Cubans still trying treacherous journey at Christmas

| 29/12/2016 | 5 Comments

(CNS): Two groups of Cuban migrants are currently in the custody of the Department of Immigration on Cayman Brac after their attempts to reach Central America over the Christmas weekend failed. The sudden influx of Cubans “required the full mobilisation” of immigration during the long holiday weekend, officials said, after two boats arrived carrying a total of 34 people, all of whom have now abandoned their migration effort.

The first boat arrived in Brac waters on Christmas Eve but the migrants stayed aboard. The group had wanted to wait out the bad weather but officials said within a few days they changed their mind. The second boat arrived on Christmas Day and all 12 passengers chose to remain.

All the migrants, 29 men and five women, are currently being detained in the Brac and are expected to be brought to Grand Cayman within the next day or two. They will join some 70 migrants that are currently in immigration custody at the Fairbanks detention centre on Grand Cayman.

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  1. Bob Ware says:

    12:40, life is rough and then you die. Cayman Islands have to think Cayman first. Not everyone is rich in Cayman. That is a pipe dream. The world is sick and tired of deadbeat people and illegals living off other people.
    It’s ok to say no and we cannot be all things to all people.

  2. 8:19 says:

    When are we going to stop wasting tax payers money on these people who is encouraged by the U.S policy to illegally risk their lives to leave their country to get into the U.S.where they can be given legal rights to remain. The U.S. should be the one to pay the bill. Not the Caymanian public!!!

  3. Bob Ware says:

    Deport them all back immediately. Send the message like Australia is doing in saying no to more immigrants and refugees.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you immigration for caring and not sending these Cubans to their death. I can’t believe that we have people here who advocate giving these poor souls a bottle a water and can of tuna fish and push to leave to their death. I read a awful story about a group of Cubans who left here and ended up drinking their own blood .. many died.

    • Thank you for your help to my brothers , it is not easy to live in a dictadorship like cuba , some of us rather die in the ocean, and when people in the world need us we are always there , and we don’t care if they spend our tax money for them ,,, I am a Cuban American that dcape cuba 30 years ago

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