Judge raises concerns over knife crime

| 23/09/2016 | 12 Comments

(CNS): A Grand Court judge said that knife crime was “worryingly prevalent” and raised his concerns about people claiming to carry the weapons as protection, as he handed down a sentence of five years and six months to a Jamaican man convicted of stabbing his one-time friend in the heart following a card game dispute. Orlando Graham (34) was convicted by a jury last week of wounding Prentice Brown with intent when the game turned violent. The judge pointed out that when men are armed with knives, it is all too easy to use them when a dispute occurs.

Cayman News Service

Orlando Graham

“Both men claimed to be carrying knives for their own protection,” the judge stated as he delivered his sentence. “It is a familiar and pathetic excuse. If you need to carry a knife for your own protection, you are mixing with the wrong people, going to the wrong places or doing the wrong things.”

Noting that the courts take a serious view of knife crime, he added, “I don’t imagine he intended to stab anyone that night but this illustrates the problem that if someone is carrying a knife and an argument begins, it is all too easy to draw it and use it.”

With a custodial sentence inevitable and following sentencing guidelines, he arrived at a six-year term. But given the time that Graham had spent on electronic curfew, he reduced the sentence to five and a half years.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    According to the Cayman 27 report this fellow has a prior conviction for assault from 2010. Given that he is a foreign national without status, and seems to have a prior criminal record for something that ought to have raised particular alarm bells, could someone at immigration please explain:

    1. Why and how he is here in the first place, and
    2. What is going to happen to him following his release?

    Has the crown even requested his deportation or is stabbing people in the heart now perfectly acceptable behavior?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Only sneaky coward’s carry knives…if you have a problem with someone that can’t be resolved verbally, take it in the ring and beat the shit outta each other with fists, then have a beer together and move on.

    Could do a weekly fight club in GT, the MLA’s can ref and Judicary can score the fights. Add spectators and vendors and it’s a win win all round!

  3. The Judge says:

    Now we have to feed and care for this jerk for five years. Are our leaders insane? Why not deport him with the understanding he would be executed if he returns? End of problem!

    • Anonymous says:

      Because then all foreigners would know that if they come to Cayman and commit crime the worst that happens is a free flight home!

      • MM says:

        That may just be the best kind of deterrent, obviously if they are here they do not particularly want to be home for whatever reason.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why no deportation order? Did the crown even seek one?

  5. MM says:

    KYD$78,000 x 5 years = KYD$390,000

    Cayman Airways ticket to JA – KYD$250 one-way

    We are complaining about over-crowded prisons (where at least 80% of inmates are Caymanian).

    However, in order to reduce costs, I do believe it is time to enact some legislation that if you are convicted and sentenced for committing a crime in Cayman, and you are not a citizen of this country, then, you should be sent back home with your new criminal record and placed in to the hands of the appropriate authorities there.

    Long and short, we need space for our own at this point and instead of Government increasing the cost of living (which they say they have decreased) by taxing 22% on fruits and veggies etc in order to sustain itself and fat political pockets; reduce some expenses by enabling thoughtful policies and legislation on all levels.

    Common sense not so common.

  6. Sunrise says:

    Five and a half years, is a starting point for wounding with intent, however, should be a mandatory ten year sentence. It is a disgrace to know that people have to carry knives, on these little islands, for protection. This is the mentality and reality of other islands, especially in Jamaica, where crime is so out of control. I am not trying to be against any nationality, but the truth is the truth. Try reading the loop news, and no more needs to be said. Now, our teenagers and young men are adapting these ways, and think that it is “cool” to carry a weapon. Need a good whack on the head, to wake up to reality. We need to really send messages to these, not so “sharp mentally” persons, with harsher penalties. This could be my children, and if they can’t go somewhere without a weapon, then they don’t have to be in society!! Let us not turn Cayman into a machete and knife weilding, third world country!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately most of our young men are Jamaicans even if born here. Mass status grants and Jamaicans ability to multiply has seen to the disappearance of Caymanians.
      Thanks Mac.

  7. Anonymous says:

    and a night club here here lets you check your knife at the door and then gives it back to you on the way out……
    time to stamp out muppett gangster behaviour once and for all…

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone that feels they need to carry concealed weapons to socialize should re-evaluate their life. It would be helpful if bars didnt reward temporary patron disarmament with admission and alcohol service – that just relocates any confrontations to the parking lot after close. It should also be incumbent on these establishments to alert police if there are quantities of weapons recovered on door screening – that would be a reliable social indicator of your clientele’s proclivities and points to the likelihood that the night might end with investigation tape and a license review. Neither aid tourism or their business model.

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