Police urge public to secure homes and businesses

| 05/09/2016 | 30 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): The RCIPS is calling on the public to help fight crime and keep the lid on property crimes, especially burglaries, by checking the security of their premises. Efforts to reduce burglaries have resulted in a third less this year than last year, but police are concerned that people are making it too easy for villains to break into their properties. They noted that although many homes and businesses have security systems and anti-crime measures in place, several residential burglaries have taken place recently because owners have left windows and doors insecure, providing easy access for opportunistic burglars.

A Burglary Task Force has been established and the RCIPS credited that unit with the 34% reduction, but said they still need the help of the community to drive and keep crime down. Urging people to properly secure their homes, businesses and cars, the police reminded the public not to leave valuables inside vehicles or in plain sight.

“We also ask that if you see something unusual, say something,” a police spokesperson said. “Together we can make our communities safer.”

Anyone with any information about a crime can call 911 any police station or CrimeStoppers.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Headline should read: Citizens urge police to get out and start patrolling!

  2. Pink Panther says:

    What about the million dollar CCTV? Does it actually works?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey there, Pinky. Um, actually no. No, it doesn’t “works”. It may possibly WORK but given that this is the Cayman Islands, that is highly doubtful. But that’s not my point. When you write “Does it actually works?” you sound really dumb. The correct term as set out in the “Grammar Nazi Police Handbook” would be, “Does it actually work?” Get it? NO S. There is NO S on “work”. Don’t blame it on autocorrect. Just stop. I know you talk this way, too, and it is very annoying and imbecilic. Stop. Just stop.

      • Anonymous says:

        You seems like a jerk. You understood what the poster was saying and you quickly and all to easily slipped into a rude mini tirade. Stop. Just stop. Please be kind.

      • Anonymous says:

        @12:41 am
        Anger management for you?
        Everyone is aware of AUTOCORRECT, which has a mind of its own, and some people speak several languages, so English is not necessarily the first language for them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not sure if my grammar is correct but you come across as an overbearing idiot

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think the CCTV cameras don’t work try anything funny at the one on Eastern Avenue in front of the Rubis station off Godfrey Nixon Way they are always there down loading stuff on a laptop just in case you need to know….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Allow me to have a gun, and I will protect my property.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or just lock your door and windows at night

    • Anonymous says:

      Straight talk. But, just so you know you can have a licensed gun here, but not (quoted from some Ever-So-Important-Guy: “without a Firearms License specifically authorized by the Commissioner of Police… It is possible however, to import a firearm (or your firearms collection) in some cases. To do so the prospective applicant should complete a Firearms License and import/export form, which can be obtained from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (‘RCIPS’). In addition to providing the various supporting documents, the applicant will be required to declare the manner in which the firearm will be stored. Every firearm must be stored in a locked box or safe and the RCIPS will check to ensure that this is enforced.” Sounds simple, right? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It should be, and would be, if the Holy-Powers-That-Be would get their heads out of their asses and actually know what their job is. Good luck with that! Getting it in, and all the licensing stuff will probably cost you your first-born child and they’ll dick you around for 6 months until either, 1) you’re dead because a robber broke in, or 2) someone (no one will know who is responsible for doing it) will finally give you the license, maybe…that’s If the printers are working, the internet is actually functional that day, and half the staff isn’t on vacation or paid leave for some crime they’ve committed. Best of luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm no thanks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How about, “Public urge Police to secure their jobs.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not all the loot is shipped out. Many people on this island buy stolen goods from thieves. They are enablers to the burglaries/robberies. I agree loot is taken off island also by boat especially. But alot of loot is sold to these enabler people who buy it from the thieves.

    Alot of thieves are also crackheads. It is high time for Cayman to hurry up and have a proper up and running mental health institute so these crackheads can be locked up where they can get mental health help. They know who to go to sell the stolen loot as they are Caymanians and know everything. As for the foreign looters, all snapper boats should be thoroughly searched before leaving the island (and coming in too with possible guns and drugs).

    As for the illegal entry boats from Jamaica, i don’t know how to solve that other than more police boat and helicopter patrol.

    And you may say, well how do you put a crackhead in a mental health institute if they don’t want to go there voluntarily? Simple, the police can pressure them in the streets and once they are rude and acting crazy, the police (Cayman) should have a law like the US called the Baker Act Law, where police have the right to arrest a person and carry them to the mental health institute lock up because the person is acting crazy. Yes this law will also cause some normal people (possibly drunk) to get locked up for a few days sometimes because of some ranting and raving outburst infront of police, but they’ll get released soon enough and learn to control themself better! But this is the only way to have more control of these mental crackheads walking up and down our streets and burglarizing and robbing.

    Here’s a question for “Ask Auntie”: Can you please look up the Law and see if there is such a Law in Cayman like the US Baker Act Law and let us know? Thanks Auntie.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh sweet bleedin’ Jaysus I don’t think I have actually ever found myself LOL…As many times a day as I use those three letters, I’m never actually doing it, I’m only usually trying to end a boring conversation…but this…I actually Laughed Out Loud.

      CNS: The rest of this comment is posted here: Drug addicts: a parent’s pain

    • Anonymous says:

      Good tips. I just hope that someone from RCIPS reads these comments, as well as Derek Patrick Byrne,the new commissioner of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Burglary would be down now as quite a number of the offenders are in Northward now. Lets see what the numbers look like in 12-18 months when they start to get released.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can we change the headline to “Public Urges Police to secure all criminals so our homes and business may be safe”?

  8. Anonymous says:

    fair enough, but what is RCIP doing to limit burglaries? Are they patrolling neighborhoods on foot, bike and by car? I don’t see any action from their end….

  9. Anonymous says:

    The police are a bad joke. I had a break-in 5-6 months ago. The police only just called up to get my statement.

    • Poor Island says:

      Hush, our place was broke into about 2 years ago, the police came, dusted the whole place for prints, we even gave them names of the culprits in the area, we are still waiting to hear back from the police up to today. They know they not gonna do nada, that’s why they asking the public “to help”, like a few weeks ago when they were looking ‘volunteer police’ pfffft so sad..

      Not gonna be ignorant and say its not good advice to work together and help reduce these acts, but I mean come on now, as small as this island is, we’re a British overseas territory, ain’t we suppose to have some kind of island security settings, or we government too cheap for that too? They need set up sumthin different on this island and fast, and it needs to start from educating the lil fools that coming out of the high schools.

      Here’s my opinion on that, extend school after high school for another year or 2, some kind of educational facility that will train our younger kids for different sectors (i.e. construction, banking, accounting, flying planes) of the working environment, a facility that could possibly teach them the basics of these sectors, that way most of them will be leaving school at age 17/18 and will have the necessary educations PLUS minor work experience, making it easier to get a job, cuz nobody can tell me there aren’t jobs out there, people always retiring / dying. (God forgive me but it’s the truth). Anyways I hope something will be done soon, this is the reason I don’t vote. I am 28 years old and haven’t seen a politician do a single thing good for this island YET.

      As for the bums (grown, non-ambitious adults) should be required by LAW to be making an income, and find some kind of consequence when they don’t. But yea the Queen will probably smoke weed first.

      Peace out.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah. Yet another ignorant moron chimes in with absolutely nothing of any value. You should probably focus less on what the schools should be doing and perhaps go back to school yourself and take an English class. If I were you, I’d be less worried about Government’s education issues and more about the fact that I’m 28 and can’t put an intelligent sentence together. Just a suggestion.

        • Energy Wasted says:

          Little idiot, I can speak however I want to, I can be very educational, as I passed all my classes in my times dweeb, or I can be as G as I want b***h!

          “Wa yu need do is come slap mi ina mi mouth!”

          My vocab is ME, and I speak how I please, I shouldn’t even waste my time to address you, cause it’s people like you that mess up our society, you’re probably one of those retard migrants yourself, no understanding of the importance of growing up the proper way and being educated for the future; everything starts from education fool, if one isn’t educated properly there’s a higher chance of one committing an act of crime, I have a right to an opinion and even though you do too, it isn’t valid to me. HOW WAS THAT FOR A PROPER SENTENCE, idiot?

          Come outta dis bl***clat

          • LOL says:

            Or are you one of those LAZY ASS COPS looking some volunteer to do his/her job too? LOL

            Cause boy I throw my corn but mi na call no fowllllllll

          • Anonymous says:

            And that, 9.43, is precisely why the currently unemployed Caymanians will remain unemployed.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If thieves and burglars were not able to ship the loot off this island, there would be no burglaries. Once again, like in the traditional medicine – covering gangrene with a bandaid.
    Wrong focus RCIPS. Stolen stuff need to be stored, transported and shipped out. What your detectives are doing? The island is tiny, it should not be hard to follow the trail of stolen items.

  11. Anonymous says:

    when the police come from countries where crime is an everyday occurrence they think the small crime is not worth time but it is where you should start. Handing out parking tickets, write up people double parking.seat belts etc etc . make these people obey the smallest aspects of the law and they actually stop robbing us and committing crime. Oh wait you may even find stolen goods, guns, drugs in their cars. But we over look this aspect of policing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t crime an everyday occurrence in Cayman. Now it is the foreign police officers’ fault. I have heard everything. Open your eyes….there is too much crime period that is why the police have to prioritise!!!!! The fact that RCIPS are asking us to be vigilant and take security precautions must tell you this!!!

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