Cubans run aground on Little Cayman reef

| 07/12/2016 | 14 Comments
Cayman News Service

Cuban migrants on Cayman Brac 7 Dec 2016

(CNS): Immigration authorities have detained twenty-two Cuban migrants at a government home on Cayman Brac after the group’s makeshift vessel ran aground on the reef in the Point of Sand area of Little Cayman on Tuesday evening, 6 December. Officials said the men and women are awaiting transfer to Grand Cayman after spending yesterday night in the Little Cayman hurricane shelter. The migrants were rescued by a team that included police and customs officers stationed on Little Cayman, as well as the District Officer, personnel from the Department of Environment and local dive resort staff.

The Cubans had been approached while they were conducting repairs in the Little Cayman area on Tuesday morning but said at the time that they were expecting to depart shortly, but later they found themselves running aground on the reef.

After they were taken into immigration custody, officials found that half of the migrants had landed in the Cayman Islands before. In line with the current policy, the immigration department will bring them to Grand Cayman and begin the process of deportation back to Havana.

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  1. MC says:

    Has anyone interviewed the Cubans? I am curious as to their destination. My guess would be USA via Central America. I believe this is the most common path to US citizenship.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Probably wont be long before we start seeing refugees coming from Venezuela too.

  3. anonymous says:

    Visited the site,boat had been removed promptly and no visible damage.Observed several containers of diesel removed from the boat.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    More and more it looks like a Cuban invasion. Anything is going to be done? Or “assistance to Cubans” expenditure will be budgeted?

  6. Anonymous says:

    What if every single day a group of 20-30 Cubans starts to arrive to Cayman shores? Anyone thought what is going to happen?

  7. Anonymous says:

    They better cought up some $$$$ to the governments “Private, super secret reef damage slush fund”!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Escaped to be sent back, to escape again and to be sent back again. Maybe they should try going North.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What about the reef damage CNS?

  10. Anonymous says:

    This story demonstrates the futility of the current policy!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Will they be charged for the damage to the reef? Should have called for a Caymanian pilot.

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