East End gas station robbed at gunpoint

| 21/04/2017 | 47 Comments
Cayman News Service

Rubis gas station, East End

(CNS): Police are on the hunt for another armed robber following a hold-up at the Rubis gas station in East End on Thursday night. The suspect entered the service station store on Sea View Road at around 10:00pm with his face covered, brandishing a firearm, and demanded cash from the register. The robber then made off on foot with an undisclosed quantity of cash.

In a release, the RCIPS said he was seen crossing the road and running between two buildings directly across from the station. He is described as being of slim to medium build, between 5’8”-5’9” tall and was dressed all in black from the waist up, with his face and arms covered, and wearing grey or khaki pants.

Detectives are investigating the incident and are requesting that anyone with information please contact George Town CID at 949-4222. Anonymous tips can be provided directly to the RCIPS through their Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777, the Miami-based call centre of Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS), or online here.

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  1. East End Resident says:

    This is political correctness gone mad now. In all of the recent reports of crimes where the police give out a description of the suspect, it’s just their height and what they were wearing. That’s ridiculous. In a multi-cultural, multi-racial community like we have here, why is it not acceptable to describe a person by the color of their skin? Why can’t the police give us an actual description by saying if the person has white, mid-tone or black skin, or something else? That would instantly cut down the possible suspect pool, and give us honest citizens more of an idea of who is perpetrating crime here on the island and who we should not open our doors to. And what about accent? He surely spoke to the Cashier. She would have been able to report his accent and manner of speaking too.
    I appeal to the police to stop these politically correct suspect descriptions and give us something real to go on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To the gas station owner: Now you now how it feels to be robbed. We (drivers) experience this every day. Gas in Florida at the moment is 1.83 CI a gallon.

  3. Cayman Breached says:

    Yet another robbery putting Cayman further down the ladder of an unsafe jurisdictions yet our political leadership didn’t even deem it important or terrible to menton it in their various political brainwashing functions or venues around the island. The PPM is the government of the day and has been at the helm when a number of these significant crime events or milestones have been unfortunately reached and surpassed. Their deliberate and intentional blindness and loyalty to our colonial masters deliberate and willful ignorance of our crime situations which stand to benefit their own political rule and economic agenda all the while pretending they care and their sarcastic offers of help or assistance handsomely paid in full of course by us to their experts. Yet this crime merry go around increases in speed and intensity each time we go around. I say on 24th of May 2017 put a stop to this Political criminal circus by de electing all those who you the voter know is aiding and condone this terrible criminal situation to continue. That includes all those who support the importation of foreign criminals to our law enforcement institutions.

  4. Cain are you Able says:

    Crime is and has always been the Achilles heel of the PPM and that is because they will never except that their UK masters policies of importing foreign help and giving them a whole pile of money and bleeding our economy to fix it is a utter and complete failure. Which only quites it down for a while and when it arises again it is even worse.The importation of dangerous foreign elements both in law enforcement arena and the criminal underworld is very evident from the types and boldness of crime we now see on our streets.What is even more alarming is the impunity and inability of these foreign police officers to solve these crimes. The question is why would they? It is the means and reason by which they have been brought to this very nice financial arrangement and realitively safe environment to work. Who says crime doesn’t pay? It pays very well for some on this island indeed. But yet our blind elected officials in this government and other previous governments are either too stupid or loyal to see it. On 24th of July 2017 do not vote for those who support this failure and their are many of these established politicos who do, so vote clearfully.

  5. Nat R Flare says:

    Crime will continue to rise and get more serious until we stop following this failed policy of the UK and the PPM of importing foreign police officers from jurisdiction who cant even solve thier own corruption or crime situation to come to Cayman and hemorhage our economy. Their presence here has infact only strenghten and embolden their own countrymen to come here illegally and commit crimes. Like drug & Gun smuggling and boat theft. Ask the PPM government out of all the boats stolen how many have we recovered? On 24th of May please Cayman vote for those who will change this terrible situation.

    • Rick Fl. says:

      This is so true

    • Anonymous says:

      95%+ of offenders in Northward are Caymanian.. Raise children right and they won’t commit crimes.. If there was no crime there would be little need for police.. Here endeth the lesson!

      • Too little too late says:

        So how do you account for all the crimes that go unsolved and the perpetrators still roaming the streets?

        You are looking at statistics based on convictions! You missed the point!

      • Anonymous says:

        8:45 am, the cause is children having children, encouraged to lead different lives and some supported by their parents. Check back some thirty, or forty years ago, and life in the Cayman Islands was just great.

    • Anonymous says:

      9:13 am, vote for the Gambler with the most credit cards, who can change things.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This would be my suggestion….put the traffic police back out and start stopping all the unlicensed speeding reckless driving uninsured blacked out non inspected cars that are flying around caymans streets and i guarantee you will start catching criminals before they get to do serious damage. search each and every vehicle hat breaks the law and you will find the guns and drugs that are causing all these issues. THE END

  7. Anonymous says:

    Before you all judge, remember it is all about family and this is what happens when people dont get married. Single people are ruining our country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Families are way worse than singles when it comes to salary descrimation, violence, work-productivity (can’t find a babysitter, eh?), creating lies…. Families just know how to cover-up their little sins that add up to horrendous corruption in all facets of life. The mafia is a good example of how crime is justified becasue it is all about family.

    • Anonymous says:

      Somehow families get a pass when trying to put food on their table by stealing from those who do not have families because numbers favor promoting their propaganda that families are more productive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excuse me, I’m a single mother and I have two very smart young men holding down jobs and not robbing people.They were taught to work for everything. They’re not entitled to anything.

  8. Jotnar says:

    Makes a change from the gas stores robbing their customers I guess

  9. Anon. says:

    Interesting how a commenter has already placed blame on the PPM because they are the current Government. If it was UDP, CDP or whatever they are calling themselves these days, would it be their fault as well?

    Ignorant post. No matter who is in the Government, you will always have lazy, good for nothing people who want to make quick money without earning it!

    Don’t know if this will help but perhaps the gas station should invest in equipment to buzz people in. That way they can’t just burst into the door and if you see someone with their face covered, you have a right not to buzz them in until they show their face.

    • Um hmm... says:

      Oh Anon.

      How you have truly missed the point or rather tried to stray from the issue at hand.

      It’s the fact that PPM refused to acknowledge the increase in crime, the violent types of crime being committed; you nor anyone else can try to cover the peoples’ eyes on this.

      They ALL ignored the rise in crime. The politicians don’t seem to care because it does not affect them directly. Who does it affect? US, the people. businesses, and our economy which is slipping away from us in case you all can’t see or hear!

  10. Sharkey says:

    6:27pm , you can put the best man in the world on the job , but if his hands are tied by the Government , you would get the same results.
    So don’t blame him , blame the Cayman Islands Government. They are the ones that have the powers here . They are the ones responsible for the crime problem getting out of hand .
    We need leadership that have “balls” not footballs to combat the criminals .

    • Anonymous says:

      8:55 am, you need to blame the spawn machines that have too many children, and our government has to father them. Stop reproduction if you cannot pay your way. Government is not a sperm donor.
      Children having children and are not capable of taking care of themselves. That’s the cause of some of the criminality, as well as the imported element.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Send on di money

  12. Destablization Operation says:

    Its time we call for a comprehensive review of this Police service and it leadership and stop granting blank checks to employ who they want everytime they replace a commissioner. In the review we need to whole those responsible and sanctioned those who’s responsibility it is and it was for causing this mess we now have and that includes current and past leadership and especially those advisors here and overseas. They have taken a once viable and functioning police force and turn it into incompetent ,corrupt and inept foreign run and managed police Service. Who very few residents respect or trust on this island who are ill advise to constantly and deliberately hire persons from jurisdictions where corruption is rife.

  13. Cassius Sand says:

    We have the highest police per capita in the world for 60,000 people didnt we get just get 16 new officers but first they were here to “reflect the diversity of our community” But i can tell you the financial investigation section and spying on people section sure got a whole lot officers no man power shortage there. The question we need to ask why is that Cayman? the robberies murders guns & drugs and illegal criminals have not stopped ?????

  14. Anonymous says:

    Where is divine intervention when it’s needed? The same place superman is when he’s needed. In the fiction aisle.

    • Cayman Breached says:

      4:40am he is talking to you telling you to write that so you can inspire those on the 24th of July to vote out the PPM. please go lay down and sleep after you read this you need the rest !

  15. Anonymous says:

    See? This is why we can’t have anything nice.

  16. Cayman Cornmeal Voter says:

    The PPM ‘s Cayman whilst the citizens are robbed blind the PPM are putting up political signs the clearly reflect who they wish to represent in this election living proof the colour matters in these islands

    • HG Rebel says:

      Yes Cornmeal you are right the Candidates are kind of on the Pale side but it could be a printing error and Alden approve it anyway because that who he believe should vote for him?

  17. Anonymous says:

    f…..gging wild west out here man! these guys watching too much clint eastwood movies?

  18. Sharkey says:

    I think the solution is to start arming all security guards with m16 rubber bullets and the crime would have to stop .

    • Anonymous says:

      The solution is Contraception.

    • John McClane says:

      Why rubber? The regular copper jacketed work just fine in most cases.

      • Boy blue says:

        You want a war….criminals ain’t got no rubber or copper bullets…bahahaha

        You got money to waste??? People starving Here in cayman, worse than ever before…and without choice or option!

        Just taking back what’s ours….

      • Anonymous says:

        For a moment I thought you were talking about contraception…ouch.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What do we pay these police for anyway? Good for nothing. Everwhere has been robbed and they can’t patrol properly to prevent crimes and protect the people. Too much money in pocket job officers and not enough Caymanians or concerned people in the force.

  20. Real Solutions says:

    Thank God its not open 24 hours and doesn’t have an ATM!

    • Shadow says:

      Strangely enough one of the candidates is proposing exactly that even though it is NOT needed.

    • Anonymous says:

      WTF does that have to do with the Robery at hand that should never happen in east end or in the whole cayman island, where the f**k is Devine intervention when it’s really needed???

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