Ten days left to register to vote in 2017

| 06/01/2017 | 27 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): The clock is ticking for new voters to register so that they can participate in the May 2017 General Election. The deadline for new voters to sign up is 16 January, which is also the date by which those already on the electoral roll must change their name, occupation or street address, because voters can only vote in the district where they live. Every voter, in whichever district they are registered, will only have one vote — a drastic change for those living in George Town, West Bay, Bodden Town and the Sister Islands, where they previously had multiple votes.

For the first time, there will be 19 electoral districts, in which voters can only vote for one candidate. Each declared candidate can only run in one of the 19 districts. For example, Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush has declared that he will run in West Bay West. This means that only those people registered to vote in West Bay West can choose to vote for him. Those living in other areas of West Bay will not be able to do so.

Ask Auntie questions on the elections that have been answered

George Town is now divided into seven districts:

  • George Town North (GTN)
  • George Town Central (GTC)
  • George Town West (GTW)
  • George Town South (GTS)
  • George Town East (GTE)
  • Red Bay (RB)
  • Prospect

Bodden Town is now divided into four districts:

  • Newlands
  • Savannah
  • Bodden Town West (BTW)
  • Bodden Town East (BTE)

West Bay is now divided into four districts:

  • West Bay West (WBW)
  • West Bay North (WBN)
  • West Bay Central (WBC)
  • West Bay South (WBS)

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are now divided into two districts:

  • Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman (CBW&LC)
  • Cayman Brac East (CBE)

There is no change for voters in North Side (NS) and East End (EE), which remain as single-member constituencies.

Visit the Elections Office website for more details

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Comments (27)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m only voting for the politician that gives teeth to the maintenance law and forces deadbeats to be responsible for their children or the rights to the child (control over the mother -ex-wife/gf) is removed.

    • MM says:

      I would like to see a maintenance law that sets the monthly maintenance amount that the father must pay; but allows him to make payment in something OTHER than cash!

      For example: $600 maintenance order – the father puts $275 towards grocery gift card, $125 on mother’s CUC bill, $75 on the water bill and the balance on a gift certificate from perhaps Atlantic Kids, book nook or on the child’s school fees or lunch tickets, etc.

      I am disgusted by the number of women using the gender-biased maintenance issue to squeeze money out of men to spend on their hair, nails, other men and holidays!

      THAT is far more disgusting than a deadbeat dad because unless the woman was raped, she obviously had just as great a time in the sack with the man she now hates (who must have already shown signs of being no damn good before penetration).

      Too many women use the Court system just to get back at the fathers of their children as if getting pregnant was only the fault of the father’s ejaculation. Flashback to your moaning honey, he obviously was not alone!

      NO MORE maintenance cash payments; gift cards, groceries and bill payments or other necessities required for the CHILD in question. Women going out flashy on their child’s maintenance money.

      Then at the end of each year the father must present a statement showing the payments made and ensuring that the amount totals whatever was ordered by the court.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would also like to see this issue for dead beat dads/moms handled. As a single mother of two, after 4 years in court I’ve only recently started to receive a small amount of maintenance (amount less than suitable for 1 child). I faced the issue of the father quitting his jobs whenever he was summoned for court in order to not support his children at all. I’ve even tried not accepting cash and tried allowing him to buy the things they need and even that didn’t work.

        I do feel it’s a crying shame when I hear other mothers who I know constantly get their hair done, nails or whatever with the money or those who complain that they only receive $300 for their 1 child when I can not even receive that amount for my 2 kids. In another case that I know of a father is giving a mother in my opinion far too much “maintenance money” for 2 children who are being cared for majority of the time by the father himself.

        There needs to be something put in place for BOTH Mothers and Father who have to deal with these issues. It almost seems as though the courts work in the favors of the ones who aren’t being good parents and I fail to understand why. There should also be a law or something put in place that a man or woman SHALL provide for ALL of their children. There are far too many young men having children all over the island and the children are the ones who suffer.

  2. MM says:

    19 electoral boundaries with 500 to 1000 voters in each; seems to me the politicians made it much easier on themselves.

    With larger electoral boundaries there would be far more constituents to buy votes from and it would take a lot more time to go door to door.

    So, the Cayman voters in favor of OMOV got OMOV and the politicians got smaller districts with less voters to run around convincing to choose them.

    If two candidates run for each district then it would mean a candidate only has to convince about 500 people to tick their name on election day at any one electoral boundary. With PPM and UDP already having the billionaire “backative” to bribe and pay-off, they already have better chances than any single independent (but there are also many independents planted as low-key party candidates too.

    Corruption, corruption, corruption.

    Good one.

  3. Realist says:

    Just a thought, could the elections off8ce go back to the schools and assist students who will be turning 18yrs prior to elections to assist them enrolling. All they have to is drop off the paperwork to be completed the students could br8ng the necessary paperwork in and it could be checked by someone from our electoral office.

  4. Prospect donkey says:

    It will all depend if someone decent is running in prospect if I vote as I may not like them and or their policies.
    By the way who the hell is running in prospect?

  5. No mas says:

    It is haughtily said that if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain. Well let me make it quite clear that I had nothing to do with voting in the current crop of deceivers. You people that voted were responsible for that and the rest of us have suffered ever since.
    Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting change.
    I will not be voting and cannot be held responsible for the next four years of broken promises and procrastination. You voters have brought this on yourselves by voting for these incompetent politicians.
    It is time for our corrupt political system to be consigned to the dustbin of history and for the people to have their say on every matter that is important to the good governance of the nation.
    This is not the UK, USA, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel or Somalia.
    These are the Cayman Islands and the values of the people here are enshrined in common decency and if you like, try spouting off in a few of the above countries and see how far that gets you.
    Politicians in the vein of Alden McLaughlin and McKeeva Bush have attempted to overthrow common sense.
    I implore the decent people of Cayman to wake up to the deception that is being perpetrated against them.

  6. The deceivers live among us. says:

    The whole world is gripped by wickedness posing as goodness and the politicians are merely the black bit on the top of this festering sore.
    Behind them is a heaving mass of death and bad intentions for the citizens of the world.
    Our politicians have all bought into this death cult (aka The New World Order) and once again we are being asked to customize the very guillotines that will decapitate common sense.
    Although I respect the perceived sanctity of the vote, I will not be voting for a system that will never be able to effect real change.
    I have it on good authority that the days of the slick politicians will soon be over and when that day comes, there will be rejoicing in the whole world.

  7. Jotnar says:

    Ten days to register….or if you are a PR applicant 6 years after the government decides to stop stonewalling applications from people who will clearly meet the points requirement, which will be when hell freezes over or they are ordered to do so.

    I dont think those that are here who have no long term commitment to Cayman should be able to vote, but it seems crazy that people who have demonstrated a long term interest and have accumulated enough points to demonstrate that they are invested economically and socially and who want to make a contribution cannot vote, whereas it seems there are no shortage of those who are entitled by birth to vote who deliberately chose not to register because they either don’t give a s%&* or are not prepare to do their civic duty to do jury duty, and others who apparently sell their votes to politicians How is that a recipe for a sound society?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry. Voting is a right that belongs to Caymanian (status holders included).

      • Anonymous says:

        I’d very happily share our democracy with the category Jotnar describes. How myopic and dumb is it to torment our rightful, and necessary future Caymanians and not expect there to be expensive consequences. Thankfully there are many Caymanian voters that agree and will be heard in May.

      • Jotnar says:

        Voting may be a right that belongs to Caymanians – its just sad that its not exercised by an apparently large group of people who clearly have no interest in doing so or taking part in other civic commitments, whilst denied to those who not only want to be part of society but are tax payers that pay for the decisions of the elected politicians.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, illegally depriving qualified and deserving people of a lawful path to Cayman status and thus a means of exercising important democratic rights is an actionable breach. You ready to pay up because of government’s avoidable failings?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am still not registered to vote because I won’t be voting. No one running can/will make any positive changes. They all blow smoke up your a$$ for votes but only stir the sh*t once elected. Yes, I am Caymanian but I give zero f&%@% at this point as this country is a sinking ship. My focus now is to migrate and try to make it in another country like so many expats have come here and done. They are always advising us to travel so I’m gonna listen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tara Rivers is a fine example of blowing smoke up people’s backsides for votes but thankfully she is on her way to being a one hit wonder.

    • Cayman's one of the best... says:

      We have lived in Cayman for 30 years and my family and I will be registering to vote for the first time…

      If you think Cayman is a sinking ship, then 95% of the other countries are wrecks already lying on the seafloor…

      By way of comparison, I have lived in France, Spain, Germany, Australia, the USA and Cayman is by far the best and I can’t imagine living anywhere else…

      Politicians – deservedly or not – get a bad rap in most countries, except perhaps for Russia, where Putin has done an outstanding job – but the climate and language are serious obstacles to moving there…

    • Jotnar says:

      Don’t let the plane door hit you in the ass

    • Anonymous says:

      Good luck on your travels friend. I think you will find it’s a great big world with lots of opportunities.

  9. Less is more. says:

    Quite astonishing that the Caymanian people allowed this change to the voting system. After-all; it will only create more problems.

    Further segregation of people on such a small island is not good at all.

    There is no-one to vote for, I will be staying home and not wasting my time.

    You don’t vote just to say you voted…..

    • Anonymous says:

      My sentiments exactly as so many people have frowned upon me for my intention not to vote. Why should I vote for someone I don’t believe in just to say I voted?! Nope, I will spend my day off drinking wine by the pool.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Between now and Nomination Day at the end of March, several politicians will be collating the Electoral list from the online database (as they have in the past), cross populating against stolen or bribed cellular records and blasting campaign texts from Africa. How will ICTA respond to the use of campaign funds to procure and use stolen and improperly sourced data?

  11. Anonymous says:

    So now the options are even more limited.
    Island wide elections is better.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree partly as I live in west bay and last time I voted for Tara…what a waste of air she has turned out to be…..however if we had island wide there may only be one or two people elected….so I’ll just vote for the best of the worst in WB

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