Man wounded in 2nd Christmas shooting

| 27/12/2016 | 37 Comments

(CNS): The RCIPS criminal investigation department has launched another investigation after a second man was shot this Christmas weekend. The 31-year-old West Bay man, who is now in the hospital in a critical but stable condition, was reportedly shot as he stood outside Super ‘C’s bar and restaurant on Watercourse Road in West Bay on Monday night. The police said that the man was approached by a person dressed in dark clothing at around 10:45pm. Shots were fired and the victim was hit in his upper body.

Police are appealing to anyone who near to Super Cs last night before and after 10:45pm to contact the George Town CID at 949-4222.

Meanwhile, the 18-year-old boy who was shot outside Fete nightclub on the West Bay Road in the early hours of Monday morning remains in hospital in stable condition. The police have now said that they believe there is a connection between the shots fired at a motorcycle rider in the area a few minutes later and the multiple shots fired at the teenager near the club.

Anonymous tips regarding either crime can be provided directly to the RCIPS via the Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777 or via the Miami-based call centre of Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS), or online here.

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  1. JSamantha says:

    If all of these crimes are going on at two specific areas : Fete Night Club & Super Cs why don’t the government place 2-3 police on dutie at those 2 specific place or it don’t have to be exactly there, they could be patrolling in the area.. My Opinion is Police here in Cayman Is as big of a coward as the person behind the gun.
    And they are folks out there who know exactly who it is but is afraid to speak up because they don’t want to be a snitch… and then if it was them i’m sure the same friend that they ain’t snitching on will be the first one to tell on him / her because they fear to go to prison..

    Cayman Youths Are Becoming Worst& Worst Day by Day..


  2. Caymanian idiot says:

    I don’t think we can blame the rcips and or our MLA’s. We need to blame our self’s as parents. It is our fault! Parents need to be more vigilant and controlling of our kids.
    These parents know what their kids are getting up to and for a matter of fact most of these kids parents have been I trouble and if not imprisoned a couple of times.
    The parents have no respect for our laws and therefore nore do their kids.

    I suppose we need to stop complaining and blaming everyone else and except responsibility for our own actions.
    The question should be how do we stop this?
    Longer prison sentences?
    Ship our trouble youth off island to a youth prison?
    Start revoking statuses?

    I don’t have the answers but we all need to come together and discuss what is going on in our island.

  3. Tired of Cowards says:

    To Young West Bay Guy
    You are a coward.
    I suppose you live by the motto,”Better be a live coward than a dead hero!!”
    Man UP Boy!!!!
    If you know something speak up….it takes a bigger set of balls to speak up than pull a trigger.

  4. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      yeah, why SuperC don’t install cameras as they have has so many shootings there? what is there to hide that they don’t want on camera? will it hurt their business, if so, why, what illegal stuff going on there? And how about night clubs, why they don’t have lighting and cameras in their parking lots, is it because they would lose the big business they make off of drug dealers and gangsters spending their money wildly in their bars because they have so much illegal easy come easy go money to spend?

      Obviously any business with continual problems like this that refuse to install cameras is a business that must be covering up illegal stuff or fear of losing business that they make off of drug dealers. Really makes one wonder?

  5. MM says:

    All of this on Christmas weekend? I do not want to read the headlines after New Year’s weekend if this trend continues.

    We have to build a clear picture of what is going on in the lives of the men and women who are being exposed to and thrusting our community in to this chaotic crime industry. It is affecting EVERYONE! Families, friends, businesses, authorities, courts. private and public finances – there is no one and no where in this community that is not or will not feel the effects of the crime wave that is hitting Cayman.

    Every year that a new batch of under-educated, dragged-up youth are released from High School on to our streets with no sensible adult to turn to and no where to go for advice or encouragement -they will take their frustration and suffering out on anyone they can through murder, rape, drugs, robbery or any other anti-social way they can.

    It is like the “middle-child” – any attention becomes good attention as long as they get attention!

    For many of these young men, they may not particularly enjoy the life they have chosen – but their “boyz” (term for friends or other gang-members) are the only ones in the world they feel they can turn to.

    I have heard of situations where the only meal some of these young men get is after their “boy” has sold some drugs or carried out a successful burglary and offers to buy them a plate of food. THIS is what is encouraging our young people in to a life of crime; many others are forced in to the lifestyle by older veteran criminals around them.

    For one thing, the recent headlines with the guy who lost his sight after a minor hit him with wood; from what I have heard is that this older man had been threatening the young teen for weeks (with gun signs etc) and trying to force him in to illegal activity, the teen got frustrated and gave him a good whack.

    What this is showing is that many young men are being allowed to “hang out” in the wrong places with the wrong company and it is ALWAYS the wrong time – they are in turn being dragged or forced in to a criminal lifestyles in many cases. (Similar to the couple recently that had that murderous scumbag force them to hold his gun) – it is a disgrace. There should be additional charges for forcing such action against unwilling victims.

    Every prisoner in Northward should be interviewed, obviously the culture will continue if a clear picture is not drawn of what is causing our young men and women to choose these lives of violence.

    A survey can be conducted of these prisoners – how old were your parents when you were born? were they married? in a stable relationship? Did either have a drug/alcohol problem? When were you first introduced to drugs/alcohol? When was the first time you held/saw an illegal substance? When was the first time you used an illegal substance? Have you ever held a gun? Do you know where the guns are coming from? Were you abused sexually or physically as a child? Was it by a family member? etc… compile these survey results and we can learn what the major contributing factors are and have solid numbers to run with not just speculation.

    There is absolutely no quarrel that any of these young men have that possibly warrants the use of such violence or taking of life. At this point; any youth found in High School having fights or arguments should be put in to mandatory anger management and observance for their entire High School life – and depending on the level of the offense, the parents should be under observation too. Grades MUST come up to the appropriate level, additional tutoring arranged and financed by the Government (it is cheaper than us sponsoring his/her prison life, believe that!).

    There is NO PROBLEM, in this country that cannot be solved – but the problem must be tackled from the root! If you cut the top of a weed, it will grow back just as strong and lively, if you pull it up from the root – it cannot grow back.

    Some tough decisions must be made to save the rest of us from the onslaught of crime and criminals, a serious message must be sent and an appeal must be made.

    What happened to the gun amnesty? The RCIPS had one of those over 5 years ago and collected over 2 dozen illegal firearms in the one month period (! But, for whatever reason, it has never been done again.

    If we as the community, our Government and our police force are serious about stamping out this problem it is time to call meetings, put up “no tolerance” signs; begin reporting any and all suspicious behavior, boycott businesses where the violence never seems to cease and no measure has been put in place to deter it and try to save our young people from becoming a public nuisance now before this situation really becomes uncontrollable.

    • Anonymous says:

      Baines did such a wonderful job with policing, the Governer gave him a huge pay-off for his uselessness. Guess she will have him up for knighthood in the New Years honors. We need to get rid of all of those thrash that that are imported to put these islands down. Tired of their uselessness. They are earning hefty salaries to do Nothing.

      • MM says:

        People come here because of the country’s beauty and safety – I truly do not believe anyone comes here and spends their hard-earned, life savings to live here only to assist with the degradation of the community.

        We, as Caymanians, must stop playing the blame game and realize that the world is spinning whether we have found a good seat to sit in or not. We have to decide to catch up and to raise our children to know that in today’s world NOTHING will be free!

        As parents, we must stop telling our children that the schools they go to and teachers they have are “no good and don;t care” and start telling them that:

        “No matter what, your education comes first! It does not matter if you do not like your teacher and it does not matter if you think your teacher does not like you – there will be many managers and bosses at your job that you do not like, but you will still have to work to buy a beautiful home, take care of your family and to afford the wonderful things in life that you may not have now – what is important is that you get your education for YOU; your teacher already has theirs.”

        As parents we must start having open discussions with our children and making them aware of the changing landscape of our country – not pointing fingers and blaming everyone but ourselves! Yes, we can discuss unfair politics and government policies, but not in a way that we raise children who are unpatriotic and disrespectful. We must foster free thinking AND love and respect of life, humanity and our neighbors!.

        We have passed the finger-pointing stage for many years, it is time to pull up our pants/skirts and start with the man/woman in the mirror; the friends and family immediately around us and extend the message of unity country-wide.

        This country’s problems is a societal issue caused by a combination of many factors; we can point them out all day. But, right now, pulling our young people out of the hole should be the top priority because they are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. They are the murderers, rapists, robbers and drug dealers we are reading about – our own children! And it takes a village to raise a child but these days not even parents are raising their children.

  6. Casper says:

    Our dearest. Governor & Premier Christmas messages shows just how out touch with Cayman both are This place is neither safe nor secure unless you are sitting in a Bullet proof Jag or amongst drunk up friends at some bar listening to country & western music counting your blessings because the turkeys have been delivered for votes in May. Yes the PPM & members have alot to be thankful for because exactly what they have accused and blamed the previous government for they themselves have gotten away with while stifling any opposition to and running a distraction program to hide their misdeeds or misconduct.
    While handing over our Financial industry over to our envious colonial power to do as they see fit, and then trying to decieve us by saying they were force to do so. Yes alden all the PPM is blessed with ignorance and indifference to us the people of these islands.

  7. Tricky Ghost says:

    Dear 10:34pm your post wreaks of political anomosity when you should direct that same question to our useless Governor and her entourage including their Jamaicanized police service who’s responsibility it is to police these islands. Who have taken millions of dollars from our budget. What you should ask is what have we gotten for it?? But of course that requires some level of intelligence which you appear to be seriously lacking because of blind hate for one person. Who i may point out atleast has tried something to resolve this terrible situation. My question to you what have you and your UK & PPM mates done other than run your mouth and collect our money?

  8. Dire Straits Cayman says:

    Cut off this money to this Joke of a Police Service fill to the brim with foreign nationals collecting our money. Money for absolutely Nothing!

  9. Anonymous says:

    What I don’t understand is why the police doesn’t shadow/stalk those known gang members and criminals 24/7. They shouldn’t be able to step out in their backyard to take a piss without seeing police present. RCIP has to be a pain in their ass and their families asses until everyone is blue in their face. If RCIP knows where the majority of crimes take place, why isn’t a police presence there……..

  10. Dragon Scout says:

    Another Big payday for the police!!!!! Same old Game Let crime escalate and we get yet another BIG chunk of money $$$$$$ But it looks good in our PPM ManIfesto We gave the POLICE 50 Million for absolutely NOTHING!!!

  11. Cayman Solutions says:

    Simply Put Cayman those who are actively contributing to our crime problem. Cannot fix it and why would they? they are getting paid quite handsomely to pretend they are doing so. Stop Piling up Brits and Jamaicans in our police force.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, They be just thinin the herd. Not after YOU

  13. Anonymous says:

    Premier is right in his christmas statement. This place is really blessed.

  14. Anonymous says:

    McKeewa. We can’t hear you. Where are you? You okay? This is your district for the last 20 years. How is that sit down with the gangs going?

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell us more about where your from.

    • False pretender says:

      At Least he tried something other than handing out millions of dollars to foreign nationals who do absolutely nothing for these islands but GP GET PAID. Where has that got us 10:34pm WHy dont you ask that of those who responsible it is to look after these islands??? Yes you PPM colonial jackass!

  15. Anonymous says:

    they shooting each other and the sooner there’s non left the better and we can all live in harmony.

    • Anonymous says:

      There will never be non left!!

    • Anonymous says:

      And while they’re at it some stray bullet gonna catch a youngster by accident- wait- that already happened. Maybe this time it will be a tourist or……one of your friends or family members. Problems with gunfire is usually the shooter is in a rush and is not a marksman so accidents happen and then it’s too late to say oops!

    • Anonymous says:

      They reproduce quite rapidly

  16. Bless Up & Nuff respect says:

    Safe and Secure !!!!! oooooh yeah totally and utterly out of touch with Cayman and reality as a matter of fact !! BIGG up the PPM COP will get a his big payday for sure wid this one Who says crime doesnt Pay$$$$$$

  17. Xoxo says:

    Merry Christmas

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why oh why do people go there? It has to be one of the most likely places in the Caribbean to get shot.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Island is small, so technically you aren’t safe at any location considering the recent escalation of violence that is spreading. Why anyone would risk their safety for a bit of booze and music is beyond me.

    • Anonymous says:

      4:51pm The wannabes are from mainly one section. The are gangsters from certain locations and are not from every district. They roam and or hide out in other locations to keep the off of them. But, they are known. I have no fear because where they are I don’t frequent those spots. Let them take out one another until the last one is out.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Very sad! It’s also very sad that the community knows who did this and no one will come forward. People Will blame the police the government and anyone else . They will complain but no one will step up ! They will just keep shooting each other until some innocent bystander or some innocent child gets shot and killed. Then the whole island will go boo-hoo ing , things will settle down for a bit , no names will be given and the cycle will repeat

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Mac!

    • Youngwestbayguy says:

      I think it’s sad police aren’t capable of arresting these people with out putting inocent lives in danger just imagine you’re at a restaurant when a gang retaliation shooting takes place would you be willing to stand in court and identity that person in front of a jury or judge and risk putting your family’s lives in danger or having your whole family uprooted from your lives and hidden away in protective custody just to put away one person when there’s two more just like them in every neighborhood? I don’t think I could do it personally.

      • Anonymous says:

        Young west bay guy- thanks for your honesty. You are growing up with madness happening right around you. I know many people don’t even trust the anonymous tip line, but the community together needs to step up. Step up as mentors to these young ones- out on the streets & push that education is cool. If you see something, say something- even if it is by a letter ( snail mail) to point RCIP in the right direction. Won’t help in court, but might help w/ their investigation.Get a group to step up & speak up. Guns don’t make one sexy- put them down & become real men. A mother crying when her son is dead on the street or friends standing over the ripped open bloody body of their “boy” – then it’s too late to wonder if one should have spoke up/stepped up. No argument- no look- no girl is worth taking someone’s life or being shot over. Takes a stronger man to walk away!

    • So Pardner wa go on wid ya stupidi comments dem says:

      Really now, how can you Aholes make such sweeping statements ” the community knows who they are” , Does the whole community hang out at this location. Seriously get a grip y’all we have a profound problem indeed, however broad statements don’t help. If you the writer are part of “the community” and you don’t specifically know who but know someone who does then it’s your duty to speak out. If neither of the 2 suits you then shut the hell up or ship out. Oh forgot we don’t do that around here no more nah !

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear you, but it is easier said then done. The Island is too small, the RCIP too incompetent and our legal system too flawed. Look at the amount of people who are known criminals and get off the hook, look at the amount of repeat offenders and look at the amount of people who complain that they have called in certain things to RCIP and they can’t even get a reply. Look at the lack of police presence on our roads. They can’t even get the traffic offenders under control (unless during the Christmas season), so how can someone have confidence that they will properly deal with serious crimes.

      When my friends home was broken into (while she was home) the police told her to stay there and call them in case the people come back!!!! RCIP didn’t come back until the next day and after it rained to take fingerprints……..

      As I said before, I think a lot of people would come forward if they had some trust and faith in our RCIP and the legal system, but unfortunately both have failed the people of these Islands for years.

      Any word from the new police Commish?

    • Anonymous says:

      No, not the community – the family members and friends of those criminals who continue to feed them, provide them with a place to live and who keep enabling them…..those are the ones who are to blame………

      • Anonymous says:

        …the churches.

      • Anonymous says:

        Step up mentoring the young ones- explain the importance of education as a community!
        Then, those that see something, (parents, friends, siblings, neighbors, whoever) need to step up and a. Talk to these kids b. Start dropping names

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