Premier presses party message home

| 21/04/2017 | 20 Comments

(CNS Elections): The importance of having a strong team bound by agreed and cohesive policies was a major theme in Premier Alden McLaughlin’s speech as he launched the PPM’s election campaign on Cayman Brac Thursday night. With 35 independents running in the May General Election, McLaughlin stressed the solid experience of the Progressives and the need to have an organised team ready to go to work the morning after the election.

He warned of chaos in the wake of the election if the country returned a disparate group of independents.

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  1. Charles Bronwian says:

    I would like to recommend that voters approach this election in this way. Look at each party and the independents and not only look at who would make the best representatives but consider whether they are capable and sufficiently qualified to serve in Cabinet because at the end of the day this country needs 7 very capable Cabinet Ministers. So Cayman please don’t give us a government from which we cannot find 7 capable Ministers. I must warn you that if you do there will be no coming back for our beloved Cayman. Now let us look at the parties. From the CDP can we find 7 potential Cabinet Ministers. Clearly the answer is no. Maybe, at best, we can find 3 in the CDP. Now let us look at the PPM to see if we can find 7. Yes we can find 7 qualified Ministers but at least 3 of them are not as experienced as we would like so it would not be a perfect Cabinet. Lets turn now to the independents. Can we find the 7 Ministers that we need ? Not really……maybe we can find 4 from among the independent candidates. This analysis suggest to us Caymanians that the perfect scenario would be a PPM/Independents real Coalition Government because only that scenario can produce a solid and capable Cabinet. Consider this Cayman !!!

  2. Tom Halson says:

    Oh how we yern for the days of The Action Man and The Chuckster on the PPM platform to bring it alive and rally the people !

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me which independent or CDP is qualified to represent this country locally and overseas. I’m struggling to find one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    PPM DREAM TEAM … ’97 !!?

    The PPM has compiled quite the “dream team” … if today was 20 years ago.

    I am sorry, but you are insulting my intelligence when you field candidates such as L. Seymour, H. Bodden, D. Orrett, E. Chisolm and D. Wight.
    How could I possibly consider casting votes for any of these individuals in 2017?
    (Granted, all of the above are Caymanians that I greatly respect however, I have no wish to see them as elected members of government.
    It reminds me of the launch of Vision 2008 (which had a 10 year goal btw – so do the maths) when I review what they have placed before us.)

    We are living in serious times, and the PPM has presented a team more suited to a time when Caymanians securely made up the middle class of the economy and the prospects for our kids were bright – basically the era when Caymanians were steadily cruising along.

    No. There is absolutely zero time and space at this moment for clueless ‘yes men (and women)’ occupying crucial seats of government.

    Additionally; the Premier is outright running from K. Bryan, there has always been disturbing perceived conflict of interests with a sister island candidate, the other is a suspected myopic Christian fanatic, a BT candidate appears to have an anger problem, and now their GTC economic whizz-kid is currently under serious scrutiny.

    Honestly, I have always felt that the PPM was too focused on pandering to a select sliver of Cayman society, however, I believe they have failed to realise how significantly the demographics of the overall electorate has changed as well as how much said sliver has shrank. All more damning when we realise that most of said shrinkage has happened on PPM’s watch!

    Honestly, when one analyses the typical PPM party member / voter, they tend to come from walks of Cayman life where who actually holds power does not really matter. In other words, they are the comfortable within our society who appear to be oblivious or nonchalant to the reality of the changes taking place in our country.

    Ironically, I grew up in and technically still “belong” to this group, however, I am fortunate and humble enough to consider perspectives other than my own and my immediate family.

    For the above reasons, and more, it will be a national tragedy if the PPM gets the majority of seats in this election.
    Propping up who were mere assistants and runners during the last few elections because so many of your previous candidates have jumped ship will not win my vote.

    *Saddest of all, anyone with a brain knows that even the leader of the PPM does not genuinely believe in the MAJORITY of his own candidates. How dare you present this woeful team of candidates to our people, sir??*

    There is no question, at best, a 2017 PPM government will be the same (failing) 3-man show as was and is the case up to this point.

    I beg each and every Caymanian voter – DO NOT vote along party lines on May 24th – regardless of what your Grandma says.

    Instead, vote for your future.
    Vote for the welfare of your children.
    Vote for the security, employment, wealth, education, training, respect, and opportunities of Caymanians.

  5. Anonymous says:

    With the former second elected member for CYB/LC on their team – how can the Red team lose? She always chooses to be part of the winning team. The Bible had Joseph with his coat of many colours, we have the woman of many political colours – Amen. Godspeed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The party concept has been a disaster, which is why it’ll be terminated next month. It just doesn’t work.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I only hopes in this election are that keneth does not get in because he couldn’t find a job get a third of the government salary anywhere else and is not smart enough to run a gas station mch less a country. Also hope no former radio host wife abusers get elected. Shouldn’t be much to ask for really.

  8. Totally Exhaused by the PPM & UDP/CDP pretenses says:

    Over past 17 to 28 YEARS Caymanians have had to endure the suffering, sell-out, oppression, neglect, homelessness, etc., by BOTH the PPM and UDP/CDP……they are both the same, just a different color.

    PROMISES made to the Caymanian Electorate, specially in education and employment has become a slang or a curse. In fact its widely known these days that both parties are ONLY making such promises to allow the Caymanian Electorate to hear what they want to hear.

    PPM, the construction of John Gray High School has not been completed to date, i.e. Apr 2017.

    UDP/CDP, the construction of John Gray High School has not been completed to date, i.e. Apr 2017.

    In fact, weeds are now growing on the walls of the partially constructed building. This school has been on a stand-still since 2004. We are almost half way thru 2017. Some thirteen (13) years later, what has been done in this aspect for education for the Caymanians???

    UDP/CDP, it was your party that changed the Immigration Law to abolish the Caymanian Protection Board. This was then replaced by an immigration system that appears to abuse and manipulate Caymanians for the sake of work permit fees.

    PPM, you continued down the same road the UDP/CDP govt created. You did little to nothing to make any positive change for the benefit and/or protection or benefit of Caymanians.

    Give us ONE GOOD REASON why Caymanians should re-elect the same 2 parties that have constantly and continuously failed for put them FIRST for 17 to 28 years.

    INDEPENDENTS deserve every opportunity and right to be elected, the same these 2 parties were given.

    These 2 parties have proven themselves at the detriment to Caymanians. The time has come for the Electorate to make the change this country so badly and desperately needs.

  9. Errol tired of this PPM $#@* says:

    Yes Caymanians if you want crime to continue to esacalated because of these PPM & UK failed policies of continually importing foreign nationals to fix our problem please vote for them on the 24th of May 2017. But please ask yourself this has crime got better or worse? Who is exactly is benefitting from this teriible situation? lets try something diffrent and stop this very foolish notion that importing foreign nationals from jurisdictions rife with crime and corruption will solve this problem, who infact are merely here to fleece our economy and who ‘s loyalties and allegiancies prohibits them from doing right by Cayman and who are clearly not fair and are infact very bias towards Caymanians. If you want this terrible situation to stop vote for the candidates who will stand up and change this awful situation.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Let me just remind everyone that the government we have had for the last 4 years are precisely these losers, the PPM, aka “Please, Please Me”.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What qualifications do the elected candidtates posess that are beneficial to the economies educational and technological developement?

  12. Anonymous says:

    It was a good meeting.

    • Cleva Jackson says:

      Best, well organized, well informed meeting so far. A slate of people who are well educated, good characters, corrupt free, no scandals, no criminality. Men and women of integrity, caring, compassionate, family oriented. I’m so blessed and proud to have the Progressives steering the good ship Cayman.

  13. Naya Boy says:

    The only thing cohesive about you and your party Alden is how dumb they are i have been watching some of these Chamber of Commerce debates the PPM candidates sound like program robots who could not string to together one sensible conversation if you tortured them. They are totally out of touch with common sense or reality as a matter of fact and the verbal diarrhoea is so strong it is mind altering. One candiate in Prospect had to be awaken and told where Shamrock Road is and what year it was. Can you Imagine them in the LA being paid as legislators who run this island how truly sad for this islands future. No wonder you are loved by the UK?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yes so that when one of them has a conflict they all vote with him. Party pokitics is the same as having a horrible Devine leader

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