Landlord stayed in tenant’s condo

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Cayman News ServiceMy husband and I live at a condo on island that is owned by a woman living in (the US). Upon moving into our condo we found out that the owner had not been to Cayman to see her unit in over 10 years. It needed a lot of work! We told her we would be off island for the month of July and that she should come down and take a look at the place. We made it clear we were not comfortable with her sleeping in our condo if we still had to pay rent for the entire month, especially the 10 days she was here. She never responded.

She was here for 10 days in July sleeping in our bed without our permission. We deducted the days she was here from the total rent for the month and are even covering the cost of the CUC bill, though she left the AC fan on for three weeks straight after she left, running the bill to almost $400 for a month when the place was only occupied for 10 days. She is now threatening to evict us if we do not pay for the days that she was here sleeping in our condo. Are there laws against this in Cayman or is this an ethics issue?

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