Cayman has obligation to LGBT equality, says OT minister

| 04/10/2016 | 122 Comments
Cayman News Service

Governor Helen Kilpatrick (left), Baroness Anelay and Premier Alden McLaughlin at Grand Cayman’s Owen Roberts Airport

(CNS): The UK’s overseas territories minister, Baroness Anelay, told the Legislative Assembly Tuesday that the continued discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community placed the Cayman Islands Government in breach of its legal obligations. Addressing MLAs at the opening of parliament this morning, she said that the UK had no plans to impose same-sex marriage but implied that there must be some form of equality legislation.

During her short visit the Foreign and Commonwealth junior minister, who is well-known for her support of human rights and equality issues, said she was aware of the sensitivity of the subject and the debates happening in Cayman but she warned that no country could realise its full potential until it drew on the talents of all of its people, and suggested there was an economic as well as a legal imperative to deal with equity for LGBT people.

Baroness Anelay said it took some time in the UK for equality legislation so she understood the need for time to reflect. Assuring the local politicians that she was not here to lecture, she said it was the position of the UK and in the interests of everyone for the Cayman government to ensure equality for the LGBT community.

In her short speech she spoke about the opportunities created by the results of the referendum in the UK to leave the European Union, the environment, the quality of Cayman’s civil service and the police, as well as the upcoming Joint Ministerial Council meeting in London in November.

Responding to the baroness, Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush, who gave the vote of thanks, said Cayman did not discriminate against the LGBT community but stated that his party did not support altering any laws, accommodating any board decisions or changing the culture to provide equity for same-sex relationships.

Speaker of the House Julianna O’Connor-Connolly, as she also thanked the minister for coming to talk to the LA, put on record her own objections to equality for the LGBT community and suggested her constituents also shared those concerns.

During her visit the overseas minister is scheduled to meet with James Austin-Smith, the chair of the Human Rights Commission, and is expected to discuss the need for a legal framework to register same-sex relationship and extend rights to gay couples for issues such as property, pension and medical rights.

However, the powerful church lobby remains steadfastly opposed to any such rights, not only opposing gay marriage but any kind of recognition of gay partnerships.

A recent religious rally, which focused almost entirely on the church’s opposition to LGBT rights, attracted almost a 1,000 people, and during this legislative session the opposition members have all signed a private member’s motion calling for a referendum on gay marriage, as they believe the current voters register would produce an overwhelming ‘no’ result and arm Cayman against any imposition of gay marriage by the UK via an order in council.

Ultimately, whether Cayman institutes gay marriage or simply civil unions that extend the same legal rights to same-sex couples as those normally bestowed upon married couples, it has an international legal obligation as a dependent territory to provide legal equality regardless of the current populist discriminatory position.

Check back to CNS later for more on the visit by the OT minister.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Quick question for some of our “Christian ” representatives (MLA’s). What does the good book have to say about Adultry ? By that I mean going out on your devoted wives and sleeping around with those younger little cuties often found at a well known local bar. Those chics love to boast about their “Papi”

    • Anonymous says:

      The overall reaction here to adultery, at least among males, is to shrug, smile and wink. Caribbean men, deh? Lucky dogs.

      I have no time for religion, but even I know that adultery is forbidden by the Ten Commandments. It’s up there in black and white. Divorce, too: isn’t that a breach of a sacred, public vow to God?

      So why all the hullabaloo about gays? You have to look very carefully in the wilder reaches of the bible to find it condemned, but I never hear a word against adultery or divorce, both of which flagrantly defy Christian teaching.

      The answer is that opponents of homosexuality personally find it repulsive and seek to use the bible to give spurious authority to their revulsion – while deliberately ignoring bigger, more socially problematic religious offenses.

      And yes, that includes you, all you “bishops”, reverends and preachers. When was the last time you stood up in the pulpit and loudly condemned adultery or divorce? Thought so.

      Adultery, divorce, homosexuality: none of these should be the subject of religious debate. And unless they’re personally harming others (like divorce can on children, for example) don’t make such a big deal out of other people’s preferences or behavior, sexual or otherwise. It’s none of your business.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Brit, but I’m always ashamed by how successive British governments are happy to ignore democratic decisions in their colonies and still try to rule them by force, intimidation and Orders in Council. It’s almost as if by bossing around their colonies they are somehow trying to distract us from their own incompetence and corruption at home. Basically this is just 21st century neo-colonial arrogant bullying, a disgrace to my nation. And I support LGBT rights!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The decision of the Immigration Appeals Tribunal to allow a homosexual man to stay in Cayman as a dependent of his male partner only raises the question as to whether such a decision is legal or not. The immigration law describes a dependent as a spouse (which in Cayman has to be of the opposite sex) or relative. According to Cayman law the professor is neither a relative nor a legal spouse ; so how is it legal to stay. Our Constitution and Marriage Law state clearly that marriage is between a man and a woman. Therefore according to Cayman Law a spouse has to be a member of the opposite sex. I therefore have to ask the PPM to clarify what law and section of that law was used by the Immigration Appeals tribunal.If the Law needs to be changed then the changes have to be approved by the Legislative Assembly.If this is not done ,then the professor is here illegally.( Unless some other section of the law was used).Please Alden (or the law professor) reassure us that this was legal and exactly what law and section was used.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Money talks. Tourism is a main industry of the Cayman Islands, so if tourists boycott the islands in protest of these discriminatory attitudes, maybe the powers-that-be will wake up. The fact that thousands of people showed up to protest equal rights for the LGBT community means anti-gay sentiment, Not only would gays be offended, but anyone who has gay friends or loved ones.

  5. Anonymous says:

    An overtly gay chappie strolled into my place of business today needing help. Did I turn him away because he is gay? No I did not and I went the extra mile to help him. He was extremely thankful. Do I believe that men marry men? No I don’t, but this person was served by an honest Christian and I will keep on serving the community, but I will not sacrifice my beliefs for hateful people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would allow gay men or women to marry require you to sacrifice your beliefs? Marriage is a legal issue dealt with by statute. What you believe in your religion is a completely different issue.

  6. Born atheist, born again atheist. says:

    All this controversy over a god no one can prove exist. You would think if it was that important that god would have shown up with the 3500 at the lions center…They’re just contributing to regression which is the real sin.

    • And Another Ting says:

      To you 7:37 AM peace be unto you. I will pray fervently for your enlightenment and for mercy on your soul. I will do this with the faith that lives within me for I know that you know not what you say . He who has seen and felt the power of His mercy will always believe, You too can if you only open your mind to the miracle of your life, your good and bad events that brought you to where you are today, that made you write what you wrote and my seeing and responding to you. May the peace that passeth all understanding and the faith of our fathers be with you now and forever more.


      • Anonymous says:

        Any external evidence, or is it just the voices in your head?

        • Anonymous says:

          Just the voices. And the fact the Bible tells him so.

          • Being Wise says:

            Let’s use a bit of reason because I think pride and this sense of certainty that God doesn’t exist has made alot of people like yourself into atheists:

            Let’s say, you are a sober and sound minded person. But certain negative events occurs in your life. And during the events, you audibly heard at nights when you go to bed, a voice speaking to you to avoid doing wrong deeds. You also had visions and dreams.

            So you go to several doctors to help you, and they could find nothing wrong with you. But they don’t believe your claims. They say you are a phony, a liar, making up stories.

            My point is .. if you have never been in another man’s shoes, who are you to judge O athiest?! Who are you to say that this man’s experiences and claims are false?

            Wouldn’t it be the wise use of logic to not judge someone without evidence? 🙂

            My advise to you all, you need to stop being arrogant and at least use a bit of more reasoning with humility. Because everyone reading your comments can only see childish ignorance. If you have no proof, kindly SHUT UP! Peace 😉

        • Hey It's me it's really me! says:

          I ll keep,praying for you not because of the voices that you listen to that cloud your reasoning., but because of my “belief” and my life experiences that have carried me through many phases of life. I really can’t prove that it was carried me through. I respect your thought process at this time and I pray your soul will be at peace with your Creator. I have no reason to belittle your views so carry on my friend your time will come.

      • Born atheist, born again atheist. says:

        Pray for me i’ll think for you.

        • kitty says:

          Ok, so being atheist you don’t believe in a higher power. Does that mean that you believe the theory of 2 atoms in space that randomly collided and BOOM all of what we see around us is just a coincidence?

          Or, do you believe in nothing at all?

          Just curious.

          • Anonymous says:

            Do you believe it all appeared by magic in a week fully formed with animals and people etc and is still overseen and controlled by an omnipotent wizard?

            Just curious.

          • Anonymous says:

            You’re thinking about it from too narrow a perspective. Why does it need to be created? Maybe it was just always there?

          • Born atheist, born again atheist. says:

            Well atoms due collide quite regularly kitty…and as far as my beliefs go i’ll just say I believe in human rights.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am sick of hearing from you holy than though people bashing same sex marriages. So what, they aren’t hurting anyone, they love each other so why can’t they be married. Yet it is ok for husbands or wives to cheat on each other ? Or husbands abusing their spouses and vis a versa? Or better yet child abuse. That is the biggest problem here and the sentence is a slap on the wrist. I wish the politicians, pastors, etc would put as much energy in stopping child abuse as they are trying to stop same sex marriages!

    • MM says:

      I am always very reluctant to comment on such things; but you can mark my words that VERY, VERY shortly; and as predicted in that “book” that everyone likes to jeer – this entire world will acknowledge that there is something much, much more to life than what we can see or scientifically “prove”.

      I do, however, blame organized religion for the breakdown of human’s faith, spirituality and recognition that there is a very powerful, ever-moving, ever-living energy/force beyond that which can be physically seen or heard and that exists within this universe and has always existed within this universe. That force/energy, commonly referred to as “God” and whose power has been watered-down with religious coloring books, rituals, annoying “holidays” and uninformed doctrine; the same God-force that persons deny exists because religious leaders are unable to properly explain what God actually is or why it deserves the respect they claim to try to give it. That God-force is what enabled you to even type and therefore it deserves to be acknowledged and deserves to be praised… God is simply put, the energy of life and creation itself, that which existed before all else in existence. It is not a big man with a white beard sitting on a golden throne, God has no need for gold of any kind; it is a force that creates and enables life and all things of natural occurrence.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are an athiest, there can be no sin.

      The new atheists do no one a service by their intellectual inability to understand why it should be that some people lift their eyes beyond the visible horizon or strive to articulate an inexpressible sense of wonder; why some search for meaning despite the eternal silences of infinite space and the apparently random injustices of history; why some stake their lives on the belief that the ultimate reality at the heart of the universe is not blind to our existence, deaf to our prayers and indifferent to our fate; why some find trust and security and strength in the sensed, invisible presence of a vast and indefinable love. A great Jewish mystic, the Baal Shem Tov, compared such atheists to a deaf man who for the first time comes on a violinist playing in the town square while the townspeople, moved by the lilt and rhythm of his playing, dance in joy. Unable to hear the music, he concludes that they are all mad. – Jonathan Sachs

      • Born atheist, born again atheist. says:

        I think there is a similiar story as well about a blind theist unable to explore or discover Earths secrets and who tries desperately to define the nature of history to a group of paleontologist. Upon being unsuccessful he too concludes they have all gone mad.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We have much bigger issues to tackle.

  8. Marathon says:

    “Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush, who gave the vote of thanks, said Cayman did not discriminate against the LGBT community but stated that his party did not support altering any laws …… to provide equity for same-sex relationships”. So in other words Cayman does discriminate against them, and his party has no intention of changing anything.

    What The OT MInister referred to was equality for the LGBT community. That would include recognising same-sex civil unions under law. That however does not mean churches and chapels would be compelled to offer gay marriage services. That is different from a simple civil union position in law and would be for the people and churches of Cayman to accept or reject.

    • Anonymous says:

      Marriage is both a legal and religious concept and they can easily be treated separately. It is perfectly consistent to allow gay marriage and not require religions to provide gay marriage services. ONLY allowing gay marriage offers equality, civil unions is a mark of discrimination or less than and perpetuates discrimination.

      • Marathon says:

        I agree but I would guess that the LGBT community would settle for the legal equality right now, bearing in mind that if gay unions were recognised under the law here, somewhere some place in Cayman would be happy to legally marry gay people, even if it’s only a private chapel.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, never. Civil partnership is to give into to bigotry. Equality is marriage. Marriage is a legal construct. The religious bigots can refuse to have their silly ceremonies for gay people all they want, but marriage is married.

    • Sharkey says:

      Marathon , when a church or chapel don’t offer marriage to a gay couple, but offers traditional marriage , then that would be discrimination against the gay couple . Then court comes next . But we should not force one to do something against their will or religious beliefs and morality.

      • Al Catraz says:

        Bollocks. As private associations, churches can limit services to their own members. Do Catholic churches provide marriage services to protestants, atheists or Hindus? No. And no one has a problem with that.

        Can a Baptist couple walk into a Mormon church and demand to be married? No. No one has a problem with that.

        I seriously wonder whether there are people who do not believe that straight atheists can be married in Cayman. Of course they can, and they are.

        Recognizing a couple as married under the law requires the participation of no church, and does not require any “religious” act at all.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rubbish – religious services are not the same as legal marriages. A church could “marry” a cat and a dog and it would have no legal standing. It becomes a legal marriage when it is registered with the government registrar. Churches need to see that civil rights in no way effect their right to worship whatever they want – a broad base of civil rights strengthen the churches rights to do whatever they like (provided they not hurting anyone else), they also provide stronger equality to their membership which is something that they should support. Ask yourself – what would Jesus do??

        • Anonymous says:

          Zactly. The Zealots are just too dumb to comprehend the difference and will always default to status quo when prodded to move.

    • Anonymous says:

      more mac nonsesnse….the fact is cayman does change and will be forced to do so again….
      prime example: decriminalisation of homsexuality…..

    • Hey It's me it's really me! says:

      You’re twisting words Ike boy/gal.. The U.K. Is not going to change a constitution that they approved which included marriage between a man and a woman. What they are saying is give the LGBT community othe rights like partnership of assets, etc within our laws. Don’t twist people’s statements.

  9. Narcisso Clarke says:

    Our leader and his rinky dink agenda while homes are being foreclosed our public beaches are being taken homeless are dumpster diving discrimination against locals in every sector of our society is rampant our leader is running around playing concierge to our colonial master’s agents and their whims and wishes. What about our rights ALdon what about our rights????? Its time Cayman to remove this totally bogus PPM government from power!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Good grief! Over leveraging and skipping mortgage payments is a personal banking problem, not a human or civil rights violation! The lack of a safety net for those homeless and/or burdened with mental health problems are owed an explanation from Cabinet ministers, who themselves are more inclined to spend millions of our money waging loosing battles against civil rights, rather than providing cash for those many needed services.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oops Mr Anthony!!

  11. Unsought Justice says:

    I love how these church folk are led to believe they’re superior and entitles them to discriminate against diversity within there own nation. They won’t recognise any body if there lifestyle is deemed “unchristian”.

    Robberies, domestic abuse, rape and gun violence is prevelant in our society right now and all we can hear out of the ministers mouth is “man on man is unchristian”

    I’ll let you all in on a little secret, rape,domestic abuse and murdering is “christian” so long you do it in the name of the lord.

  12. Tree of knowledge says:

    Is this the anti-gay rally your referring to?

  13. Sharkey says:

    Let’s see when there’s same-sex marriage, then it would be we can’t be married like man and woman . Then we would have to have different kind of bath rooms , not his and her . Then it would have to be that there’s different law’s for us , because the man and woman laws can’t apply to us because we are different kind of people now . The list could go on forever.

    I say let us all stay man and woman then we wouldn’t need all the complications in our lives. Keep on living your life , like they did in the years gone by and be happy ever after.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m a gay Caymanian.. Where are my rights? please do not continue to be ignorant of the fact that we exist, not only expats are gay. Basic human rights, which should of course include homosexual rights, will not destroy the churches or our culture so please end this ridiculous argument. How can you Politicians and other Christians demonstrate that you do not discriminate when everything you have said and your actions have shown otherwise as it relates to gay rights? The only thing your statements have shown is either that you do not know the meaning of discrimination and or you really lack basic insight. It’s beyond disheartening that we still have to endure our leaders not setting a good example towards promoting love and acceptance for all people.. That’s the culture and the Christian way so Stop using Christianity and culture as reasons to promote hate and discrimination, it’s not doing our islands any positivity. In fact, allowing gay rights will never cause anyone any harm, churches will still commence, people who aren’t homosexuals will not just ‘catch’ it and cayman culture will remain. Try it!!! The only outcome will be love…

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s so much truth in what you said. Peace and love can’t exist with all this discrimination being shown towards brothers/sisters solely because they love someone of the same sex!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have read this article and I cannot believe it.
    Caymanian education systym is worse than that of a third world country, people still live in shipping containers while multi million pound developments are built and the government do not put a levy on the developers to support social housing, gun and gang culture are blighting the community and top of the agenda is LGBT complete and utter joke.

    • Anonymous says:

      6.16 The real joker is you. You are the one who is protesting about LGBT and not about property or crime. You are the one who is discriminating.

  16. Anonymous says:

    ISIS discriminate against the LGBT in the regions they control. Should the Cayman Island’s government employ similar tactics to those nut-jobs? One could argue that CIG are on the same intellectual standing.

  17. Anonymous says:

    So, is Cayman going to stay in the dark ages and the clutches of the churches, or move forward to a more enlightened society? How can the lawmaker say in one breath “we don’t discriminate” and in the next say, but we don’t want them to have the same rights? Something is wrong with this picture. Let us hope that new leadership can be elected and all persons be represented. This is such a shame on Cayman. Now we are linked with the backward nations of the world who practice discrimination against people who are different, but deserve equal representation. And Cayman prides itself on being a world player. Sorry; your aren’t quite there yet.

  18. Anonymous says:

    As a Gay Caymanian, or should I say a British Citizen, I would like to say that time will sort out these narrow minded politicians of ours, which the majority of them are closeted gays who go to church on Sunday to look at young men, and come home frustrated and slap up the wife and abuse the kids. Yet they stand bare faced and run us down, and want to take away our right to live how we please, wonder what they would do if we try to take away any of their rights. XXXXX, and all the rest of you who are using this gay hating platform will rue the day, as your family members will ultimately suffer in the end, and don’t tell me there are not unknown gays in all your family’s, again I know as I am gay.

    Focus on gun crime, another young life lost again by guns the other day, and you church going bible thumping hypocrites waste government money on this bull crap. We are tired of your voices and your unhealthy physical appearance in the legislative assembly, it is the people house, not yours! start doing more, walking more, and eating less. Sounds like you all are jealous of us gays, as we always seem more attractive than you, you will loose in the end, meantime, get a healthy life!!!, and leave us alone; as we all know who and what you all are, at least we have the face to be who we are, you all must be very miserable trying to be who you are not, and don’t claim marriage has cured you, there is no cure for being you, GAY, most caymanian gay men are or were married, as this is how it was done, cover it up and pretend it does not exist, and we wonder why there is so much domestic violence.

    Nothing to do with gays, we need to vote out every-last member who is using religion, and god as a excuse to push their hate ideas, they are a watered down version of ISIS, soon they will be leading us down the road to independence, as the UK will at some point say do what I say or face the consequences. Imagine a independent Cayman with these leaders in full power, what a mess, they can barely make it work with the hawk watching their every move, an laying out what fiscal responsibility means, we shall have our day in the high courts, and careful you just might be liable in the end for all the time you choose to deprive us of our rights, we did not ask for this fight, but by god we will finish it. Gay Caymanians it is time to unite, no more time to be hiding, be seen be heard, it is the only way to deal with this hatred

  19. Anonymous says:

    Not the first time theCayman Islands Government is in breach of its legal obligations.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Don’t just talk. Ensure that when the spineless Premier does nothing with an election imminent, equality is imposed.

  21. She is dreaming in technicolor if she thinks there are opportunities created by the referendum results. Today the British pound hit a 31 year low and all projections are that it will be much lower in one year’s time. The UK is going to pay a high price for BREXIT.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you very much Garfield Weston. I was wondering what benefits she was talking about. Another airhead who needs to stay in the Motherland and make it better before going afield with her rubbish.

      • Diogenes says:

        Go on then. Leave the Motherland and see what impact that has on the financial services industry’s confidence. Bahamas, anyone?

      • Anonymous says:

        One minor point in their economic picture. They are also projected to have a very good year….. if that means anything to you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Low sterling is excellent for UK exports.

      • High unemployment is miserable for the U.K. economy. When Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda announce their departure next year from England because they will no longer have duty free access to the EU market, a low GBP will be worthless for automotive exports which will drop by 90%.

        • Anonymous says:

          Who says? BMW alone sell 88,000 cars to the UK per annum, so who do you think needs us more and do you seriously believe that punitive tariffs will follow?
          Free trade throughout Europe will win because its in everyone’s interest, don’t fall for the same BS as project fear spewed pre referendum. The sky didn’t fall in, we aren’t penniless and our homes are still climbing in value. We know this because the IMF told us so yesterday.
          The Japs aren’t going anywhere, unlike you, they realise where their better off.

          • So the Japanese Ambassador was only bluffing last week when he said on BBC that Japanese auto companies in UK would have to seriously look at leaving the country if BREXIT happens next year?

            The Japanese Government does not bluff at these sort of economic issues.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not really, as UK exports are primarily sold on quality and service which are not a price sensitive as fungible exports. Raw materials which are normally sourced from abroad will not reduce in cost. When sterling has collapsed in the past there has been no significant change in export figures. Indeed with foreign investment moving away and capital investment collapsing in the mid term then the prospects for UK manufacturing are awful.

        • Anonymous says:

          If Trump gets elected, the US dollar will tank along with the KYD thts pegged to it.

          Remind me again is Cayman a net importer or a net exporter, what are Cayman’s fungible exports?

          • Anonymous says:

            The reason the Cayman dollar is pegged to the US dollar is because 90% of our imports come from the US. It means that our costs for imported goods remain relatively stable regardless of fluctuations in the US dollar against world currencies.

          • Anonymous says:

            I really don’t think Trump will get elected. If he does, he is sure to get impeached very soon thereafter.

    • Marathon says:

      I’d be interested in the projections. Any links Garfield?

    • Anonymous says:

      Garfield, my dear boy, please stick to being a local idiot rather than trying to second guess the big wide world outside of WB. You have no clue, just keep raking sand and counting coconuts and leave the rest to the big boys.

      • Lale says:

        Garfield, good insight. Ignore the trolls. They hate to see someone who is educated, especially a local! We are meant to be hanging from trees like monkeys….

        • Anonymous says:

          If that’s an educated local, god help you. Sitting at a computer and digging up anti UK or Pro European garbage can be done by any moron. Actually living there and experiencing post referendum life is completely another, especially when it comes to the economy, employment and property values.
          There is a real feel good factor in the UK at the moment, people are getting on with their lives and refusing to be frightened by the parochial minded Remainers who just can’t recognise that the UK is rising out of the liberal elitist mess that they forced on our country.
          So when your so called ‘educated’ local makes stupid comments about a country in which he has no stake, or apparent loyalty too, he makes himself fair game for those that have.
          As for trees and monkeys, just grow up and leave the victim complex for those who care.

          • 1:28. Please stop drinking the kool aid. The GBP dropped 6.1% this morning and has now dropped 17% since the referendum. The poorest performing currency of 31 major currencies in the world. The Bank of England Governor is seriously looking at cutting short his term as he sees the writing on the economic wall and London and area property prices are dropping as financial services firms start cutting back in London and start planning more cutbacks for next year.

            On top of that, England European MEP’s are physically beating up each other with one in hospital.

            And you call this a real feel good factor?

            Time for you to get back to the old country and see what really is going on there. You have been here too long.

  22. Anonymous says:

    So I guess our believes mean nothing at all, push aside all we stand for. Wow

    • Rp says:

      Yeah pretty much. Many people felt like this when slavery was abolished.

      Are you serious? The point is that we must evolve and start thinking progressively. Too many of our beliefs are a wee bit outdated.

      All you stand for is discrimination against a fellow human being who was born different than you? …and who’s “we”?

    • Anonymous says:

      When your beliefs are mean-spirited and outdated, yes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not all my friend.

    • Jotnar says:

      All we stand for is discriminating against gays? Wow

    • Live free says:

      It’s “beliefs”, not ‘believes’.

      Also, as a Caymanian born and bred and dating back several generations, I find it appalling and an utter disgrace that our Country is up in arms about the LGBT community and their desire to have equal rights. What is sad is the fact that we have hundreds of children being molested at home, sometimes at school as we have seen; yet, no-one rushes to march, protest or hold an organized event in this regard. But we have thousands who turn out to support hatred towards others for their sexual orientation.

      I am a straight woman who likes men, but I have gay friends and they are wonderful loving people. We do not have the right to tell people what to do with their parts! Nor do we have the right to tell people who to love and care for!

      Do I believe in a higher power? Yes, I do, and always will. However, I note from the Bible that it clearly states let God be our judge. We are not meant to judge one-another as we ALL sin.

      Cayman will follow suit with the LGBT rights as defined by Human Rights.

      Personally, I don’t fear gay people are what they do or don’t do. I tend to worry more about the uneducated punks who have been running around Cayman with their unlicensed fire arms and bottled inner rage which they don’t know how to handle.

      You can’t even go to the grocery store without looking over your shoulder!

    • Fixed says:

      Beliefs don’t make it fact or acceptable*

  23. Anonymous says:

    So do we ask Anthony Eden and others to remove themselves from their positions with Government, including Alden who doesn’t approve of same sex marriages????

  24. Anonymous says:

    So this person who was very vocal against leaving the EU is now promoting the opportunities?
    What chameleons these elites are?

    • Anonymous says:

      Time for the dictators to let us what side of the equation they hinge on. Some things are more obvious that others.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are called normal people that roll with the punches and evolve to make their world a better place…rain or shine. Give it a try…

    • Marathon says:

      Actually it’s a responsible approach. The referendum in the UK made the decision for the nation to leave the EU and the Conservative govt has undertaken to carry it out – however much it disagreed with it. Staying or going each had its pros and cons. Since the decision is made, politicians may as well now turn to the positives, such as the opportunities it offers. What else? – bemoan the decision for years and years?

  25. Really ??? says:

    CNS !!!
    1000 people? I was there it was at least 3500. Why is a small vocal minority trying to have its way with us? I am growing weary of their hatred towards Christians and their crying discrimination when it is a fact the LGBT people are better off economically and seem to have more support than say single mothers.

    • Diogenes says:

      I wonder what the typical audience size was at the Colosseum when they were throwing Christians to the lions. Pretty sure the Christians were in a minority then, too. Did that make it right? I can just imagine the lead guy in ISIS – why are all these Kurds and Christians and Shia Muslims bitching about our rules – don’t they understand that we are the majority?

    • Anonymous says:

      This comment is incredibly insensitive. I can only assume you have absolutely no idea how difficult life can be for LGBTQ people. The economical aspects are completely irrelevant. We are talking here about peoples lives, their emotions, their family bonds, their role in society, about them being accepted and loved. Many LGBTQ people end up with depression and anxiety issues and some, regrettably, here in Cayman have taken their own lives. The minority you speak of are trying hard to ensure that the law, as it currently applies and exists in Cayman today, is applied and upheld. If they acquire equal rights, you lose nothing. This has no impact on you whatsoever. You are free to continue to hold your views and to continue with your interpretation of your religion. I should add that some of these LGBTQ people are also single parents. The minority are not showing hate towards Christians, some are Christian too and many thousands of Christians around the world love LGBTQ people and advocate treating them equally as anyone else. Don’t confuse the minority striving for acceptance and simply achieving equal rights as hatred towards you.

      • Anonymous says:

        I personally know Caymanians who are gay and covering it up by marrying women and having sex with men “on the down low”. Does anyone know how dangerous that is to their wives and girlfriends?

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t matter how many were there. The fact is, in a tolerant world that respects their fellow man, those 3500 or 1000 people are in the wrong. It might take a couple of generations for the Cayman Island people to realise this, but eventually it will. It just takes time and a little education from a up to date qualified people, not a very very old book.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is plainly obvious that CNS has a pro LGBT agenda. They own it, they can lean whatever way they want. These days, every media house has come out in favour of something.
      It simply reflects the moral compass of the owners. Get over it.

    • Anonymous says:

      well said my brother we really should be discriminating against the single mothers, as the’re a poorer, easiser demographic to pick on

    • Dahl Ann-Llama says:

      Really ??? at 2.09pm: “I am growing weary of their hatred towards Christians and their crying discrimination when it is a fact the LGBT people are better off economically and seem to have more support than say single mothers.”

      A-ha! It’s different when the glove is on the other foot! You feel threatened? You? Firstly, you are lying and delusional because (unless you maybe have some gay tendencies/thoughts) you will never have been threatened by anyone LGBT and secondly, you thin-skinned drama queen! It is LGBT people who are “weary of their hatred towards [LGBT] and [the so-called Christians’] crying discrimination.

      But wait….so if single mothers are supported, you will support gay marriage and full equal rights to love who they chose? It’s just one or the other for you, is it? Gay rights dependant on single mother’s welfare?

      Lastly, what on earth has the fact that “the LGBT people are better off economically”, as you claim, got anything to do with rights? You also think one’s financial situation affects their rights? Then maybe wealthy people should loose the right of free-speech? Or those less fortunate should loose the right to liberty, or maybe have no right to first refusal of a job, if Caymanian. Maybe less-well off Filipinos or Jamaicans should have a curfew – be forced to stay inside after 7pm/dark? Equal rights for some!

      You have no logic, no firm principles, little-to-no deep-thinking ability and a deplorable, lamentably disrespectful attitude towards fellow humans. You are a disgrace to humanity.

    • Born atheist, born again atheist. says:

      2:09 so what if the LGBT are better off economically? At least the 3500 are “better” off in the after life.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thankfully, the “ignorance lobby” IS NOT as powerful as it (and certain ministers) recall it being in past election cycles. The ongoing failure of contemporary ministers to understand that ignoring judicial precedent and denying civil rights, is in itself an act of discrimination, ought to be disqualifying. Cayman’s media has a duty to hold these ministers to a higher standard, if not, to the truth and reality of the moment. Ignoring our legal obligations is a loosing hand being played with OUR money not theirs.

  27. Anonymous says:

    There were over three thousand persons at the island- wide, church- wide rally. This publication keep referring to almost 1,000. Please understand that no matter how many times you misquote the numbers will never change it. Also I saw the CNS reporter leave after Mr. BUsh’s speech. Only the Premier spoke before Mr. BUsh so I really don’t know how the Reporter can make any comments on the other speakers. If the Reporter had stuck around she would have heard the varied subjects discussed there. Thank you Mr. Bush and Ms. O’Connor Conolly forr reminding Ms. Anelay that no one is discriminating against those people.

    • Anonymous says:

      The numbers are utterly irrelevant I am afraid. Even if 99.99% of Caymanians were opposed, the situation remains the same. This is simply a question of law, not a question of your religious beliefs. Your own Constitution currently prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. There is discrimination in the Cayman Islands on the basis of sexual orientation. That does not mean people are being directly abusive towards gay and other LGBTQ people. What is means is that gay and other LGBTQ do not have equal rights as those enjoyed by straight people under the law. That is contrary to your own Constitution and also a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights, which like it or not, the Cayman Islands is bound by.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except you.

    • Anonymous says:

      “no one is discriminating against those people”. If there’s no discrimination against “those people” why won’t you prevent “those people” from being fired from their jobs, prevented from adopting, marrying, visiting their loved ones in hospital, inheriting from them or getting married? Would it be ok if we stopped you doing all those things? (Think about it for a second…)

      No discrimination against ” those people”? Why are politicians likening them to paedophiles and threatening violence against them? Please stay off the drugs or stay off the comments section.

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