Health City completes 300 tests in time for World Sleep Day

| 17/03/2017 | 2 Comments
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Dr Archita Joshi-Bhatt, Consultant in Pulmonology at Health City Cayman Islands

(CNS): As part of its research into sleep disorders and understanding the health benefits of sleep, doctors at Health City Cayman Islands have now completed 300 sleep analysis studies and they will be marking World Health Day today with several events. Dr Archita Joshi-Bhatt, Consultant in Pulmonology who heads the Sleep Medicine team at HCCI, will present an educational session to staff on the “Impact of sleep on quality of life and how to manage shift work and sleep”.

All outpatients visiting HCCI will be invited to fill out a questionnaire to determine if they may be suffering from sleep apnea. Posters describing the effects of sleep disorders on daily life and good health will be displayed throughout the hospital at various locations.

World Sleep Day, created and hosted by the World Sleep Society, is an internationally recognised awareness event bringing sleep health professionals and patients together for one important common cause: sleep. The 2017 slogan is “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life”.

Though most sleep disorders are preventable or treatable, less than one-third of sufferers seek professional help. Current research suggests stroke is more prevalent in people living with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Heart failure is also 12-16% more prevalent in OSA patients. Individuals who struggle to get an entire night’s sleep without any interruptions experience higher rates of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other chronic illnesses.

Dr Archita, who has over ten years of experience in respiratory care, said sleep was crucial to overall health and wellbeing.

“Sleep problems constitute a growing global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life of up to 45% of the world’s population. Unfortunately, only about 10% of people suffering from sleep disorders receive appropriate treatment. Even minimal sleep loss can take a toll on one’s mood, energy and ability to handle stress,” she said.

“Sleep problems hinder daily functioning and can lead to accidents, but when they become chronic, a person’s long-term health can be adversely impacted. We are ready, willing and able at Health City to assist patients with sleep disorders to regain healthy and restorative sleep.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know someone whom this study actually helped…so good job.

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