Convicted robber at large illegally in Cayman

| 23/12/2016 | 104 Comments
Cayman News Service

Norval Maconia Barrett

(CNS): A 34-year-old Jamaican man who was convicted of robbery in the Cayman Islands several years ago and deported after serving his time is back on the island illegally. Police issued an alert Friday seeking the public’s help in tracking down Norval Maconia Barrett. “It is believed that Mr Barrett is on island illegally. Anyone who sees Mr Barrett should exercise caution as he could be potentially dangerous,” the police stated.

Barrett was convicted several years ago of robbing the Shedden Road gas station in George Town in 2010, when, on island illegally as he is now, he stole just over $450 after threatening to shoot the cashier. He was jailed for twelve years but was recently released and sent back to Jamaica.

Barrett was also accused of robbing the Tortuga Duty Free Liquor Store on Boilers Road in George Town around the same time as the gas station robbery but was acquitted in that case for lack of evidence.

If anyone sees him they should immediately notify the police by calling either 911 or the George Town Police Station at 949-4222.

Anonymous tips can be provided directly to the RCIPS via the Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777 or via the Miami-based call centre of Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS), or online here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can close them books on this one

  2. Wave Chappelle says:

    Jamaicans in Cayman looking for Jamaicans this must be Comedy Central Cayman. I have never heard of anything so crazy in my life. Mi brethren dat!!!!

  3. Catcha Fire says:

    Remember what our Dear PPM Leader and Madam Killjoy said we should count our blessings and we are so safe and secure. Wow ! What a statement comparing us to other places to justify their Bull$#@& leadership. I wonder if it has dawn on their little pea like brains that those places were once safe too! Why don’t you Madam Governor go back home please and do us all a favor and take Aldon wid you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Think it’s bad now??? Put Mac back in power and you will see just Jamacanized Cayman will become. And I do t mean the good aspects of Jamaica either.

    • Cayman Beef says:

      You must be in a Time Warp 1:09pm because your PPM have out paced MAC with that one(jamaicanization program) Cause they need dey WOTES to get reelected. It was not Mac who said “they are here to reflect the diversity of the community: but your British masters whom many like you worship so much.

    • Nannyville says:

      You are a typical PPM minion 1:09pm blame Mckeeva you sure it wasn’t Donald Trump or Russia. What a idiotic comment?

    • Anonymous says:

      yep !

  5. A says:

    New aiport expansion coming ! Please install the finger print database also. Third world countries are ahead of us at this point.

    • Jotnar says:

      Go on then. Name all those third world countries that have fingerprint database at their borders. With the databases linked to the criminal records of the country of origin of the passenger. There aren’t any.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I bet he is a deportee from either England, Canada or the USA.

    Maybe he tried to get back into the USA and Donald Trump kicked him out.

  7. Willis Maccaroni E Banks says:

    PPM has failed these islands and are now offering a turkey in exchange for your vote I hope those who took their bird remember us here in Gangsta paradise trying to protect or families and businesses from those who the UK brought here to “Reflect the diversity of our community”

  8. gray matter. says:

    When you call the police station , they transfer you to a extension that rings off the hook ….. What a laugh . The force has the I Q of a Conch……! I should not say that ; I like Conch.

  9. Nevada Smith says:

    When are you Caymanians going to wake up and see what the UK is really doing to this place with the help their foreign friends.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a stupid divisive statement, Jamaicans are running the education system, police force, most of civil service, raising children in homes and you blame the UK? It’s people like you who are brainwashed if you’re a caymanian or wicked if you’re a Jamaican because you want to create problems by distraction from real problems, which are mainly traced back to some Jamaican influence in one form or another, check it out

  10. Sucka Free Cayman says:

    Exactly when are you idiots going to get it, this is exactly how the UK wants this place “remember he is here to reflect the diversity of the community” Crime pays very well for Mother and her friends. They have slowly but surely with their appointed agents and local stooges destroyed and degraded our law enforcement capabilities to facilitate their ruling and economic policies, strategies and options and enhance their employment opportunities in this OT. The truly sick part is they pretended they care while we have to pay enormous sums of money to maintain this terrible situation. They on a few occasions chip in a few dollars here and there to make it appear real that they are really doing something and all that is just a confidence boosting measure for our loyal subjects to stay loyal and keeping the natives in line.

    • DA WA YA GET says:

      It may be unpopular to state this but the above poster is right as rain. The elected officials in and of the Cayman Islands, whether it be those who themselves should be in prison or the others, do not have any control of the RCIPS. That is squarely on the head of the FCO and it is a wholly inequitable and untennable equation. Whether the expatriate blackguards and/or their Caymanian counterparts like it or not that is the simple fact of the matter. The largely Jamaican contingent of the police force are, in general, the dregs of Jamaica’s colonial past in both deed and in creed. In conjunction with their British counterparts and their own prejudices, predilections and easily identified commonality of modus operandi the end result is the ugly and burgeoning reality which exists today and promises to do nothing but get much worse. While it is unwise to put all individuals of any given group into the same stereotypical basket without allowing those of good character, integrity and noble intent to stand and be counted for their own merits, there is the presence of a definitive and systemic negative influence to the country as a whole in regards to the Cayman Islands allowing the status quo to continue unhindered, unmitigated and ultimately unabated. The position of Chief of Police has to be a decision made by the electorate, not the FCO. These positions of leadership and power, and the justice system in it’s entirety, have to be held fully and singularly accountable to the Cayman Islands and her people and absolutely nobody else and that explicitly means the FCO and or monopolistic entities within the private sector who are insidiously and surreptitiously negating the line between the government and the private sector. If people want positive and proactive change to be seen, this difficult question has to be addressed by the electorate. Full and complete loyalty to the Cayman Islands, first and foremost and to the exclusion of any and all others, is necessary for the presence of a viable, trusted, accountable, efficient and effective police force. There is a good reason why the police are not trusted. There is a good reason why the judiciary are not trusted. There is a good reason why the elected officials of today want to retain the plausible deniability and lack of accountability when it comes to these matters of massive importance and consequence. There is a good reason why all of this is the way it is, but it is not good. The Cayman Islands has to tackle the difficult question of self-determination and/or an autonomous existence in these matters. Even with the presence of those on the political stage who thirst for independence for nothing other than their own despotic and treacherous purposes, this remains an unavoidable issue to be tackled by those for whom the Cayman Islands is their beloved homeland to be protected from those who threaten it, whether they be from within these borders or outside of these borders and/or any combination of the two. Even with the presence of the most heinous and despicable and as yet unhindered charlatans upon the political stage and the inherent dangers implicitly inherent on the road to an independence from the inequitable and untenable status quo, the situation remains completely and utterly unacceptable in it’s entirety and it has to be addressed if the Cayman Islands wishes to leave a viable future for those who will come after us. Those who have the testicular and/or ovarian fortitude, and who are not mired in the morass of a purposefully promulgated ignorance, and who can be counted among those who can clearly see the presence of a toxic iceberg directly in the present path which the Cayman Islands is on must be willing to act accordingly in order to circumvent that which is a clear and present danger and a threat to all who reside upon these shores.

      Dear CNS, what is going on with the thumbs up/thumbs down/ lol/ troll voting mechanism on the site? When I vote one way or the other it does not remain when I return to the website. This is the case more often than not and it is skewing the representation of public opinion regarding posts on your website. Thank you.

      • er-ectly says:

        Well said! @ 11:50am.

        Hope people read and learn from it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Someone take this guy’s (or gal’s) thesaurus away. This is absolute written diarrhea and false. (Just because you use big fancy words doesn’t mean you know what you are saying it actually is the opposite) Unfortunately all the corrupt cops I’ve come across are Caymanian and the larger the police force becomes the more connected they would become. This is hate speech no matter how well you try to disguise it with overly byzantine words. (see I have a thesaurus also).

  11. Anonymous says:

    How do all these scum bags get back in? Are they part of the illegal construction workers which seem to be prevalent all over the place now. Since we have some money in the kitty now, how about doing job site inspections again for people who are not legally allowed to be on these job sites. Would this offend the developers who want these low cost “contractors”?

    • Anonymous says:

      Will never happen as it is too hot outside for all the enforcement officers to check job sites. We can buy a few drones to fly around though!

  12. Anonymous says:

    As I have been saying for years …..we need a quota system to maintain the power of the Caymanian people .We need to control the immigration of people especially from crime ridden countries such as Jam. and Honduras. When people start to pass the population of the people in that country it can only create problems. But like what we saw in the US elections, Washington was oblivious to the concerns of its people. The middle class likewise here is being systematically destroyed by employment of cheap labour from poor countries.

  13. Da Brackster says:

    Another one here to “reflect the diversity of our community” yes Cayman time to drain the swamp!

  14. Ex-Patriat says:

    12:50pm…Why do you think that the scum us hiding amongst Jamaicans and not amongst Caymanian scums.
    3:18pm…I’m not sure you know much about Jamaica. Beautiful it is, impoverished it is not.
    WE ALL need to work together to find this man, and others like him, and get rid of him/them permanently.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is a small island. Is it possible that there could be a 24 hour manned surveilance radar system for around 20 miles offshore (from satellite imagery) that any vessels coming in from 20 miles be checked out by the police marine vessels once they reach 12 miles offshore where it becomes Cayman’s legal jurisdiction? Can that be done? If it could then i think it would be a good way to spend money on a few staff members that can sit at a desk and watch the imagery and report any vessels beyond 20 miles coming in to the police marine boats. If Jamaicans catch on to this easy way to come over to Cayman and rob and burglarize and steal that soon it will be like the floodgates open with many of them coming in droves because they know they can escape and get away. The problem is not that there is not enough money, the problem is how the money is being spent. Adding a few more staff to the RCIPS for this purpose will not hurt the Government’s budget not even put a dent in it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    His face looks very familiar but I just cannot remember where I saw hymn.

  17. Annoyed says:

    Build a wall and let us (Jamaicans) pay for it. I am ready because I want to be safe from Mr. Norval Barrett and his type.

  18. Ron Walker says:

    Why would you expect a country who gives a slap on the wrist to child molesters and pediphiles, bother keeping robbers or drug dealers out of this beautiful country. And why do we keep electing the same do nothing politicians into office. What else do you expect. A smart man once said the defination of insanity is doing the same thing over and over abd exspecting a different result.

  19. sandra says:

    He obviously thinks hes untouchable because hes back. The only reason he muct b back for is to rob. I am certain he wont get a work permitt. Its.interesting to find out how the rcip found out. Hopefully this time they lock him up and throw away the key
    all of Cayman keep your eyes open for him. Those that are hiding him should go down with him to.

  20. sandra says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    If the finger print system was in place we would have caught the Romanian at the airport but ….. who had his bread ???. When u pay peanuts you know what you get.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ok Customs wheres the boarder control? It’s one thing that you can’t seem to keep the guns & drugs from reaching our shores but you cant see the movement of illegal landing. This is scary! Who’s on watch???? Oh I forgot, you’re only worried about collecting duty and harassing the weekend shoppers!
    It’s time that the citizens of these islands demand that customs department, immigration department and the RCIP are held accountable and actually get off their duffs and earn their paychecks! Collector of Customs, Chief immigration officer and Chief of Police get your departments in order, put your officers to work and protect the citizens of Cayman!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why wont these officials get out of the buildings and check the building sites, Eastern avenue and the other hot spots? Makes one wonder if there is some conflicts of intrests like they own some of these service providers

  23. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is little Jamaica the canoes come and go daily Same thing with Honduras In and out all day everyday

  24. Anonymous says:

    Who volunteering to build the wall LOL

  25. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, he will find someone to marry, and then she will be crying down her MLA to help keep him here.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ah Cayman, your onward march to be just like Jamaica progresses.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Check the register’s of all those who perform marriages in Cayman. I’m sure some fool has married him by now.

  28. Anonymous says:

    If you dont like Jamaicans in your community then you should leave Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why? Should we leave this our home. JAIMACAN GO HOME’!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      What we in fact need is to get rid of the f’n criminal Jamaicans. The two recently convicted police ‘officers’ that reportedly remain on full pay for some inconcomprehensible reason are a very good example.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly what is your point? This not Jamaica, and we should not be subjected to having such criminals in our peaceful community. We do not want this to turn out like lawless Jamaica.

    • boom blast. says:

      Why don’t you Cayman? And go back home it’s called Islands not Jamaica.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unwanted criminals.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      We don’t like iguanas in our community also and look what happened to them. Better be careful the bounty don’t go out on the next nuisance in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      You may not like this statement folks, but you not thinking straight if you think it ain’t true. This country was founded by Brits and Jamaicans, and it is shot through with Jamaican culture. You’ll need to run somewhere else for your perfect world. I’ve heard my country has elected the latest great white hope. Go north my pure friends, go north.

      • Anonymous says:

        know your history, Cayman was developed by British and african slaves NOT JAMAICANS, American Indians and Spanish, Jamaicans came here mainly after they became independent i.e. ‘Jamaicans and had started to destroy their own islands now they’re here trying to do the same thing and blaming the UK

    • Anonymous says:

      Hell, it seems even Jamaicans do not like Jamaicans in their community. It is part of the reason that so many have left Jamaica.

    • Bobby R Sand says:

      You couldn’t be more accurate 4:17pm because thats exactly how the UK wants it to be. Cayman is the model colonial society and the last bastion for the colonial to practice their skills in the tropical sun!

    • Anonymous says:

      By the Grace of God Jamaican criminals will not take over this country.

  29. George Ebanks says:

    Great border control!..who is in charge again??..I would beef up the resources and expend more on border security and control.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden McLaughlin is responsible. He is however not actually in charge. His hands are not even on the steering wheel, but they should be!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Securing our boarders from Jamaican nationals must be the priority or this will never stop. Criminals from that impoverished country will continue to make their way to Cayman. The only solution is to secure the boarders; air and sea. Once secured only the good deserving people of the beautiful land will be allowed through.

    • Anonymous says:

      The word is BORDERS. Boarders are usually welcomed guests

    • satirony says:

      “We’re gonna build a wall, a big, beautiful wall, and Jamaica is gonna pay for it.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Will it be a really good wall sir? Will it be the best wall? Oh please take my vote and make me great again. I trust you cuz you’re so smart.

    • anonymous says:

      you want to see ‘impoverished’ check dog city, scranton, rock hole and places in east end

    • Anonymous says:

      It is absolutely true that we need to secure the borders – the government can start by actually funding the marine unit and border control, which they steadfastly refuse to do. The lack of resources identified in the Jenkins report this year is absolutely pathetic. You can yell for border security all you want, but you have to be willing to pay for it. Just writing on CNS does nothing. Tell McLaughlin and crew clearly that this is priority, or nothing will happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      And to throw anyone in jail who helped them land illegally and who is providing safe harbor.

  31. What a mess says:

    Shouldn’t he be in prison until 2022?

    • East End Resident says:

      Your math is correct. But getting a sentence for 12 years clearly means no more than 6 is served. Where is the justice in that? And now look what has happened! Isn’t it about time that criminals served out their given sentence? Stop releasing people early because of overcrowding, cost saving etc. These sentences were carefully considered and passed by a qualified judge in accordance with the law. Let’s be law-abiding citizens and follow those sentences when deciding who should be released from jail. If he had served his entire sentence maybe he would have thought twice before committing another crime, such as entering a country illegally. Clearly Cayman jail was no deterrence at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have observed what goes on with probation ever or at all, you know that most convicts only serve half their sentences. In the case of foreign nationals, they are then deported.

      • Anonymous says:

        Which is part of the reason why the statistics suggesting so many Caymanians are in prison are skewed. The expats get released at the earliest possible date, while Caymanians are forced to serve a greater proportion of their sentence.

    • Anonymous says:

      2:56 pm I think you meant, he should’ve been in prison until 2022.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Just start using a few rocket launchers from the police helicopter and you’ll see no more Jamaican canoes entering or leaving the Cayman Islands illegally.

  33. Robert says:

    Normally I never judge a book by its cover , but in this case, the man looks Mean and not somebody you would want to mess with .

  34. Anonymous says:

    How did he get back in I wonder? Via boat from Jamaica or straight through immigration at the airport?

  35. Anonymous says:

    They find single bullets in a visitor’s suitcases, but miss this career criminal.

  36. .LONDONER says:

    So is this Comissioner of police beefingup Border Patrol. seems like police has their hands full, as this man could have arrived by Jamaican canoe on the sea, they do this all the time, then again, where is the fingerprinting RCIP and immigration system to keep Cayman safe. Maybe hes back to rob businesses of Christmas generated cash and escape back out by plane or Jamaica canoe, These RCIP are not boarder patrolling becuse nobody in the governors office cares enough to require it or even form a Cayman Coastguard, theyre afraid it will create jobs for Caymanians which is what should happen, because local people know where to look for pirates coing in by way of the sea.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you really believe that having his or anyone else finger prints at the airport will keep criminals out. We are an island folks. USA Canada UK can’t keep the criminals out. We are doing a much better job then they are. After all northward is full of Caymanians

    • Anonymous says:

      1:11pm You got to be joking. How are they going to use the boats? Those silly fat heads have destroyed them. Taxpayers money is wasted on expensive boats and cars, that employees have no knowledge to drive. They write them off, destroy and diminish the fleet in a matter of months.
      Let them pay for the damages.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try thinking or researching before you type and look at the Jenkins report after the missing five this year. The main point of that report is that the marine unit has no decent resources. It’s up to the government, not the Governor, to fund decent border security. Ask your elected officials why it isn’t being done.

    • Jotnar says:

      Given they can’t even fully staff the marine unit chances of establishing a Cayman coastguard look pretty remote.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Could representatives of the Jamaican community in the Cayman islands please explain to the Cayman people what they are doing to work to prevent such scum coming and hiding among them? Many must know what is going on. Are they cooperating with our authorities or not?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah right, they’re only here for the money. Don’t give two hoots about peac and justice.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are complaining that we are ‘turning this country into Jamaica’. Could not believe who it was that accused govt. of doing that.!

    • Im just saying.. says:

      Representatives of the Jamaican Community… who would that be? Good luck with that one.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s like saying all the Tunisian’s living in Europe should have been able to tell where Anis Amri was.

      • Anonymous says:

        …yes. And guess the nationality of the person the Germans have just arrested for harboring Amri.

        Take your political correctness and shove it, and open your eyes!

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians and other residents, especially the Jamaican status holders need to first admit that the majority of criminal element is from Jamaica (proximity and large population) but we refuse to speak up and demand proper checks, too many are willing to let them in without proper checks at immigration on entry and for work permits.

      Keep refusing to put controls in place and enforce checks on the island will only mean things will get worse.

      God help us when they start targeting the ‘privileged’ a lot more and their children live in fear, maybe it will be sad collateral damage to cause the awakening, sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman, Jamaicans here do not care, and will not do anything. Build a wall before it is too late!

      • Anonymous says:

        Parts of Cayman now look like Jamaica. Nasty have you seen the garbage in front of these rentals.Ever been to the supermarket on a Saturday nite, they push you out of the way.

    • anonymous says:

      Was the Bahamian being hidden by a Jamaican or a Caymanian? Pray tell.

  38. Build the wall! says:

    Do it bigly!

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