arden,Ezzard, Tony and Alva that was supposedly led by Arden but as it turns out is really run by Alva.

    • Anonymous says:

      Before the election Kenneth said what his master told him to say. Now that the election is over his master has told him to be quiet while “big men” take care of negotiations. He will speak up again when the real representative of GTC tells him that he can speak and also what to say.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so right! And, where are these independents who when asked by their constituents said that they would under no circumstances align with Mac if they were elected! And now they align with Mac against the vast majority of total voters. You have betrayed your supporters.

  39. Anonymous says:

    For all our sakes, Hopefully the U.K. Oversight will be enhanced to control the gambler who may now feel that he has no barriers to his personal ambitions.

    • Bush Master says:

      The U.k. can’t even sort out the trash in their own rubbish bin! Much less ours here in cayman like I said before I’m surrounded by Idiots.

  40. Anonymous says:

    We are officially a 3rd world country.

    • Anonymous says:

      What international investor will now trust the leader of a country whose word and signature to an agreement are worthless.?

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop insulting 3rd world countries

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, that’s why we hold peaceful election like clockwork and are very wealthy. Oh, and we don’t have even the suspicion of voter fraud and improper vote counting (see the recent election observers’ report). Talk sense, man, this ‘ain’t no Third World country.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why we give McKeeva so much power. Please people of Cayman if you love your country DEMAND the other persons elected (ppm, cdp & independents) eliminate McKeeva from being a part of any position other than the opposition. Put the egos aside and work together by forming a leading government that will appoint the best person for each ministry, speaker & premiere. Right now we need to “get on” with the business of the country we certainly don’t need our headlines to imply that our government is unstable. Reassure the community, the investors and especially the younger generation that we can put the love of country first, work in unity and build a bright future for Cayman.

    I’m a ppm supporter but I too know they haven’t always made the best choices either, I also respect a few of the independents that have been elected. Let’s face it they all can’t be appointed ministers so chose the most experienced from ppm, the most experienced ones from the independents & Bernie Bush from the cdp. Everyone wins but most of all Cayman wins and we can work in unity.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Maybe everyone should put together their wish list of elected members – their dream team, irrespective of which team or grouping or party they are affiliated with. If you could choose 10 to put together to form a Gov’t and 6 to put as Cabinet Ministers, who would you choose? Would be interesting to see different views on this if public had a say.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like the electoral system we SHOULD have has in this election, a single constituency, not this OMOV which has caused this mess in part

    • Nunya says:

      It would not be hard to list out there are only a few in there with the education and the experience to run the government and it is a mixed bag.

      e.g. Alva, Ezzard, Arden, Alden, Big Mac, Roy, Julianna, Tara and though they are new Chris and Austin.

      Not sure of Barbara’s educational background or David’s and don’t remember seeing them on any of the debates so I can’t pull from those as a reference to speak to how they can carry themselves. AND I can’t see any of the others even remotely close to trying to trying to represent us on an international scale.

      We need to remember that we don’t exist in a bubble any more and have to be able to represent Cayman on a global scale and often have to fend off attacks that could displace us from being competitive in the financial markets. What the heck is Cap’t Eugene or Bernie going to do to help us there? Hanging out with the youth at the schools and being involved in sports is one thing, running a country is another.

      I recognize that we need change and I want change too, but not at the expense of the good ship Cayman sinking. We need to start thinking long term and realize that one decision has ripple effects on other issues. Sadly some of leaders lack vision maybe we need some of Dart’s ppl to run for Gov’t (Like Jackie Doak) because clearly that bunch knows strategy.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hope to God you are kidding re Dart and Jackie Doak. Up until then I thought you might be sane.

        • Nunya says:

          LOL – it was just an example – I’m no Dart fan, but one thing you can’t take from them it that they have vision. I only said it to say we need to have vision and stop being reactionary. e.g. Alden claim he expects us to have 100 ppl in the next (whatever years it was) – but no plan, that I recall on how the infrastructure will be also planned to handle that. Mac is like a bull in a china shop talking about how he is for development – but again, no plan on how to plan for and handle the infrastructure. Hence the mess we have with traffic, health care, the dump, education….

  43. Tootie says:

    Give them all baseball bats and West Bay boxing gloves and see who is the last man standing! Greed and power. …

  44. Anonymous says:

    And who spent $250000000 ON TWO schools, one of which still isn’t open?

    • Anonymous says:

      Those schools will be here for decades, unlike the money the UDP pi***d away on first class travel and international 5 star luxury.

  45. First question on 2021 COC Fora says:

    1. What do you understand the term “collective responsibility” to mean.

    2. How will you discharge that responsibility if elected

  46. Bush Master says:

    God must really have a dislike for the Cayman Islands, to put such a large concentration of fools in a place so small as Cayman. WTF! Reading all of these comments, I’m convinced that I’m surrounded by Idiots.

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