Coach suspended as CIFA clamps down on abuse

| 13/04/2017 | 24 Comments

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Football Association has announced a zero tolerance policy towards the abuse of football officials. Following another assault on a volunteer referee at the weekend during an FA cup game between Future and Alliance FCs by the Alliance coach, CIFA released a joint statement with the local referees association stating that there would be increased security at matches including police officers and extra security guards. The coach in question has been suspended, CIFA said.

The local football association said there is “zero tolerance for abuse or discrimination” from coaches, players, club members and spectators. Violators will be reported to the CIFA Disciplinary Committee and the police, and could be banned from CIFA matches, the officials stated.

CIFA President Lee Ramoon said, “Clubs who perpetuate or condone coaches and players making threats or acting violently towards match officials or other players or coaches on or outside the field of play or that violate the CIFA Code of Conduct in any other regards will face sanctions, such as fines, deduction of points or being banned from competitions.”

He added that the “time has come for stricter measures”, including stricter security measures and sanctions which would be implemented in order to ensure the safety and betterment of the game.

“We will be meeting with clubs shortly to emphasize this new zero tolerance rule,” Ramoon said. “Additionally, it is important to note that the coach in question has been suspended from all football related activity pending a ruling from our Disciplinary Committee and further review from our Executive Committee.

“We intend to send a strong message and warning to our football fraternity,” he added. “Clubs need to select coaches that are equipped with the right skill set and abilities, and we will hold clubs responsible for its coaches, management, and players. We do not condone the bad behavior of coaches and players. It’s simply not acceptable.”

The football officials also said that all games were resuming as scheduled Wednesday as they extended thanks to fans for their continued support.


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  1. Only God can save us now says:

    Hey guys I see that all of you have an input in the printed version of this matter. But have any of you been to a Football match in Cayman or this one in particular that night? Well I was on this night and have been at a lot of games these “referees & linesmen/women” officiate,starting from the Primary League, youth league starting at Under 13 to the Under 17, Under 21, First Division and Premier League. If they are not cheating the players of a certain West Bay Team because of their dislike of the Coach (not the one being castigated, btw) then they certainly need to be schooled every two-three months on correct rules of Football/Soccer since they are clearly INCOMPETENT! The referees & assistants have a general dislike against East End F.C., Future S.C. and now Alliance (I’m sure) teams. I noticed lately that even against Cayman Brac, I’d seen some very blatantly silly & unfortunate BAD calls. Where I don’t condone violence and since I was there to witness all that went down, which was blown out of portion once again, I gave the Coach the benefit of the doubt as to why he “Open-hand slapped” the Linesman in the side of the face. No one was unconscious on no occasion that night as a result of any assault. This “Assistant Referee/Official” was very much alert and attentive, to the point that he was, right after the instance, in the Parking lot awaiting the opportunity to throw the BIG Marl rocks he had holding in his hands for whoever he wanted to have it, either the Coach (who slapped him), the player (who initially had the verbal confrontation with him) or whomever he had a grievance with or maybe some innocent person (young children were in attendance as well). These referees and assistants volunteer, yes, but are given a monthly stipend, I understand, so it’s not FREELY done (of their own goodwill and/or time & energy)! 99.9% only do so to fulfill their agenda of:
    1). Get points for Volunteering for their PR (Permanent Residence- for those of you that don’t know what PR means- and that mostly these are work permit holders from Jamaica, Police Officers, Teachers even, other Gov’t Employees and such, ALL EXPATS)
    2). Ruin the game of Football in Cayman so that we don’t have the pleasure of seeing; our Local ballers play and improve their skills and as well build the Passion for the Sport and respect for the talent of the Players, among the spectators.
    3). Make sure that only those that “They, the Officials” will benefit from, rise and excel in Football in Cayman to bigger and better.

    In my opinion, these “Officials should be looked into as well. CIFA needs to fully investigate this incident as well as all others carefully and unbiased to see really who should be banded, suspended and fined for all “behaviour”.

    This is not the first time someone got physical at a Football match, but probably the first time a Coach did hit an Assistant Referee, but Referees and Assistants have cheated, cursed, threatened and hit players before…of course nothing was reported on those incidents or was sure to be kept hush-hushed!! You all need to get the facts before calling for imprisonment and/or a beheading of the perpetrator….or please do me, who experienced a lot of injustice, blatant bad calls, incompetent “Officials” and down right cheating to the Caymanians youth and young men & girls in Football and who sees what goes down, a big fat favour…JUST SHUT UP!! Not everything you have to comment on.

    I’ll say this much for Bruce Blake, though he was not my choice of President either, he would show up and see something that would go on at some games. I have never seen Lee Ramoon since he took presidency at either one of the First Division games I have attended at various venues on Saturday nights as per schedule.

    But this is what Caymanians get, because this is another area that the Fathers and Mothers of Caymanian children, also the able, capable and competent Caymanian people that could do this as a contribution to their Country (Island Nation) and fellow Native. But no, unnah rather open yah mouth and talk crap so unnah can cut and dice, along with all the other expats, yah own Caymanian who is castigated, instead of doing some good to combat the problem(s)!!…oh forgot to mention that now more hours for the POLICE, who are gonna be Jamaicans, to get paid for; because they will be put on duty at each game, in case there is any incidents on the referees & assistants, but nothing done for them to be sure that they know the game and is qualified to be called referee or assistant and stop cheating!!!!!
    I hope this will “learn yeh”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why is anyone surprised. These local clubs are just emulating their “heros” (losers) that they watch on TV every week. You know the ones that make racial jesters to other players, and fans. Fake being fouled to try and draw penalties. Confront the referee by getting right up in their face whenever they make a call. And on and on. And don’t forget to add in all the corruption. The sport is hopelessly broken. In Cayman and pretty much everywhere else.

    • Anonymous says:

      All sports are broken. A proportion of athletes are a-holes. They feel like they don’t have to follow laws because, well, they don’t.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As a parent of a child who is involved with football and has great compassion for this game, I am utterly disgusted with what is going on with football on this Island on all levels. CIFA is beyond being disorganized, even in grassroot programs, the politricks are alive and well. As a consequence, many kids have chosen to pursue another sport.

    I hope that these so called “coaches” and “players” who can’t conduct themselves properly are being dealt with to the full extend of the law. I hope that whoever was assaulted is seeking to file a criminal suit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually the YMCA haa taken over Grassroots. And the local softball pitches, and after school programme contracts too.
      Big positive moves soon coming yeah.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Coach is obviously not in control of his balls and should have them removed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And yet we continue to frown upon some of the other countries in our neighborhood despite them being able to turn out top athletes and top teams…We now have to have police presence at football games……..WTH?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are coaches not asked to sign a CIFA Code of Conduct? If not, why not? Why do children have to have their parents sign one if adult players and coaches don’t. If they signed a CIFA code of conduct – well that was broken and total ban from all football related activities is the only answer.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Football or Soccer, or whatever you want to call it, is nothing more than the circus aspect from the Bread and Circuses regimes of ancient times. United!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Football is a disaster and it’s going to take us 20 years to recover from WEBB mismanagement. Clean house please.

    Can you imagine that Cayman is doing better in every other sport except football.

    Another private sector failure.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, this will require a very strong response. He needs to be banned. If CIFA is to recover (much belatedly) any public confidence, any hot-heads like this, that physically attack volunteer marshals, need to be removed from the sport.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Suspended? Zero tolerance? Oh really, then why no police involvement? Why no arrest?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Suspended? How long? Should be permanently with no ability for reinstatement, plus there should be criminal charges for assault. This type of act need to be addressed completely and without any room for future instances.

  12. Marathon says:

    They have an Executive Committee AND a Disciplinary Committee? C’mon, really guys? Any other committees you got in that overpriced shack? How about an audit committee, or a PR committee? And is that Bruce Blake still at the helm?

    • Anonymous says:

      They could do with an ethics committee, but don’t have anyone that qualifies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whatever committees they have are useless, CIFA has failed to act for too long, these assaults are a result of inaction by CIFA for many years. They are very much aware of the disciplinary behavior of many of the coaches and players during CIFA sanctioned games, however they take no action as they really have no interest in the game itself. The U15 National Team is begging the general public for funds to prepare for international competitions as they claim CIFA has no funds available, however, the EXCO committee of CIFA travel full force to Aruba last week for some CFU meeting that probably has not benefit to Cayman football at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly you’ve never been involved in running an organisation. You need sub-committees (each headed up by a member of the exec committee) for all significant areas to ensure they receive the attention they need. You can’t…and wouldn’t want…the main exec committee trying to run everything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bruce Blake. Ethics. CIFA. All in the Same way mate!

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