Couple shot outside GT bar

| 27/04/2017 | 75 Comments
Cayman News Service

Crime scene, shooting on 27 April 2017

(CNS) UPDATED: Following reports of a shooting in George Town early this morning, police have now confirmed that a 20-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man were shot outside Bananas Bar in the Dolphin Centre, Eastern Avenue, at around 3:30am. When police arrived at the scene after a report to 911 that shots had been fired, they found the woman with gunshot wounds and learned the man had already been taken to the hospital by car. Both victims, who CNS understands are from West Bay, have since been treated and released from hospital.

The RCIPS said that the shooters were two men dressed in black, who made off in the direction of Rock Hole Road after firing what appears to be several shots, as not only were the two victims shot but several cars were also damaged by gunfire near to the scene.

Police are asking for the driver or owner of a White Ford Taurus who was at the scene to contact them, or anyone who has any information on that car to get in touch with police.

Anyone with any information or who was in the area at the time of the incident is asked to contact the Major Incident Room on the following numbers: 649-3057 or 936 1161.

Anonymous tips can be provided directly to the RCIPS Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777,  the Miami-based call centre of Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS), or online here.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This incident happened at 3.30 am “outside Bananas.Bar”. I’m sure I am missing something but the picture shows the public road still being partially blocked by police several hours later. Would someone please explain what the logical reason for this is?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am by no means a cop or have any experienced in dealing with these sort of matters but my guess is they closed the main street to search thoroughly for shell casings and and any other evidence they can find to link known suspects to the act and also to prevent any person from entering that scene to contaminate or sabotage the crime scene be it accidental or purposely.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why on Earth does anyone insist going to these places that have such regular violence? No man nor woman is worth putting my life at risk around people that behave as though they have no upbringing or disregard for others. Put yourself at high risk for these situations, you value your life less than those who don’t care about the human that is you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So were blaming west bayers for suspects that made off down rock hole road? Lol you sound like a potential juror

  4. Sue Stevens Wanninger says:

    Aren’t there laws on the books about bartenders over-serving patrons?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yet another serious incident!!! Why would anyone want licensed premises to be open at this ungodly hour……….I rest my case.
    Bye bye tourists hello wild west!

  6. SMHKMT says:

    If only we had a multi-million dollar CCTV system with cameras at every intersection in that area so that we could track the vehicle in question from the scene… oh wait.

    • Boss says:

      Totally agree with you. We need answers for the poor quality of cameras that they gave us, and somebody needs to be held accountable for this. Imagine New York City has millions of people walking the streets at anytime and they managed to track down that guy responsible for the pressure cooker bombings and here we are with a population of 60 thousand people and we can’t track/catch these individuals that’s causing all these crimes. I say SHAME on the CI Government! The blame totally lies on they foot.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I want to go to the US because I can pay my taxes and go far from this shit hole

    • Anonymous says:

      Please take anyone and everyone who patronizes Bananas Bar with you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Believe me, contrary to the sanctuary cities, the US does not want any more people from the Caribbean, from Mexico or from the South America. It is going to take years to reverse the damage they have done to the quality of life for the lower and middle class. It’s been a bonanza for upper class Americans with all the cheap labor for the last 30 years.

      Fix your own problems here in Cayman. You can start by electing truly patriotic politicians who do not own business in the US, do not have their children only attend US colleges ,do not use US medical facilities, or do not have to leave their glorious country every other weekend on their usual drunken free-for-all shopping sprees. Those are the true criminals on your little island.

      And for those who think you can get into the US through the church, ICE makes no distinctions based upon your religion. They are going after the criminals you have brought to the US first, then they will get to your economic criminals, however religious your think you are, weaseling your way to a better life at the expense of current Americans.

      • Anonymous says:

        The US doesn’t want immigrants from Central/South America as you claim yet has a defined process aka the green card lottery that grows the population by 50,000 per annum ( The geographical areas mentioned aren’t black listed, so you’re essential making an argument counter to what the US government mandates.

        Get your information correct before attempting to advocate yourself as the single voice for a nation of over 300 million people.

        • Anonymous says:

          Robbie the Robot and his friends doesn’t have to flee the orchards when ICE comes down the road. They don’t get homesick and drunk and kill a family of four while driving drunk down the wrong side of a freeway clearly marked with signs in that mysterious language called English. They don’t rape the women in the community and protest and wave Mexican flags. Robbie would never consider joining one of the numerous cartel gangs.

      • Fred says:

        Not that you are a racist and bigot or anything.

        • Anonymous says:

          51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit, including Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches and housing assistance, compared to 30% for native-led households, according to the report from the Center for Immigration Studies.

          Those numbers increase for households with children, with 76% of immigrant-led households receiving welfare, compared to 52% for the native-born.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeh, like the poor white and black people of America would have done any better without the Latinos, Chinese…are you for real? Whats your plan to deal with the biggest money launderers in the world in Delaware, Nevada etc? The dual standard of wanting to police the world but not yourself. Go figure.

      • Anonymous says:

        You and those like you in the US are sick in the head. What about the indigenous people that existed prior to colonisation between 16th-19th century? I am sure they felt the same way. The war and epidemic diseases your lovely ancestors brought with them wiped the Native Americans out. Now y’all sit and celebrate it at Thanksgiving each year. How #@?*ed up is that? Think about it and then do us all a favor and keep your sick opinions to your very bitter self.

      • Inspector Clouseau says:

        Yea they already have enough disgusting Americans. Those that shoot their kids, drown them or simply throw them in the dumpster shortly after birth.

        Killing parents and siblings, should i go on??????

      • anonymous says:

        8;36 am, I endorse every word you have written because the great majority of these people think that cayman is the 51st state.

        • Anonymous says:

          Everyone responding here, go ahead and say what you must about American people and our country (politics, attitudes, personalities, etc). The only people in Cayman that know anything about my country are the expatriates living here from the U.S.A.
          You have little-to-no-idea on the fundamental attitudes that exist there and how it’s changed rapidly. Whatever the case, just as in any country, they’re not all bad people. Bad apples exist in every bunch, hence the violence EVERDAY now in Cayman. Take a look in the mirror…the population of your country would still leave empty seats in most NFL stadiums. There’s no reason to go tit-for-tat and judge what’s wrong up North.
          Besides, the way the world is spinning today with heightened tensions, you never know who you might have to call to save your butt.
          Should this little rock ever be invaded or mass violence erupts in this part of the world, do you believe mother UK will be down to rescue you?
          Ummmmm no…
          The U.S. military would be there before you blink an eye, “neutralizing” any situation.
          Obviously, this is the thoughts of a US citizen. I’m just tired of posts that string along negative perceptions toward every American.
          I seriously believe every citizen here (Caymanian or not) is naturally born to point their finger at someone else…like a first gut reaction. That my friend, is not an American trait. No matter how screwed up things may have gotten there, that determination and getter-done attitude still exists…alive and well in America

      • Mad Caymanian says:

        You’re an ass… half of you stuck up sons of guns come the our country make money, want to treat us like second class like you did the indigenous of the Americas and talk about Caribbean, latin americans messed up your country sweet heart look good half you white mother &#^%$&^ are mad psychotic ass holes! stay in yours and don’t come to Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      SO you want to pay taxes and go somewhere where guns are an even bigger problem? LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        at least the police in the US has skills and actually knows what they are doing and is kept accountable. Not here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then Go several flights out daily. I am sure there is not a chain and anchor tied to you . Hello

    • Anonymous says:

      7.20…good luck with that, guns everywhere, hard right wing elements with huge weapons stocks, drive by shootings…or maybe you didn’t have coffee this morning before writing?

    • Anonymous says:

      Soooo…what’s stopping you?!

    • Anonymous says:

      The US is better?

    • Right ya so says:

      Happy to help pack your bags buddy.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think Cayman is a ‘shit hole’ then please, go pay your taxes and eat big macs. If you think the struggle is real here, the states will open your eyes. Putting down people for their wrong doing and a country are two different things. People are shot and killed every day in the US. I’ll take my chances.

  8. Anonymous says:

    the powers that be who issue licenses to these sh$t hole bars should give the owners a 3 strike rule. 3 major incidents in 12 month and your liquor license is gone pending a 2yr appeal. end of.

  9. Whatcha Say says:

    Just as bad as closing a road that is a single access for an entire district (or districts) to travel. The proper way to deal with a collision is to CLEAR THE ROADWAY as soon as possible so that one or two person’s stupidity does not inconvenience half the population. I know of at least half dozen people who missed flights due to the “tom screwery” foolishness. What possible need was achieved by blocking this critical right of way when the perpetrators were obviously LONG GONE??

  10. Beaumont Zodecloun says:

    I am old, but not nearly dead. Still I can’t see a reason — tourism or otherwise — that ANY bar/pub should stay open past 1:00 a.m. We ALL know where the liquor stores are, in the event a person feels the need to imbibe past then.

    Nothing much of any good happens after 1:00 amongst people who are loaded. Staying open later will not improve their driving.

  11. Oh yes. says:

    Retaliation from the young 19\20 year old who was prev. shot at FETE around Christmas time!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is what happens when you have politicians down here in West Bay – allowing our Needs Assessment Unit (NSU) to support able bodied Caymanians into a life of Welfare.

    They can’t get up in the morning to go and work or look for a job, but can have their worthless asses out at 3:30am at Bananas Bar, spending tax payers money.

    What say you McKeeva, Burnie and Captain Whogene ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah ! would of thought that welfare thing would have stopped in the last 4years? The bois mentioned above have had no swagger in awhile. Two sides of the same coin.

    • Anonymous says:

      We have four representatives and one is actually a Minister of Labour, what about her?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes. Let her cut the obvious handout to the obvious lazy bunkey night clubbing persons. Then you hear another story about how she not helping her people. Yes Mac and his status grants started this handout mentality. Now when Mr. Marco speak the truth, everyone offended. Ken Bryan start pandering his arrogant bunkey around the uneducated and taking them for granted.
        Do these people really think KB would have time for any of them if he is actually elected? Talk is cheap. that will not pay the bills. The most that he would be able to do for them is to let them get a higher handout from the social services with the deal that he can get a cut from it.

        Its the wannabees politicians type like KB that creates this situation. And Frank come along and put it as a race problem. Take that idiot Mario all of a sudden he supposed to be black while he living like he whiter than the white man he showing off to.
        Remember the 3k status grants mentality did not just include Jamaicans. It included every dog and cat that is now saying the companies do not want to hire Caymanians. So in fact, they have given Caymanians a bad name.
        And yes, go ahead and say this young persons that were shot were Caymanians. When we stop passing the blame, then we can start to heal.

        God help us all if too many of these so called independents get elected. They are all so arrogant that they really think that Cayman can consider independence from the mother country. While being led by a twist talker that goes in and out of patioa as he mingles like the devil to the victims.

        Cayman would surely be in a Black out. Jamaicans might smile up in your face and come eat you out. But they know exactly what they are running from in there own country.
        They would not want to see Cayman taken over by the same types.

        The dangerous group of voters are the young uneducated, bad manners, don’t want nothing, don’t want to see anyone with anything and smoking weed all day. Their saviour is a politician that can cater to all of that for them. Smoke weed all day and blame the expat for taking the jobs that they don’t even want. Blame the police for picking on them because of color. Never mind the fact that they look and act and everything like a criminal.

        • Beaumont Zodecloun says:

          I have heard that old saw about Mac and the status grants, and while I don’t agree with what he did — the mass handouts of status — I also don’t agree that that time began the great welfare state we are now in.

          I look around and see the able-bodied do-nothings, and most of them — if not all of them — appear to be born Caymanians. Ain’t that a sad thing?

        • AlrightCapt says:

          Agree with the beginning as this is quite True, but you lost it at smoking weed.

          Weed has NO influence on those aforementioned traits of “wanting nothing or seeing anyone with nothing” are you for real??? Said Richard Branson whom is a cannabis consumer….anyways….

          If you are stupid prior to weed you will still be stupid after. If you are a criminal minded person prior you will be afterwards. There is no black magic or de-transformation of self…weed is not degenerative of your own character if you have one that is.

          Do proper research, please.

      • Anonymous says:

        Minister of Labour can’t make people work if they don’t want to work – but prefer to be out all night galavanting, having been granted funds from NAU upon recommendation of McKeeva, Burnie and Captain Whogene.

    • Anonymous says:

      And one idiot wants to provide free housing….thank God Progressives Maxine stepped in with “we want them to have jobs so they can buy their own house.”
      Mac’s culture of handouts to get votes is now a disease gripping West Bay .
      The only people benefitting are Mac and his disciples.

    • Anonymous says:

      Last time I was in Bananas McKeeva was in there…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Waiting to see how ‘whodat’ blames this in the British…

    • Anonymous says:

      Geesh…I just stay on your mind, huh?

      Btw, kindly refrain from the constant attempts to cheapen and discredit my worthwhile contributions to this forum.

      I have obviously hurt your little feel-feels recently however the way to combat that is to counter with logic and valid points.

      To fabricate perspectives of Whodatis out of thin air is a pretty pathetic strategy.

      – Whodatis

      • Anonymous says:

        Worthwhile contributions?? Xenophobic diatribes is putting it mildly. Anyone who holds themselves seriously as a worthwhile contributor whilst spitting out such bile needs help.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yet I stay on the minds of you and your friends…

          Face it, if my contributions were not worthwhile you wouldn’t even take notice. However, here we see another, I suspect you, literally calling out for Whodatis in this comment thread.


          – Whodatis

          • Anonymous says:

            It’s called Whodatis baiting. It works. Crawls out of its cave and takes the hook everytime.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not the original poster. However I am a regular reader here on CNS and you have nothing sensible to say. I have never agreed with any of your comments ever. I don’t think it is about the anti expat or anti British comments that I disagree with, it is your extremist comments generally.

  14. Anonymous says:

    In all seriousness: how hard would it be to properly surveil the handful of rough neighbourhoods on Grand Cayman, each with only 3 or 4 entry or exit junctions, where 90% of our criminal activity emanates? How much blood and lawlessness does it cost to earn a digital watchtower at these junction points?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. This is a good idea! Then again government or even police commissioner can’t seem to think outside the box with ideas similar to yours. Smh

    • Fred says:

      Great idea. Let’s put CC TV in – oh, wait…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Definitely not a random attack. Don’t start nuttin dere’ won’t be nuttin. No compassion for those involved in a life of crime.

    You will end up either in prison or, preferably, dead in the ground.

    Your choice tho.

    …and now the weather report.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why are people always being shot outside terrible Spanish bars?

  17. Anonymous says:

    How is this possible? We have the toughest gun laws on laws around? ?

  18. Sharkey says:

    This is it , you West bayers stay out of George town, and Bodden towers stay home , and you George towers stay out of West bay . And throw those guns over the drop off in the ocean . If you want to live any longer .

  19. Anonymous says:

    Bye bye tourism

    • Anonymous says:

      Tourist come here from the same sh*t hole they left from, people go to jamaica everyday n have fun.

  20. Anonymous says:

    We need more caymanian officers with Jamaican connections who know the meaning of “family” so we can let these criminals escape as we cover our eyes,ears and mouths. Only then can we under-report with digniity, and crime will go down and we can pretend it has all gone away. Obama did it and now read the crime stats in New York or Baltimore or Chicago, but ask anybody that lives there…under-reporting is the key to keeping the family secrets under the rugs and the same compllicit leadership in charge.

  21. Anonymous says:

    man this place the wild west…they watching too much western movies…?

    • Rob says:

      Can the RCIPS tell us why they blocked off three arteries near the Airport at 8:00 am this morning? There were virtually no options to drive as people were diverted by one road block only to run into another.

      That was a terrible and poorly thought-out misuse of power by the RCIPS.

  22. Sharkey says:

    The Police is urging people to avoid the area , but the area is reopened while the investigation is on going.
    Why don’t they keep the area closed till the investigation done .
    Could that be how crime scenes gets contaminated by opening the area before the investigation done ?

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