Man accused of bribing Webb set to admit crimes

| 20/10/2016 | 47 Comments
Cayman News Service

Aaron Davidson (left) and Jeff Webb

(CNS): Aaron Davidson, who co-founded the North American Soccer League, is expected to plead guilty today for his part in the massive FIFA scandal, in which he secured multi-million dollar TV contracts by bribing officials, such as Jeffery Webb. At the time he was bribing FIFA executives, Davidson was said to have worked closely with Webb, one of the beneficiaries of Davidson’s cash sweeteners when the local one-time football hero was the president of CONCACAF.

Davidson, who, like Webb, was charged in May last year when the US investigation into football corruption was revealed, is accused of orchestrating $5 million worth of bribes through Traffic Sports USA, a marketing firm he controlled. The firm acted as a middleman for TV rights to World Cup games.

Alongside those already tried and those, like Webb, who have admitted their guilt, six others are awaiting trial in the case, including former Cayman soccer official Coastas Takkas.

While the scandal led to the downfall of FIFA chief Sepp Blatter, he has not been charged. However, pundits in the US believe that Davidson’s plea may signal a decision by him to cooperate with the authorities regarding the former FIFA president’s alleged role in the corruption scandal.

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  1. Foreign Devil says:

    Run Jeff run!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow what a handsome man Jeff was always my biggest local celebrity crush!! Oh la la!

  3. Anonymous says:

    When will CIFA make a move against Jeff Webb, (who declared himself guilty ) to recover any funds Jeff may have misappropriated from the local football. Please refer to what I currently taken place in Costa Rica where the president of the federation and a good friend of Jeff recently pleaded guilty of similar charges as JW. Now, as any normal organisation would do they are trying to recover any funds belong to the association. Would Lee Ramoon and Bruce Blake take that step?

    • Anonymous says:

      A well known accountant has been on there case for well over a year and offered to assist the new president, Ramoon. He has in fact uncovered fraud of about $2m on the new field. After meeting with Ramoon three months ago nothing has taken place. It is the same old same old. Just Ground Hog day. Only the clubs can do anything but obviously they are tainted.

      • Anonymous says:

        CIFA has taken no action at all. The accountants doing the audit handed it over to the police over a year a ago, in the mean time JW pleaded guilty in the US of misappropriation of funds intended for the local association, Lee Ramoon was elected president and Bruce Blake, Mark Campell, Peter Campell, Marta Godett remain in their comfortable positions of not doing anything! While we do nothing football is moving along in the world. The CFU U20 is currently going on in Curacao, Cayman did not enter a team!

        • Anonymous says:

          The auditors were auditing the accounts for 2014 and missed the fraud on the cost of the football pitch as did two other audit firms. So who did the audit for 2015. You tell me. And what are the club’s doing about it? Zilch.

  4. Papa Doyle says:

    Cayman’s Allardyce ooooooh yeah that should get some going

  5. Anonymous says:

    Horse Shit! Born Caymanian or no Born Caymanian its all Paper!

  6. Not Caymanian says:

    Sorry. But to be politicaly correct, neither Webb or Takkas, are born Caymanians. They are Cayman Staus Holders.

    Obviously the countries, of both these persons heritage and just as important as the others invovled, do not treat these issues as bribery but as normal relations for doing business.

    The true born Caymanian men did not allow outside interferences to corrupt their business morals.

    Sad to say though that most of these Real Men are now dying out and the upcoming generations are being influenced by outsiders, especially those from the so called developed nations, where this kind of practice is the norm.

    Gone are the days of Real Men with honor, integrity and justice, where a Mans word was his bond and he stood for something.

    But it is correct, both these persons are paper Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jeff Webb is a born Caymanian. Get your facts right!

    • Anonymous says:

      Really….?? AT what point are you proposing we draw the line to define a ‘real’ Caymanian. Everybody was happy to hail these great Caymanians when they took their high place on the world stage but now they have fallen from grace people like you (who I do not believe necessarily represents the views of everybody you would be gracious enough t regard as ‘Real Men’ (ie born Caymanians)) are quick to dismiss them as ‘nothing to do with us’.


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh do shut up with your xenophobic dribble.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am trying to suss out whether this is an attempt at irony. I certainly hope so. I and others were bombarded with statements from Webb’s VERY Caymanian family members for years about “look how well Caymanians can do when they are given the chance”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously! Jeff is a full Caymain and what’s laughable is when he was riding high & jet setting his fellow caymanians around everyone was quick to hail him as ” a fine caymanian to be proud of”.

    • anonymous says:

      “Not Caymanian” 20/10/2016 5:33pm, it is racists xenophobes like you who cause dissension and disharmony in our society. You are so full of hate that you are prepared to disown one of your own.Check you background, your forebears might be from Jamaica, England,Scotland or God knows where else. Born Caymanian? You must think you are God’s ‘other’ chosen people. Think of some others “relaxing” in U.S. federal prison right now, not “born caymanian”, are you disowning him too?

    • Anonymous says:

      So, does that make them any less Caymanian? Not really…get a life

    • Answer the Question says:

      Sorry to disappoint but I hold in my hand right now copies of his status grant papers.

      He went to school here from a young age but he came from somewhere else originally. And yes I would know, I grew up around him.

      And as is the norm nowadays when someone starts up on their “you all a bunch of xenophobic and racist” speeches it means that they themselves have those qualities and are only trying to push everyone’s eyes away from their own downfalls.

      If Caymanians are so bad and evil then why are you here. Just answer that one question. I didn’t leave here to go to your country, you came to mine, WHY?

      And just like everywhere else in the world we have our good and bad. We just don’t have as many people and usually our bad get caught and punished unlike some other places.

      But again I ask why did you come here?

      • Anonymous says:

        10.04…listen to yourself and then go see a doctor. We come here specifically to point out your shortcomings and irritate you so that when Race Hate laws finally get imposed here we can have you arrested and take back Cayman for the Motherland.

      • Anonymous says:

        All the Webbs came here from somewhere is called Jamaica. That includes the very bright and dedicated Dianna Lookloy (nee Webb) and her two talented sisters, all of whom we rightly believe to be “Caymanian” and all the extended family of Webbs including Jeff. These truly pathetic efforts to suggest that because someone (or their parents or grandparents) wasn’t actually born here then the (I suppose) pure blood of Cayman doesn’t flow in their veins is exactly what Joseph Goebbels/Adolph Hitler were so clever at. And see where that got them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Funniest thing I’ve read all year.

    • Jotnar says:

      Real, upstanding, Caymanian men, pure in heart and mind – like Bruce Merren.

    • Anonymous says:

      5.33 to be “technically correct” you are a twat, but it did not stop you posting on here.

      • Apples and Oranges says:

        Technically, that’s the word your mama used when my dog hit it.
        How ya like dem apples.

        Still don’t change the facts though. He is not a real Caymanian. So get over yourself and your sense of small penile chivalry.

        I believe the people in Syria could use you. Why not move there with your family. Tell them how to live and what they do is wrong. Grow a pair mate.

        • Anonymous says:

          Pathetic Apples and Oranges, absolutely pathetic. Like Trump on a bad day. I have a huge pair, amongst other large things, and countless children to prove it.. could you try using the one brain cell you have? Or does it hurt too much?

          • Grow up says:

            Oh yeh, typical ingnoramos, I have a lot of kids to prove I have a big pair.

            You do know that any male can make a child but it takes a real man to raise one and be a parent, right.

            Maybe if you had when you were growing up your mouth would not be so filthy. You kissed your mama with that mouth, where?

            Stay off the dope buddy, maybe what brain cells you have left might work right.

            And honestly I’ll bet you can’t even stick up for yourself man to man without bitching up like the little sweety you know you are.

            Still don’t change the facts, he ain’t Caymanian. He got those ways from his true native culture and how he was raised.

            I’ll bet you idealized him and wanna be just like him don’t ya.

          • So sorry for you says:

            You trying to convince yourself there buddy. I pity you. And unna just leave that man alone, he’s undersized, it’s not his fault.

          • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      You’re an idiot.

      • Anonymous says:

        Still don’t change the fact that he is a Jamaican with a Jamaican sense of culture.

        “do whatever it takes to survive, no matter what it is, good or bad, it doesn’t matter, just as long as I survive and to hell with everyone else, including gods or mans laws ”

        That’s the culture they have. Straight up.

        Historically Caymanians were not raised under such culture, just check the old ones 70+.

        What has occurred is that as persons from other countries have integrated, via breeding, into the Cayman Society they have raised their offspring under the culture of the expats country, which includes the negative part of that culture.

        Traditional Caymanian culture is one of honesty, respect, hard work, ingenuity.

        Nowadays the Traditional Caymanian culture has been mixed with others and watered down to the point that it is hard to find it. But their are a few surviving pockets left. There are a few who still believe in the traditional ways and have/still are raised/raising their children with these same beliefs instilled into them.

        But as time goes on, Traditional Caymanian Culture will be something you read about or visit a museum to learn about because Cayman will have become a multicultural country without any real culture because no one thought about it.

        • annonymous says:

          Like it or not people…Jeff’s mother is a Caymanian hailing from Boilers off Walkers Road. His father is Jamaican.

          So sorry Caymanians he is one of us…,like his behavior or not.

          My two children father is from UK and it doesn’t matter that one was born in the UK and one here. They still claim both nationalities because one parent, myself is Caymanian and the other is English.

          • Still didnt change a thing says:

            Like i said it still dont change the fact that he is a Jamaican with a Jamaican sense of culture.

            As for your kids, I am sure they already have the highty-tighty attutude of trying to boss everyone else because of the UK culture.

            As stated before Cayman has allowed other nationalities to come here and change the culture that was Caymanian.

            What we now have is a muti-cultural society of people who were not necessarily raised with the same qualities that made these Islands a place where everyone else wanted to be.

            What we are seeing now is the product of this intergration and the trouble that follows it.

            There are those that constantly are quick to point out that it was a Caymanian that did something wrong without looking at the whole picture of who and how this person was raised.

            And the second Caymanians attempt to defend the Caymanian name we are told that we are racists and other fancy words.

            • Anonymous says:

              In the 18th century these islands were uninhabited. So every “Caymanian” is an expat; it’s just a question of time.

    • SSM345 says:

      5:33, So why are CIFA allowing “foreigners” to steal from them? Must be those 769th generation “real” Caymanians let it slide to save their own asses?

  7. Anonymous says:

    November is close , one final big party soon come in Atlanta.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why not 5:07? you jealous that you won’t get invite! Jeff is no worst than any from First world Europe and North American nor some third world parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Money and greed are the root of all evil and I say but for the grace of God goes 99.99%. So for all of you to cast the first stone at Jeff …. remember when. Unfortunately his time came around yours and the hotshot investors and partners might be right around the corner. Taking bribes, laundering, tax avoidance, structuring, layering etc are still crime and don’t be too righteous it floats the same way at lest I know Jeff and I’ll take him any day over the greats and the many others that we love to trip all over in Cayman many of those cons that we will give our lives for who make Jeff look like a saint.

  8. Anonymous says:

    He made me do it, bobo, I fell into his bad company.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please stop referring to Webb as a local football hero. He never was. His “golds” were obvious from the beginning.

    • SSM345 says:

      Did Jeff actually even play football?

      • Concerned Caymanian says:

        Does it matter. I played in the early seventies with Scotia and we had lots of fun. It is sad that there is no CIFA website giving details of football in the Cayman Islands since inception of CIFA. Is there no one with balls( excuse the pun) to sort this continuing crap out?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Another Glorious day for Cayman’s favourite son

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