Suspect allegedly offered cop $25 to let him go home

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(CNS): A man who was arrested by police following a disturbance at a bar in the early hours of the morning on 4 September 2015 allegedly offered the officer CI$25 to let him go home to West Bay but instead he ended up on a corruption charge. Ian Duffell appeared in court Wednesday on trial for trying to bribe a police officer with the $25 bung after he was arrested close to the Marquee Plaza for being disorderly after he cursed out a group of people.

Giving evidence about the arrest, the police officer said he was there with a fellow RCIPS officer. After persistently warning Duffell to stop swearing and being aggressive when further complaints were made about his abusive behaviour, he was asked again to behave but told the police to “fuck off”, the court heard. He was arrested and searched and when they found a small quantity of ganja, he was arrested for drug possession as well.

The officer told the court that after the arrest, he took Duffell towards the patrol car, which was when he offered him the money. Duffell said, “Officer, it’s me and you talking. I have $25 in my pocket. Take it and let me go home to West Bay.”

But the officer arrested him for a third time, this time for bribery, and took him into custody.

The case continues.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t make a link between ganja and the behaviour of this guy.
    He wss drunk.

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