Cayman begins efforts to help in wake of Matthew

| 07/10/2016 | 14 Comments
Cayman News Service

Jeremie in west Haiti, one of the towns devastated by Hurricane Matthew

(CNS) With reports from Haiti suggesting more than 800 people were killed when category 4 Hurricane Matthew swept across its south-west peninsular this week, Cayman has begun collecting supplies and coordinating relief efforts for all those suffering in the region as a result of the damaging storm. The Cayman Islands Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal to help those who have lost their homes or otherwise been impacted by the extensive flooding and mudslides, electricity and water shortages, as well the road and infrastructure damage. Around 350,000 people are believed to have been directly affected and more than 15,600 people have been displaced.

Meanwhile, in Cuba more than one million people were evacuated and 90% of the houses in Baracoa damaged. In the Dominican Republic more than 3,000 homes were destroyed, flooded or damaged and the Bahamas has also sustained extensive damage to property and roadways.

As well as the Red Cross’ efforts, Caybrew, Saxon and the Cayman government are coordinating relief efforts specifically for Haiti. They are working with the Salvation Army, US Aid, Operation Blessing Haiti, and missionaries currently in Haiti to gather, send, and disperse aid to those in need.

Foster’s Supermarket is helping, too, by asking customers to donate their change, or any amount, at the register between now and Saturday, 15 October, to help these efforts. Fosters will also be making  a donation of $10,000 towards the relief efforts and is giving a direct discount to the charities purchasing supplies from them.

“We ask that the Cayman Islands come together to support those affected, and keep those still in the hurricane’s path in your thoughts,” Julian Foster, Foster’s Marketing Manager, said.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Cayman Islands Red Cross Hurricane Matthew Appeal can contribute directly at

Butterfield Bank account #136035054-00-60

or at the CI Red Cross Administrative Offices on the ground floor of Cayman Corporate Centre on Hospital Road.

For more details visit the Red Cross Facebook page

Details of the Caybrew/Saxon/CIG efforts can be found on

Matthew Leslie’s Facebook page

Items can also be dropped off at the Saxon Center on Eastern Avenue across from Uncle Bill’s Home Store.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A good idea would be for Service Clubs churches and the well offs also Politicians or who ever can afford to should purchase some property in Haiti and build some little homes for some of these poor people. Its because they didn’t have proper housing why so many perished. Perhaps other people from different parts of the world would follow and very soon they would have better housing.

  2. Annie says:

    Thank you to all of the organizers. We are so fortunate here in Cayman. If we all just give a few dollars it will make a huge difference. The email is if you want to set up a Butterfield online payee.

  3. ann says:

    Saxon are only taking food. Who is accepting clothing please

  4. Anonymous says:

    help your own country you guys are raising gang members … Lol? there aint nothing for your young boys to do ever think of that… Losers hello 3rd world Cayman wake up

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mr eden? Did you also read about this in your bible?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe in a curse, or bad luck, but there is certainly a vortex of negative energy over Haiti that won’t dissipate.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There for the Grace of God go we. The people with the least had even that taken away from them again. We will be donating for sure, and if you can please also help. Comments about who did what to whom in Ivan are pointless. Forget that and help your brothers if you are able. You may need their help one day.

    • Unison says:

      Perhaps these people are suffering at our doorstep like the story of Lazarus at the door of the rich man. They are there to determine judgement on the West.

    • Unison says:

      The death toll is rising … It is well over a 1000 people. Imagine the weeks to come – no light, no fresh water, no medical supplies, roofs that were blown off, mosquitoes, poor sanitation. We are bless another Ivan didn’t come our way.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tried to see Matthew Leslie page but thing its the wrong Matthew Leslie you have listed.

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