Christmas messages focus on Cayman’s blessings

| 26/12/2016 | 6 Comments

(CNS): With the turmoil of political upheaval, wars and terrorism around the world, Cayman’s leaders focused on reasons to celebrate the peace and stability in the Cayman Islands and what Premier Alden McLaughlin said were its many blessings. “Fortunately, here at home we have had many reasons to celebrate giving us good cause to keep Christmas in our hearts,” the premier said in his message, as he pointed to the economic growth this year and the expected continued growth next year.

In her last Christmas message, Governor Helen Kilpatrick said that, given the violence and uncertainly in the world, Christmas provided an opportunity to appreciate how safe and secure people in Cayman are compared to many citizens of the world.

See Christmas messages below:

Premier Christmas message

Christmas Message Governor

Archer Christmas and New Year Message

Bodden Christmas Message

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  1. Sheppie Brandon Vanguard party says:

    Well all you Caymanians out there in La la land apparently we didn’t get out from under Jamaica in 1962 we are still under her shadow according to Mama and she is still the Crown Jewel of the Caribbean that inspires others to be like her and is the beacon of hope for democracy. Well that has just clear the old barrier and excuse for the loyalist here to stop using Jamaica as an example to those who seek independence from the mother land. Thank you Your Majesty for telling us the truth.

  2. Royal watcher says:

    Yes all you loyal Idiots oops! subjects out deh Cayman ain’t saying Bounce Its all about Jamaica cant say i am the least surprised from what i see happening here. Which clearly points to the fact that what is happening to Cayman is directed from the very top. I thought we got out of this mess in 1962

  3. PPM Distress Signal says:

    Wotch you talking bout Willis Gunfire inna dem streets the youths dem a kill one anudda drugshipments Galore Imported hire help fleecing and robbing our economy Caymanians picking up garbage on the streets. PPM serving Turkey and intoxicating liquor for votes OTOV one turkey one vote! Oh but the PPM living large eh oh almost forgot our resident wife beaters having a field day! Yes PPM errryting ok in the minds od the PPM ministers and loyal sheep.

  4. Sharkey says:

    I know when the Premier talks about economic development he is talking about himself , but when he talk about the people been safer and better of , but who is he really referring to ? Not the one that got shot for Christmas , or the one that robbed.

  5. Anonymouse says:

    Yes Mr. Premier we are all doing soo good in your imaginary world. Oh and a surplus ! Wow we feel so much better. Get real please. The majority of Your people are hurting and can’t make ends meet ! Yes we are fine alright…

  6. Anonymous says:

    How??? When the premier and his bunch are mostly directly responsible for non-blessings upon their own Caymanian people!!! 24,000 work permits, millions of $$ wasted on schools that can’t even finish. Garbage Dump growing higher, and no end in sight to the high-cost of living, because of a monopoly power company that is reaping millions every year from starving Caymanians. When 40 professional Caymanians lining up for the same job, and crime and gangs on the rise??? No Alden, we can’t sweep your failures under the rug and focus on no blessings, when a person can’t even afford a gallon of milk.

    The only blessings Caymanians will see, is when we VOTE these self-serving career politicians OUT next year!!!

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