Ozzie settles on policy for old folks

| 28/10/2016 | 44 Comments

(CNS): The community affairs minister has announced that Cabinet has approved a policy that will deal with the issues directly impact people over the age of 65 years old for the next two decades. Government is expected to release the full policy document Monday but in statement released by the ministry, Osbourne Bodden said the policy identifies gaps in key areas of service delivery and will pave the way for legislation to manage the quality of life and services for old folk. The policy also calls for the establishment of a Council for Older Persons.

“It will encompass all aspects of life, including lifelong education and training on ageing, family and community-based support services, levels of autonomy and self-fulfillment, gender issues, health, employment, and legal protection,” the minister said, adding that the policy was developed based on input from many stakeholders.

The minister also pointed to the focus on legislation to support the policy to make it effective.

“With Cabinet’s approval of this policy, agreement was also given for the development of legislative drafting instructions for the creation of a bill to support and achieve the vision of advancing the well-being of older persons,” Bodden said and pointed to a planning task force that will develop an implementation action plan.

“Critical to the implementation of this policy, the establishment of a Council for Older Persons and a supporting secretariat will be identified and enshrined in the older persons legislation,” Bodden stated. ”The key focus of this council will be to promote the needs and welfare of older persons, monitor policy implementation and advocate for legislative reform where necessary. It is expected that the council will be comprised of older persons, civil society stakeholders and public/private sector representatives.”

The minister stated that to achieve the vision and effective implementation of the policy government agencies, civil society and the private sector will need to cooperate and collaboration, as he pointed to a target date of March next year to complete the action plan.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Deflection as an admission of guilt?

  2. Anonymous says:

    cns, on this article if I try to vote dislike it says already voted but if I vote on the others it registers the vote, just will not allow me to dislike

    CNS: It will be fixed but not until next week probably. The IT outfit that created the buttons is in India where there is currently a three-day holiday.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Logan’s Run had some sound idea for fiscal management.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Vote Ossie 2017 “Backwards policies for backwards voters”

  5. Anonymous says:

    To “Anonymous 30/10 8:35 am” – Personally, I have found some of Ossie’s utterings to be offensive and quite unprofessional, so he is not my model of a leader! While I don’t espouse xenophobia, the tone of some Caymanians is not unlike that which created Brexit and which will likely elect Donald Trump as US President – the protection of national identity and assets. So what is the difference? Thankfully I am one Caymanian who was raised by educated and accepting parents and was educated overseas where I was readily accepted without any prejudice. There are many like myself but clearly others who aren’t so accepting. That is true of all nationalities and we have many of other nationalities in Cayman who do not accept us, only what Cayman can provide for them. Despite my accepting nature, to those types I say ” we can do quite well without you, don’t slam the door on your way out”!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Olsie you doing a great job thanks for everything you do for the youth and the elderly in this country. Come on people give the man where credit is due.

  7. WOW says:

    4 years and this is his first bill to be brought to the LA. No Social Services reform, no Sports improvements, Sporting organisations doing as they please and out of control and absolutely nothing for Bodden Town. That is what we voted this guy in for????!

    He did create the “Driftwood” movement – I guess he gets credit for that??!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is old news

  9. Anonymous says:

    I believe that both generational Caymanians and Status Granted Caymanians should be treated equally and fairly, with no bias towards either group. However going forward I would hope that Caymanian status should never be granted again to anyone who are financially unable to take care of themselves. I believe that the rollover policy should be strictly adhere to and that no government will ever again grant status to persons who are poverty stricken and will become a burden on the government coffers. Also no status or permanent residency should be granted to anyone with pending law suits for dishonesty or other serious crimes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gotta love Caymankind…however on one side you may have a point, Cayman won’t look after its own less well off, the expats are relied upon to do that, so you would just give them a reason to say “why would I bother” if we cant ever get status here

      • Anonymous says:

        Status is really about being able to leave to go somewhere civilised while you own businesses in Cayman so other people work to make you money. It really is a quite super arrangement.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Drain the Swamp
    Cayman 2017

    • Anonymous says:

      You are getting tedious 4.13…do you really think that writing “drain the swamp” everywhere is going to have any effect on anyone? Delusional if you do.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Really? Still dwelling on that?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hope this Bill or it’s associated Regulations includes the assurance that older persons, especially those who have retired from the Civil Service and Public Authorities have health insurance coverage! Presently some persons in the latter category are responsible for getting and paying their on health insurance. Try that at 65!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can Ozzie say when some of the Elderly Seaman Dependants applications are going to get approved. The horses are dying while the grass is dry. I know that he has good intentions which is much needed but when the Elderly has to depend on their children who are willing but not able because of their children attending school etc etc then the poor elderly suffer. What of the elderly that dosent have a home. There is no way that $550 can buy food pay rent pay utilities and the list goes on. If Government could purchase some property and build some one bed apartments and let those that do not have a home remain there until death I feel like that would help to solve some of the problems. Each District could have their own beginning with one set. Another thing seems to be the norm that when some elderly ask for assistance even just food they have to wait for ever so long to be assessed. If there are people in the Department who knows the Community then the person can get assistance the same day. I sometime ago saw a lady with only one bottle of water in her fridge. She said that she had gone for assistance as she was a cancer patient but had not receive a response. I then took her in and had to give alittle lip service and she then got a food voucher. Unfortunately since then she has passed on. I know that Ozzie has his heart in the right direction, and may God bless him because its terrible being old and also having to suffer from starvation as well.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What about driftwood?

  15. V says:

    He really is a disgusting person. Shameful and hateful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shame on you V who came here to benefit yourself but belittle the local people. This is what is going wrong in Cayman. Why are these people who come here so full of spite and hate towards the local people. It was not like this in years past. Oh but when one gets old, perhaps V would want us put to sleep so not to be a burden to their future plans for our Cayman Isles.

      • Anonymous says:

        8:52 Families should be responsible for their parents and stop taking their possessions and casting them off on government to take care of them. Those who come here are no different than oour very own. Take care of your elderly. Why should government deal with their liability?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well it is about time that an elector actually acknowledges that the elderly is at odds in these beloved isles.

    It took all these years to attest to that but hey I want to know that my parents who are beyond 65 years can enjoy the privileges that should come with age.

    Cayman is too caught up with borrowing other people’s culture and forgetting that we were founded upon the seas and established upon the floods.

    When I was growing up we looked up to our elders and respected them. Caymanians do not forget where you are coming from!

    Let’s not shun the elector on this but help fight for our elderly and be partakers of this cause.

    We welcome district meetings on the subject matter.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why is this monster still in office. Pandering to the old when he has insulting so many of his “drift wood” colleagues.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those who come to these shores, their are those who think they are better than, when in truth they are less than. Life blossomed for them in these Cayman Islands, otherwise they would not be here. Thankfull!

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to put a button on your lip. Older people deserve respect and dignity as there would be no “Cayman Miracle” if not for these older people. Then where would people like you be at to make your derogatory comments? Learn some respect and gratitude. Evidently you are a guest to our Country.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sir Vassel Johnson is turning over in his grave over the elders of today that are in office now that have been living off the clever and brilliant actions of the elders of old. Its like dealing with that rich, incompetent and clueless child, from a father who started a successful business. Brats who inherit their parents wealth usually(not always) run their parents businesses into the ground.

      • Anonymous says:

        Caymans biggest problem enshrined in your musings 9.55- respect always has to be earned, and is never just deserved…anything else is stupidity and leads to people who deserve no respect becoming very bitter and disappointed due to their own high and mistaken evaluations of their own abilities

    • Anonymous says:

      Ossie, this Thad been long needed. And to you who are paper Caymanians we are one. So don’t think Ossie is singling out the natives and you. Just be grateful the laws are for everyone on Cayman.

    • Unison says:

      And why are you caught up with a Minister’s character? Don’t you know it is laws and policies that impact us. The character part is between him and Gd.

      • Anonymous says:

        So it is irrelevant is a public figure is racist or sexist? That is only a matter for God? Then, sir, you are crazy.

    • Anonymous says:

      His hatred for expats is exactly what many Caymanians want in a leader. That’s why he is still in office and why he will be voted in again. He represents the Caymanians wishes to screw over the expat but not their money.

      • Anonymous says:

        8:35am. It is opportunity, not love, or even likeness that the likes of you are here. We survived without your poison, so kindly take your synoid elsewhere. Riddance to useless rubbish. I am Caymanian.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because racism and prejudice is tolerated, if not encouraged as a vote winning policy.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t you catch a piece of driftwood and go back where you came from. Arrogant and disrespectful to our ways. Why do you stay here anyway?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Will the Minister for Racial Hatred also include legislation and training on there being no difference between Caymanians and Paper Caymanians? All are imports after all…no matter how long they claim to have been here

    • Anonymous says:

      Please tell us about the history of your country…..I’m sure thats fine and dandy.

    • Anonymous says:

      4:31 are you one of those imports that should be deemed persona non grata? Or you are one of those who clean house after getting a foot in the door?

    • Anonymous says:

      No time soon. You want clarity on who you are ….read your original passport….

      Your comment is hatred in itself. No rush for that legislation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe we need to EXPORT you!

      • Anonymous says:

        And there we have it 9.56,8.01, 4.45 and 8.31…that good old Cayman lovin’ for status holders…get to your churches and ask your God for forgiveness…love thy neighbor etc…

    • Anonymous says:

      4:31 So where in the hell did you come from? Outer space! Then every living soul came from outer space. Is there an original?

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