RCIPS opens the door to would-be recruits

| 01/03/2017 | 11 Comments

(CNS): Local residents who want to join the RCIPS as a police constable can now submit applications online all year round without any deadlines. Police Commissioner David Byrne said the open and ongoing recruitment of local constables would make it easier for people to apply. “Our intention is to make the recruitment process more convenient for those in the local community who wish to serve their country as a police constable,” he said.

In recent years recruitment drives for local officers included application deadlines, which were followed by the testing and interview stages of the recruitment process. But now the police management will consider applications throughout the year, regardless of when the recruitment process begins.

Applications for police constable for local residents that have Caymanian citizenship or permanent residency with the right to work with no restrictions can be found on the police website.


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  1. Corruption has never been complusory says:

    Here is a short story on corruption in the RCIPS: a local resident who has a camera system at his home has a friend over on Sunday afternoon. Who parks and locks her vehicle in front driveway later in evening male rides up on bicycle in camera’s view uses skeleton key for that make of vehicle opens vehicle steals friends handbag with her vaulables and travel documents. Jumps in a car and leaves location.

    Resident starts to review Camera system to see if he could identifying what happen a day later finds incident on camera call a friend to help identify suspect. Friend checks neighborhood determines suspects residence from other concerned neigbors. Resident calls camera company who installed system to get images printed of incident.Images obtained and friend prepares written complaint so officers didn’t have to write it down along with suspect’s information. Which he promptly takes to the district police station where he reports matter and has evidence to Police. Suspect turns out to be suspended policeman’s brother. Suspect is well known to police.

    Nothing happens a week later the same resident finds suspect again looking in another neighbors car and confronts him with his flashlight girl friend shows up in same car seen in first incident. suspect and girfriend attempts to threaten resident by telling him that he has a gun. Resident goes back to his residence but observe Arm police Taskforce vehicles turn into his neighborhood with bluelights on which goes down the road and returns to his residence and when he opens front door armed officers confront him and asked to search his residence for guns.

    Resident is a licenced firearms holder who has to then produce his documents and firearms because suspect makes complaint that he was threatened with fiream by resident. Resident points out theft complaint to arm officers who check report no report was ever logged. Resident calls friend who names officers and gives dates and times. Friend returns to police station and is told officer has left the island so he has to make a second complaint about incident.

    During the course of friend looking into matter finds a number of serious and toubling issues in which his suspend brother and police officer is directly involved in matters relating to suspect also of serious concern is a very senior female police officer who purchased the suspended officers apartment bearing in mind the missing report.

    Subsequently because of the previous commissioner of police mishandling of this officers suspension and incompetence in investigating and failing to prosecute this officer for criminal conduct The officer was able get and attorney and get his disciplinary action overturn and obtain a very handsome settlement. He then also returned to work and resigned the following week with a clean reference letter.

    Good luck to any Caymanian who tried this $#@& XXXXX The complaints in the theft matter never heard back from the police or recoverd the stolen items and its is for that reason I will never cooperate or render assistance to the RCIPS who are part of this very corrupt system we now have installed. They are a disgrace to the Cayman Islands and that includes their UK masters.

  2. Sharkey says:

    What I don’t understand , how real legal Caymanians can sit down and take all this crapp . Rise up and defend your rights. You don’t get anything or anywhere in life sitting on your mouth , hands, and feet .

  3. Anonymous says:

    Caymanian citizenship or permanent residency with the right to work with no restrictions

    What are those?

    Neither exist.

    There are BOT Citizens of the Cayman Islands but they may not have any right to live and/ or work here.

    There are Caymanians, but they may or may not be BOT Citizens.

    There are Permanent Residents but they are restricted in what work they can do.

    There are Residents who are the Spouses of Caymanians and they can work without restriction, but only for a maximum of 7 years (not permanently).

    It would be good if the Police (of all people) did not make this kind of stuff up and took the time to understand the laws of the Cayman Islands.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Qualified Expats? Really? One would then conclude that the local rank are bringing the service down. News flash….the RCIP has by far too many issues with expat officers. Quality is the problem. Both imported and home grown. Not enough of it. Open your rasicts eyes.

  5. Rod Bodden says:

    Removing discrimination one step at a time. This was the only place in the world where citizens had to wait till they recruited over seas to apply for a local job! Wrong on so many levels.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Being allowed to submit applications to the RCIPS at any and all times is a great idea. An even better one is to require proof of an IQ of AT LEAST 100 at all times!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Locals especially Caymanians need a job where they can sit their unqualified baaahinds behind a desk and do absolutely NOTHING all day, everydayyyy… but complain about not getting a promotion and how many qualified expats are in the position that they desire!! This is not appealing to them. This is too much work for those people.

  8. spic says:

    3800 ci per month

  9. Anonymous says:

    Continue to do the same as been done with the schools. Keep lowering the standards.

    Soon there will be no need for the goal post, just kick the ball anywhere and you will be considered a football player.

    Education is a serious problem in the Cayman Islands. The most valuable bachelor certificate is now the “married to caymanian” certificate.

  10. Kadafe says:

    Any idea on the starting salary for a policeman?

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