Cops charge crash driver with drug dealing

| 10/01/2017

(CNS): Some six months after a head-on collision between a white Honda Accord and a silver Chevrolet Coronado on Shamrock Road, police have charged the Honda driver with a number of drug offences. The RCIPS said the 29-year-old man from Bodden Town was charged on 21 December with possession of cocaine with intent to supply, possession of cocaine, and consumption of cocaine and ganja, and will be appearing in court tomorrow, 10 January. The smash happened between the Northward Road junction and the Rankin’s Farm on 14 July last year.

At the time the man was arrested on suspicion of DUI but as his behavior at the scene aroused other suspicions in the officers who answered the call. They conducted a forensic search of the car and found an undisclosed amount of cocaine and ganja.

Both drivers were treated at hospital at the time of the accident but were no one was seriously injured.

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