Four killed in London terror attack

| 22/03/2017 | 22 Comments
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Met Commander B.J. Harrington

(CNS): The Metropolitan Police Service has confirmed that a police officer, a terror suspect and two members of the public have been killed during an attack around the seat of government in the UK. At least 20 more people have been injured in the attack which took place today in London on Westminster Bridge and by the Palace of Westminster — the British Houses of Parliament. A terrorist is believed to have ploughed into pedestrians on the bridge in a car and then attacked a police officer on the gate at the Houses of Parliament.

Speaking outside New Scotland Yard, Commander B.J. Harrington said the police had received a number of conflicting reports but could confirm there had been a number of casualties, including police officers. He said a full counter-terrorism investigation was now underway.

Commander Harrington’s statement in full:

“Since 2.40pm this afternoon (UK Time) the Metropolitan Police Service has responded to an incident in the area of Parliament Square, and the Senior National Coordinator has declared this a terrorist incident. And although we remain open minded to the motive, a full counter-terrorism investigation is already underway – this is led by the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.

At this stage I will confirm what we know has happened, but I will not speculate.

“We received a number of different reports – which included a person in the river, a car in collision with pedestrians and a man armed with a knife. Officers were already in the location as part of our routine policing operation. Immediately, additional officers were sent to the scene and that included firearms officers. We are working closely with the London Ambulance Service and the London Fire Brigade.

“I’d like to repeat our request for the public to avoid the following areas: Parliament Square; Whitehall; Westminster Bridge; Lambeth Bridge; Victoria Street up to the junction with Broadway and the Victoria Embankment up to Embankment tube. This is to allow emergency services to deal with this ongoing incident.

“There is an ongoing investigation being led by the Counter Terrorism Command and we would ask anybody who has images or film of the incident to pass those to police. We know that there are a number of casualties, including police officers, but at this stage we cannot confirm numbers or the nature of these injuries.

“Our response will be ongoing for some time as it is important that we gather all possible information and evidence. Public safety is our top priority and we are reviewing our policing stance across London and throughout the course of this afternoon there will be additional police and officers deployed across the Capital.

“I would like to ask the public to remain vigilant and let us know if they see anything suspicious that causes them concern and dial 999 immediately. The Acting Commissioner Craig Mackey is being treated as a significant witness as he was at the scene when the incident started. Whilst he is not injured, it would be inappropriate for him to talk about the incident at this stage. Ours and his thoughts are with all those involved and those responding to both incidents.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The United States of America. Jamaica (+The Cayman Islands by default). Canada. Brazil. Mexico. Honduras. (Former) Hispaniola.

    All of the above are countries founded by radical Christian terrorism (Europeans) via atrocities that would make ISIS look like a Saturday afternoon pre-teen baby-sitter.

    The ignorant and miseducated will retort in anger and but it is what it is.

    Therefore, who is to say we are not simply at the dawn of a new era?

    Interesting how certain groups believe they have the authority to say “when” and proven cyclic realities will cease to exist.

    RIP to those that were killed in this week’s attack.

    Let this tragedy serve as motivation to better understand the state and historical context of the world in which we live.


  2. Anonymous says:

    People were killing each other since the day 1. Some sort of experience is being conducted on homo sapiens by whomever.


  3. Spit in the sky! says:

    While I feel sorry for the innocent persons caught up in this crap I will quote a now famous saying (giving by a high profile UK individual) “that’s part of living in a big city”.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Just continue to support all those “freedom fighters” in Arab countries… After that it is the law of cause and effect.


  5. Pixie Dust says:

    Ahh yes Religion, such a peaceful lifestyle.


  6. pakmamin says:

    Any terrorist act by any human brute must be strongly condemned by one and all

    It is an immoral retaliation for what have been happening may be in the Middle East

    We do not know yet but it may be a retaliation whereby poor and innocent people have been targeted

    The punished group of innocent people had no direct association with the geopolitical developments

    It is true that in times of war and armed conflict, collective punishment has resulted in atrocities, and violation of the laws of war and the Geneva Conventions.(It is happening right now in Syria by all fighters)

    Historically, occupying powers have used collective punishment to retaliate against and deter attacks on their forces by Resistance movements (e.g. destroying entire towns and villages where such attacks have occurred).

    But two wrongs do not make a wrong ( a terrorist act) right


  7. Anonymous says:

    God rest the victims souls.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Now you know why President Trump wants these bans and stricter enforcement of immigration. These people understand only one thing, force so bring it to them where they live before they destroy our way of life!

    CNS: The attacker was born and raised in the UK. No amount of bans or immigration rules would have prevented this. Please please get in the habbit of reading actual news reports and not alt-right nonsense.


    • Anonymous says:

      Please get in the habit of spelling “habit” right. Who writes this shit?


    • Anonymous says:

      Strange isn’t it how traitors are raised from within? Some people even arrive here through the grace of this country and then their true colours are revealed. Vicious traitorous people who hate the values of their adopted country. Well if you don’t like the values, go back to the place of your superior ones and leave us backward people in peace.
      So disappointed.


    • Jo says:

      Correct cNs that’s not to do with Imgration this fool comment without knowledge


    • Anonymous says:

      Umm, bring it to them in England?


    • Anonymous says:

      CNS – at present Germany is deporting two German-born potential terrorists to the countries of origin of their parents (Nigeria and Algeria respectively). That is despite the fact that the European Convention on Human Rights applies to them AND they have not been convicted. Both grew up in Germany. It may be overly simplistic to deny that there could be an immigration angle, although of course I know nothing of the origins of the terrorist in this case, other than that he was born and grew up in the UK.


  9. Anonymous says:

    This is NOT radical Islamic terrorism. Islam is a religion of peace.


  10. Datisme says:

    Has anyone confirmed the whereabouts of Whodatis?



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