Wet floor lands governor in hospital

| 14/02/2017 | 11 Comments
Cayman News Service

Helen Kilpatrick, Cayman Islands Governor

(CNS): Governor Helen Kilpatrick was admitted to hospital at the weekend after “slipping on a wet floor and injuring her ribs”, according to a release from her office. The very short statement released on Tuesday gave no details of the actual injuries, where or exactly when it happened, but said that she was responding well to treatment and was likely to be released in the next few days. The officials did not reveal which hospital is treating the governor.


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Comments (11)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i’m sure she ‘ll be back doing…mmmm….whatever she does…..in no time!

  2. Beaumont Zodecloun says:

    Be well Governor Kilpatrick. Bruised ribs take a while to completely heal; even more so with torn thoracic muscles. You’re a tough lady. Take your time to heal and come back to us strong — we need you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Speedy Recovery Gov !!

    I just hope the injury does not result in a lawsuit for the taxpayers to bear, for no warning signs of “Wet Floors” at Government House.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Speedy recovery!

  5. just asking says:

    For acid reflux just eat one banana cures that. EASY BOBO.

  6. Anonymous says:

    $ Hours?! You lucky! I spent over 5 hours waiting last weekend.
    I could have saved the time, as the diagnosis and meds did nothing to help until I realized it was simply acid reflux and not what the doctor ordered.

  7. Foreign devil says:

    Get well soon Governor??

  8. Anonymous says:

    awwwwww, which ward is she in I could take some grapes in

  9. ThIs WrItInG Is VeRy IrRiTaTiNg says:

    I wish her a speedy recovery.

    Hopefully she didn’t have to spend over 4 hours in the ER waiting room at GT Hospital before seeing a doctor like my 11 year old daughter did when she broke her leg 4 weeks ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      I waited for 2 hours before I left to go to a general physician. Three years later I got a bill from the ER.

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