Local man convicted over $25 bung to cops

| 21/02/2017 | 6 Comments

(CNS): The latest victim to fall foul of the anti-corruption law is a West Bay man who offered a police officer a $25 bribe to let him “go home” after he was arrested last year on Laurence Boulevard for being disorderly and for possession of a small quantity of ganja. Justice Charles Quin found Ian Duffell guilty of bribery after a short trial last week but bailed him until April to allow for reports before sentencing him. The judge noted, however, that this was a serious offence, as it goes to “the heart of law and order”.

The judge said that after hearing and considering all of the evidence carefully, he believed the police were telling the truth and had not mis-heard or misunderstood Duffell’s comment or intentions when he offered one of the officers arresting him a bribe.

The arresting officers who gave evidence both said that they persistently warned Duffell to stop swearing and being aggressive when they were called out to a disturbance near the Power Bar at Marquis Plaza. But he continued to be drunk and disorderly, cursing at people, and they arrested him. When they searched him, the police also found some ganja in his pocket and he was arrested again on drug offences.

The officers told the court that after the arrest, as he was being taken to the patrol car, he offered the cash twice.

“Officer, it’s me and you talking. I have $25 in my pocket. Take it and let me go home to West Bay,” he reportedly stated.

The judge said the police gave clear, consistent, reliable evidence, while Duffell’s account that he was asking for a break and had referred to the $25 as his taxi money home was “implausible”. Justice Quin said he was sure that Duffell had offered the bribe in the hope of going home without facing any charges.

The sentencing hearing is scheduled for 13 April.

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  1. "High Up Zombie" says:

    Please don’t associate this drunk man with humble and or medical marijuana users! #Please #Dont #GetEducated #ReallyThough

  2. Bluff Patrol says:

    > possession of a small quantity of ganja

    This, along with the alleged bribe, will lead to a custodial sentence for this man. Meanwhile granny the tourist gets to stay in a hotel and pay a small fine for her ganja that she was trying to take on an international flight.

    Equal justice is not the order of the day in Cayman.

  3. JAY says:

    WELL I guess bribing a cop is a bigger offense than running over a bicyclist and fixing the car the next day and say “I don’t recall hitting anyone?” “however let me spray over my damaged vehicle”

  4. Sharkey says:

    10:22am , You’re ever so right , you must be a mind reader , so scary Ya got it going .

  5. Anonymous says:

    Let us and wait and see the lengthy time this man get. I’m sure they will claim that this case is more serious than running someone over and fleeing.

    • RMK says:

      I hope to Christ they lock him up & throw away the key because he is nothing but a public nuisance & I know this from personal experience. Check his record if you don’t believe me…

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