Masked gunmen rob jerk stand

| 19/12/2016 | 56 Comments
Cayman News Service

Jerk stand in Red Bay

(CNS): Two masked men made off with an undisclosed quantity of cash on Saturday night, 17 December, after holding up a popular jerk stand on Shamrock Road in Red Bay. The men, who were said to be armed with what appeared to be a handguns, approached the jerk stand just before 11pm and demanded all the cash on hand. They left with the cash drawer through nearby bushes in the direction of the parking lot of the Lighthouse School.
Police said both men wore scarves or bandannas over their faces and one wore a brown shirt with a long-sleeved shirt underneath and dark gloves. He is estimated to be about 5’8”, but no other descriptions were given.

This is not the first time this stand has been robbed by armed men. In 2011 Kemar Golding, who worked at the Cayman Islands Brewery, was shot in the face by robbers holding up the same stand as he helped a friend there take out the garbage. In 2013, the stand was wiped out when two drivers who were racing crashed into it.

Business urged to watch their cash this Christmas

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to call George Town CID at 949-4222.  Anonymous tips can be provided directly to the RCIPS via our Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777 or via the Miami-based call centre of Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS), or online here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    if this article was about motorcycles or dirtbikes it would be on the front page. But we all know riders are more dangerous than robberies done at gun point.

    CNS: If you were familiar with CNS you would know that the articles are posted in rolling news format – although some articles are “stickied’ to the top for a day or so and we always have two “featured” articles. Therefore, like every single article posted, this one was on the front page when it first appeared and was in fact a featured article at the time. So your comment is really a non-point.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As usual; people keep blaming expats. If you don’t know the facts then don’t assume. I am a Caymanian and it hurts my heart to see what the younger generation is coming to. The majority are more interested in the negatives than the positives. I am not saying there are not those that shine, we have plenty, but there is still an alarming rate of wannabe gangsters.

    Yet, we live in a community ignorant to the fact that their own are now the downfall of their own country. We can no longer point and say it was a Jamaican or Cuban or whatever. It is us. Not generalizing that all criminals are Caymanians, but it is a possibility that Caymanians can commit crimes. Let us not jump and say it is a Jamaican or whatever nationality without first establishing facts.

  3. Cayman Pressure Game says:

    Now Now 11:11am and 3:48 pm remember what our all wise UK saviours have said “they are here to reflect the diversity of our community” Yes and to do also what the colonial master wishes to do to control the natives. To also show Jamaicans what loyalty and friendship benefits and rewards you get by remaining loyal to the crown. Which enables you to get employment and power and wealth by what ever nefarious means if necessary you wish to employ. Cayman needs to realize this symbiotic relationship between the UK and Jamaica has little or no benefit to Cayman whatsoever.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The real problem is Cayman is so close to Jamaica. Canoe over and back for a weekend crime spree. Anyone that wants to challenge this very simplistic fact with a complicate answer is just stupid. You can go on and on about history and such, but that poor impoverished country will always be a thorn in our side till we secure our borders. At the airport and on the seas.

  5. Tit for tat says:

    Pretty pathetic to rob a jerk-stand; speaks volumes.

    • SSM345 says:

      No doubt spent the cash the next day and are currently broke again. If I was a business owner on this island, I would be concerned during this time of the year when your tills are over flowing and robbers know all they have to do is where a mask and get away from the scene……especially more so when the RCIS top priority is to nab DUI’s.

  6. anonymous says:

    Your sea borders are wide open all 24-7-365 . Come and do what you pleased, while we would focus on interrogating law abiding visitors over one bullett on their way out.

  7. anonymous says:

    I bet those are visiting criminals, they arrive on boats, do their dirty deeds then depart at their convenience. Smooth operation.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, they came from Marina Drive, as they did once before, and then they returned back from whence they came.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why is there not a daily beat officer on Marina Drive? Seriously…600 employeed cops and we cannot figure out one hot-bed street to control? It is only 1 mile long, wowza so darn simple!!!

        Beat policing is based on traditional policing (late 19th century) and utilises the close relationship with the community members within the assigned beat to strengthen police effectiveness and encourage cooperative efforts to make a safer community. Beat police typically patrol on foot or bicycle which provides more interaction between police and community members

  8. Anonymous says:

    this is why business’ need to have gun protection this aint the old cayman bet they would think twice when they see a 12 gauge pointed back at them

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you suggesting that every business should have a loaded shotgun which they would point at every approaching customer and ask if they have a gun before being served? Otherwise, the criminals (appearing as potential customers) with a hidden gun will just shoot the business owner, then take both his money and his gun.

    • Cheese Face says:

      @8.20am – No, then you get a shoot out and more people, including innocent bystanders getting shot and possibly killed. You want guns? Go and live in Trump land.

  9. Anonymous says:

    honestly. i wouldnt eat something cooked in a barrel that contained toxic chemical prior? think of carcinogens. no wonder cayman cancer rate thru the roof…..

    • Rolling says:

      While I agree, seems you are missing the point of what happened .

    • Anonymous says:

      Relevance to the story???? NONE!!!!

    • Nostradamus says:

      The oil drum has been traditionally used the world over as a BBQ grill. Your point is baseless and insensitive to what has transpired. Who cares where you eat and what you eat?

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman’s cancer rate is through the roof because of the mountain of garbage that has been leaking leachate into the water table for umpteen years.

    • Anonymous says:

      Adds to the flavor of “the islands best jerk chicken”. jajajaja

  10. Captain Medley says:

    A Unfortunately a vast majority these robberies are being perpetrated by a certain segement and element of our society since the police are apparently powerless and doing little or nothing to help resolve the problem. Try using immigration policy and directives to help resolve it. They will take the hint and feel the economic bite and you will notice the change.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hear hear. Men with jobs don’t rob. With only 60,000 people it is time to enforce our laws and go conservative or go home. No “active”work permit you can prove salary=bank account (see ya) you on govt assistance? Ok, you got 6 mos, NWDA training 9-5 to get off – make $8 min wage so a 2 person working family can pay the rent.
      Actively dump overseas slave labor please!!! The business staffing board, immigration, and wealthy caymanians are not helping their own get out of poverty and crime.

      Oh yeah and please ban the residential fishing boats in family neighborhoods just a few feet from the brewery and jerk stands – who’s running in prospect for the new slot? 2 jerk stands and a kebab van need protection from the robberies in that heavily populated voting neighborhood
      (Never see police cars patrolling)

  11. Sucka Free Cayman says:

    A lot of personal robberies are happening and are deliberately being withheld by Law enforcement under the direction of our wonderful government because doesn’t fit their propoganda mantra of all is well. The criminal situation is really terrible but that would mean we would hold our saviors who are here for us accountable and God forbid we do that. One must also remember CRIME is an option and tool and part of the policy and strategy of our colonial masters control mechanism.

    • DA WA YA GET says:

      That is the straight truth hidden in plain sight. Those who know the objective history of Colonial Jamaica in the waning days of colonial rule are fully aware of the insidiously and surreptitiously implemented practices and tactics perpetrated against said island nation in order to weaken it prior to and post of the implementation of independence from said colonial rule. Jamaica was never really allowed to even begin to truly heal from the debilitating effects of a history whose pages are stained by the blood and inequities and sociological consequences inherent within a society whose very existence is deeply rooted in the bondages of slavery, indentured servitude and the consequential dehumanizing effects of industrial colonial sociopathy. Furthermore, in the power vacuum left behind the almost immediate infiltration by both sides of the Cold War and the resultant killing of those of rival parishes for $10.00 JA a head at the hands of “Posses” paid for by both sides of said equation created an even more detrimental battleground wherein the future well being of Jamaica was an obvious casualty and the ultimate export of these injustices, one with a red banner and the other with a green banner, has successfully infected these here shores. Regardless of the choice made by the Cayman Islands at the time to remain within the colonial realm for the explicit purpose of survival in a world torn asunder by strife and wars fought by proxy wherein small island nations (among others) are/were but pawns on a chessboard wherein the very real threat of an unwise decision making process threatens one’s jumping from the frying pan into the fire, there is a question which the Cayman Islands has no choice, in any realm of cognizant sanity, but to ponder and enter into a national discussion of. We have for a long time now come to the point where any individual given the all too often abused privilege of elected office must be made to, by necessity, swear allegiance to the Cayman Islands and her people and absolutely no other and with the implicitly demarcated threat of the most dire of consequences for dereliction of duty in that regard. Just as the swing of the political pendulum is an example of forcing one (at least those who retain a semblance of a moral and/or ethical compass, who are not mired in a morass of purposefully promulgated ignorance and/or who do not bow at the altar of shortsighted and greed induced lunacy) to accept the lesser of two evils and thus the evidence of the presence of a two headed beast, there is a preponderance of evidence and consequences to show that the continuation of the status quo is unacceptable in it’s entirety. This is the same reason why the most obviously crooked politicians have been, to the detriment of the Cayman Islands, allowed to remain upon the political stage and/or within any and all spheres of influence without being held even remotely accountable and/or having thus far not received the consequences of a richly deserved justice. It serves the “agents of the colonial masters” agenda to have the destabilizing force of charlatan, and ultimately debilitating, greed induced lunatics remain in power for as long as it suits them and nobody else. This is precisely because it keeps the place in a state of weakened existence, tenuous stability and resultant subjugation. Those whose scheming and thieving buffoonery is but a source of comedic interlude for those who look at the Cayman Islands and her people through the eyes of condescension and a thinly veiled yet completely unjustified superiority complex are both indicative of corresponding sides of the rock and the hard place equation which the Cayman Islands and her people finds itself/ourselves in. The concept of good governance has long been lost in the inequitable, institutionally corrupted and heinous scenario which has allowed the as yet unhindered presence, of and/or continuation of, widespread governmental/administrational malfeasance, the purposeful creation of and promulgation of a welfare state, monopolized economic dispossession and subjugation, environmental destruction, burgeoning issues of crime and the lack of an equitable application of justice, the purposeful promulgation of ignorance of these realities, the malevolent and divisive exploitation of demographic makeup and as the list goes on ad nauseam, so does the dire need for a police force, among all other considerations, who are completely and utterly beholden to and chosen by the Cayman Islands and her people and absolutely nobody else, come what may.

      • Anonymous says:

        From removing the baby from its suckling mother through the the institution of learning most caymanian children are being nurtured and mentored by a foreign entity. Then when a high percentage of these children fail, especially amongst our young male population. There is other foreign institutional controlled entities that is in place who deals with that failure.The criminal justice system of the Cayman Islands from police straight to the prison officers. But who are the victims? Our young male Caymanians which the current highly colonial power structure that rule cayman has produced and is producing. Until Caymanians become more educated in how colonialism works and elect leaders who’s main objective is to develop strong social institutions based on human resources development from the family through the educational system to the workplace.We are not going to see a reduction in these kind of extreme antisocial behaviors amongst a high percentage of our youths based on the size of our population.

      • Anonymous says:

        Doing Dope in the UK for many years has effected your brain You should lay off the dope once and for all I cant believe those goofballs elected you to the LA
        If you were so smart you wouldn’t of had your property forclosed upon

  12. Anonymous says:

    where they black or white?

  13. Richard Wadd says:

    Here’s the real problem.
    The Law is both protecting and empoweing the criminals while ensuring that the innocent hardworking citizens and businesses are easy targets.
    Security is BIG business here, and FEAR is it’s greatest marketing tool.
    The Police KNOW who these criminals are, but WE have made them all but powerless to do anything about them, and the very VICTIMS of these criminals are the first to jump up criticize, condemn and convict the Police when they try to do their job under EXTREMELY disadvantaged circumstances.
    The ‘bleeding heart’ Judges and a Court system so discombobulated that when (in that rarest of circumstances) a criminal is actually convicted of serious crime, they get off with a literal slap on the wrist.
    A penal system that allows someone to serve just a few months of a 6 year sentence for a SERIOUS crime before being paroled.
    Ex. 6 years for possesion of an illegal firearm and shooting with intent … at the police.
    If we truly want change then:
    a) We MUST hold our Politicians accountable
    b) We must empower the RCIPS to do their job
    c) We must demand fair and appropriate sentencing from the Judiciary
    d) WE (the people) must be willing to accept our own contribution to this mess and take responsibility for the part that WE play. The criminals are known to us, they are our relatives, friends and neighbours. We CANNOT continue to turn a blind-eye and ignore the 800 lbs Gorilla because that gorilla has become Kong … an (almost) unstoppable force, and we are the food that it feeds on. We must be willing to get involved at some level.
    e) Finally, stop blaming the expats for our mess … we created it and we alone have the power to clean it up … take responsibility!
    Old timers have a saying “If you want to make an omelet, you MUST be willng to break a few eggs”.
    If we don’t do this then the next step will see the rise of ‘vigilante-ism’ … followed by anarchy.

    • Can-Can says:

      Well said….but who’s listening?

      There is an old saying that is quite fitting for this backward paradise; ‘one eye man is king in blind man Country’.

      • DA WA YA GET says:

        I guess that sort of makes sense, seeing as how Mr. Wadd”s name is referencing that which shot out of a one eyed snake.

    • Old Bill says:

      OH Richard WODD give it a rest the UK is in charge of Law enforcement. Politicians have absolutely no say and the UK have continually fail us including their hiring practices. Who bring the police and judges here??? Your deliberate miss direction and deflection of the blame is both suspect and insidious!

      • Marathon says:

        It’s the UK’s fault huh? Nice try. Caymanians are incapable of self-government though, that is for sure.

        • DA WA YA GET says:

          It seems that the truth of the matter has gotten your “knickers in a twist” and for that we are all truly sympathetic of your self inflicted oblivious plight. Your tactic of diversion, reminiscent of the reprehensible and utterly unacceptable tactics used by a certain rotund and “forever honourable” Caymanian version of Batista and “Boss Hogg” is indicative of your shared disingenuous nature and wholly misplaced sense of superiority which in all reality exists only in your own oxygen deprived medulla oblongata and which in all reality this country and everyone in it would be much better off without the presence of either one of you. Every day which passes makes it more and more evident that self government is a more and more viable option, because you and people like you have made a “royal cock up” of the whole thing thus far. As for you and the rotund one, may I suggest a long walk off of a short dock and/or maybe even a plank? Have no worries though, that “boat” which you share ownership of with the forever honourable rotund one will be there waiting for you, I promise. Tally ho boyo.

      • rollin says:

        The UK is the only reason their continues to be an “us” . But I am sure you think this is all about CaymanKind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your argument might be more compelling once you get that keyboard fixed.

    • anonymous says:

      What really is discombobulating, thank you for the new word, is the fact that you are talking about a group of people that is less than 10,000 in numbers, when women, children, elderly and decent people are subtracted from the population of 60,000 people. Only 10% of that male population are potential criminals. That is 1,000! How in the world this country can’t take control over them?

    • DA WA YA GET says:

      The RCIPS is directly under the remit of the FCO, not any of the elected officials in and of the Legislative Assembly. The position of Chief of Police needs to be a position voted on by the electorate of the Cayman Islands, and they need to be held fully accountable to the Cayman Islands and her people, and absolutely nobody else.

  14. Anonymous says:

    RCIP solve one problem, looking out for coupon expiry to make up their salary. No warning but yet they need the same people to feed them with information leading to crimes, so sad.

  15. not getting me registered to vote says:

    I blame the police and the government becuase they have created this country where only crimminals and rich people can own guns unless they have owned them from before Ivan. This country doesn’t allow the people anthing to protect themselves with not even pepper spray for persons without a police record. If you even carry a pocket knife for protection you will be arrested. If you guys want to control everything them start with the criminals

  16. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is falling apart. PPM, UDP you have both failed the people of your country. Just look at the mess you both have made of our once peaceful and lovely paradise. Time for the two of unna to go… Cayman, are you listening?? Can’t you see with your own eyes what they have done??


    • Anonymous says:

      The no good parents that drag up those criminals are the ones to blame. Governmnt is not a sperm donor. Every wannabe criminals government is blamed for. Look yourself in the face and ask yourself,” am I a good parent”? They spared the road and spoiled the child/children.

  17. Anonymous says:

    A n i m a l s……. That is all

  18. Knot S Smart says:

    Those poor guys work so hard to earn an honest living…
    And they have the best jerk chicken on the island!
    Disgraceful robbers…

  19. Uncle John says:

    All the crimes committed day by day no one try’s to stop it in any way, all criminal is protected day by day and we don’t know them not even by name or looks.

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