Uniform branches push careers at popular job fair

| 07/09/2016 | 19 Comments
Cayman News Service

Cayman Islands Fire Service booth at the uniform services job fair

(CNS): Over 300 Caymanians interested in working with some of the public sector’s uniform branches turned up to see what was on offer at a recruitment fair for the police, fire and prison services last month. While the Cayman Islands Fire Service, which is currently looking for 15 new officers, has always been popular with Caymanians, the RCIPS, which has ten openings for new recruits, and the prison which has seven, have found it harder to attract local staff. But by joining forces, they were all able to attract more interest and dispel some myths about their services.

Sergeant Roje Williams said that more than 200 people attended the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service booth and he hoped the recruitment would boost application numbers, as their deadline for the latest group of entry level recruits was Monday.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about the role of the police within the community,” Williams said, noting that staff manning the booth were able to explain to potential recruits about the different departments and jobs they could do once they had finished training.

“Some people did not know we have a Financial Crimes Department or even a Family Support Unit. Armed with this knowledge, we are certain it will attract more applicants,” he said.

Meanwhile the HR manager for HM Cayman Islands Prison Service, Raquel Solomon, said she could not believe the amount of people who came to the event, which was held at the George Town Town Hall, and that at least 250 people came to the booth.

“It certainly exceeded my expectations, and is a testament to the changing public perception of local law enforcement organisations and careers,” she said. “I think people were very responsive, especially when learning about what the job really entails and not just what people assume … it helped raise the profile of our organisation and the honourable professionals that work at the prison.”

The fire service’s HR manager, Clara Smith, said the public seemed to embrace firefighting as a career and the officers represented the agency well.

“They were enthusiastic when discussing the reality of their roles and showing off their equipment,” she said. “Through interaction with current firefighters it gave applicants a real glimpse of this exiting but challenging career.”

All agencies agreed the recruitment drive will be an annual event to entice more Caymanians into the public service sector each year. Officials told CNS that in future they may also include immigration and customs in the recruitment drive.

The application deadline for RCIPS was on Monday but anyone interested in the fire service has until close of business today to get their applications in to CIFSRecruitment@gov.ky

Completed application forms for HMCIPS can be sent to prisoncareers@gov.ky or dropped off at HMP Northward. The prison recruitment process formally opens on 9 September until end of month. 

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  1. Hosepipe says:

    I don’t know about the police or prison services, but there are two essential qualification for entry to the Fire Service:
    1. The ability to play dominos
    2. The willingness to watch interminable pornographic movies.

    and female applicants beware……..!

  2. Anonymous says:

    will 15 English recruits be hired for fire service now

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who is deciding that the Caymanian applicants are Caymanian, and how?

    • Anonymous says:

      Majority of employers require a Cayman Status Certificate/ Letter or Birth Certificate to prove the applicant’s Caymanian Status. If they have questions over the person’s status (eg. They were born here, but both parents were born Jamaicans) they inquire with the Department of Immigration.

      • Anonymous says:

        How does a birth certificate evidence that someone has Caymanian Status? Does the civil service make the same checks as the private sector?
        How does immigration know if a born Caymanian is in fact Caymanian if they have not made an acknowledgement application and provided all supporting documents?

        • Anonymous says:

          There is hardly an article on here without some form of racism and the worst bit it is coming from people who consider themselves “pure” Caymanian when there never has been and never will be such a thing. If you got the right papers, you are Caymanian..end of story…

          • Anonymous says:

            I agree. But do these people “have the papers?” (and a birth certificate does not qualify).

          • Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. says:

            Well said 12.19. Simple! Cut the divisive crap guys.

            • Anonymous says:

              The issue is nothing to do with divisiveness. It is to do with our own Government not understanding who is Caymanian from who is not.

    • . says:

      You can tell who is a genuine Caymanian by their attitude to work. Check out this letter about a new employer to the island trying to employ Caymanian staff. I hope the emergency services realise what they are letting themselves in for. The staff won’t come to work if it’s raining…

  4. Anonymous says:

    ‘Fire Service, which is currently looking for 15 new officers, has always been popular with Caymanians’…..
    i wonder why???????

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t matter. After getting hired, the candidates will end up waiting another 8 months before training even starts.

      Soon come, as they say.

      • Anonymous says:

        I do know an individual that waited an entire year before they trained, at which point they had to do a couple of the tests over, even though they passed it and got a letter of acceptance a year prior.

      • Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. says:

        If what you say is true, then I call on the Fire Services to come clean and make a public statement to clarify when training will begin. When young people apply for a job, they don’t want it in six months time!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    we should be cutting back on civil servants not hiring more!

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