Cops meet violence when seizing illegal bike

| 07/02/2017

(CNS): Police officers executing a warrant at an East End address to seize a suspected illegal motorbike met with significant resistance from two men, who have now been arrested on a catalogue of charges. When officers arrived Monday with a search warrant at a house on John McLean Drive looking for the bike, which had been tracked by the police helicopter being ridden recklessly to that address, the two men at the home resisted violently and continued to fight police even when arrested and in the patrol car, with one kicking out a window.

The violence began at the address when one of the men tried to ride off out of the back door of the house on the bike the police were looking for. But as he was stopped by the two officers, the man punched and threatened to kill them. The two men then threw bricks and stones at the officers before the police deployed Tasers on men, who are 28 and 31 years old. They were then arrested for resisting arrest, assaulting police, threats to kill and assault ABH.

But the violence continued even after the arrest.

On the way to the police detention centre, one of the suspects spat at the police officers and then kicked out the rear passenger window of the patrol car. He was then arrested again, this time for criminal damage. Both men are now in custody while the incident is under investigation.

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