Doctors promoting medical ganja at Cayman seminar

| 09/03/2017 | 21 Comments

(CNS): Drs Dustin Sulak and Ethan Russo will be visiting the Cayman Islands next week to share their knowledge and experience about the benefits of medical ganja, what it can do and why it works. Following Cayman’s recent move to legalise the use of cannabis oils and tinctures when prescribed by doctors for various medical problems, the two experts in medical marijuana have organised a free seminar at the Lions Centre that is open to the public next Wednesday.

Dr Sulak has treated over 18,000 patients with medical cannabis. He sits on the board of directors of the Society of Medical Cannabis Clinicians and is described as a pioneer in this emerging field of treatment.

Dr Ethan Russo has focused his work on the human endocannabinoid system and the scientific understanding of how it regulates physiological functions, including immunity, pain, inflammation, mood, emotion, learning, memory, metabolism, appetite, weight, sleep, embryo development, neuroprotection and stress responses. Both doctors are considered experts in the field of medical cannabis and they will be discussing the use of ganja in neurological and neurosurgical diseases, therapeutic options, oncology, and palliative care.

The Cayman government has paved the way for the use of medical cannabis but there are a number of challenges for those who wish to take advantage of what many see as bordering on a miracle cure for many health challenges.

For more details visit the seminar website

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  1. Roger Manderson II says:

    Dennie need to run in WB…you would get my vote for the cannbis cbd on my terrible knee pains

  2. Anonymous says:

    These doctors need to be properly regulated.

  3. Anonymous says:

    For the record, we should try to focus the medical discussion on CBD oil and sparing anecdotal or non-clinically proven inferences.

    Fun as it is, smoking ganja and inhaling the smoke and tars of burning paper and dried leaves (or vape gases) into a sensitive pulmonary system with alveoli and blood vessels designed for oxygen exchange – is unlikely to cure human cancers administered in this way. It’s not a good longterm plan to impede or cake these important vessels with tar. Decades of studies, and tens of millions of patient examples on that.

    As a parent I can tell you it is self-destructive and disingenuous to confuse an impressionable next generation (that are watching and listening) that smoking is not only fun again, but “good for you”. The worrying longterm financial burden of this “internet science” on the healthcare apparatus of societies loosening grip can’t even be quantified yet. This has been a big stay of execution for the Cigarette lobby that share product synergies with this ill-founded smoking momentum.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, cannabis can be prepared for edible treats. Smoking and vaporizers are not the only way to consume the plant.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Who is paying for the seminar? Legalizing it is great. But who is positioning themselves to use their status to enter the market?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just want to grow it without worrying

  6. Anonymous says:

    CNS can you please make up your mind and just use the terms “medicinal marijuana” or “medicinal cannabis” when referring to the use of this plant medicinally? Why refer to it as “Ganja” in a medicinal news write up? The word “Ganja” carries a bad image since it has mostly been associated with law enforcement and drug smuggling. You would not use the term “medicinal marijuana” in relation to a drug bust would you?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cayman needs to legalize medical extract use and decriminalize possession of an ounce or less for recreational use. Drugs abuse should not be considered criminal as addicts need rehab. We need to leave the users alone and go after the people giving it to kids and the drug runners.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. This.

    • Anonymous says:

      it makes the RCIP look betterand is a lot easier to go after the low lying fruit

    • Anonymous says:

      Drug users like crack and cocaine addicts are the people who need intervention, not the recreational cannabis smoker. It’s a naturally occuring plant with exceptional properties. It is not a drug, it is a plant.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree! Let’s stop following the U.S and their antiquated corrupt system. Marijuana isn’t illegal because it destroys lives. It is illegal because there is a lot of money in criminalizing it. Wake up Cayman!!! Decriminalize marijuana! We barely have 40 thousand Caymanians. Do we honestly think its in our best interest to arrest and give criminal records to people ESPECIALLY Youth. The world is already F’d up. We shouldnt be holding our people back because of ignorance. WAKE UP PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Anonymous says:

      There are so many young people cruising around with their tinted Honda windows rolled ajar, smoking huge cones, leaving thick trails of sweet weed smoke, daring anyone to say something, with such feeble response, that I have to wonder how long one would have to behave in that way, and how stupid that collective of minds would have to be, to actually get apprehended in the act here. Maybe it’s karma that these kids lacking social discretion get caught finally – maybe they deserve their criminal record for having been so reckless and anti-establishment in their consumptive habits? It’s not luck or coincidence that the less-adroit get busted, and if not for this, then for something else. They DO need their knuckles rapped!

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