Scammers impersonate cops in phone credit con

| 18/04/2017 | 7 Comments

(CNS): The police are warning the public of a telephone scam in which at least one Sister Island resident was conned out of their cash. Officers said the scam involves top-up phone credit to Jamaican telephone numbers. In a case reported to police last week, a member of the public on Little Cayman reported that she had received a call on her work phone from a Jamaican number. 

A man told her that “Mr Brown” had asked her to add CI$40 credit to a Jamaican phone number. The victim believed the caller was referring to a police constable on Little Cayman with the same last name and added the credit. But when the caller phoned again requesting more credit, the victim’s suspicions were aroused and she made a report.

Police are now investigating the incident and are warning the public to beware of any strangers calling and requesting credit for phones, even if they claim to be calling on behalf of a police officer or someone else known to them.

“If such a call is received, police are asking that members of the public note the phone number from which the call originates and contact the Cayman Brac Police Station at 948-0331 with this information,” the RCIPS stated.


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  1. Sol says:

    Hello im gonna send my number too i need a topup 10$ good enough ? Comon sense is something you born with ?You cant teach it o

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you believe this scam YOU deserve to be scammed. Common sense people.

  3. Jennie Sanchez says:

    She’s just as fool to put credit on his phone ole ediot

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did she not think why her Mr. Brown would need a phone top up, and that topping up what she through was a Police Officers card constitutes bribery?

  5. Anonymous says:

    It was a cop

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