Cops nab machete wielding street robber

| 30/09/2016 | 9 Comments

(CNS): The police were able to apprehend a machete-wielding street robbery suspect Thursday night on the way to the crime scene. Police said they rounded up the man on their way to the report of a mugging on Shedden Road near Main Street. A man had reported that the robber, whom he knew, had threatened him with a machete and taken a small quantity of cash. On the way to the location, police officers spotting a man fitting the description and pulled over.

The suspect refused to comply with police instructions, the RCIPS stated in the crime report, and “violently resisted a police search”. However, the police said he was “contained” by the officers, who eventually searched him, recovering a machete and what was suspected to be cocaine.

The 30-year-old George Town man was arrested on suspicion of robbery, possession of a restricted weapon, and drug-related offences and is currently in police custody.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I have read all the previous comments on CNS that the law enforcement in Cayman is doing a great job. Take a look at this: file:///C:/Users/david.liberati/Downloads/12324339.PDF
    This report is from the RCIP. Comparing January 1 to June 30 in 2015 to 2016, your overall crime rate is up 9%. That’ UP, 9%
    Do you know what that means, your small population is exploding with crime. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT. DO YOU KNOW MATH?
    So, Great job RCIP, and good that all of you keep patting them on the back for the outstanding work cleaning up your streets, the small streets on your tiny island…just hope they don’t end up at your house during a crime scene investigation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good. Now pls do sumthing about the drugheads n parolees with machetes strapped to their bikes riding about day and nite in west bay please.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well done RCIP. I don’t envy your facing armed suspects with only tasers and batons. Much respect.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Take note USA Police….this is how you’re supposed to apprehend a suspect/person.

    • Anonymous says:

      Take note you FOOL…this man is not carrying a loaded weapon he refuses to put down, nor is he pointing something stupid at a police officer to make it seem like a gun (vap smoking device the idiot in California was recently shot for). You don’t hear about police in the USA being blamed for not doing their job or for a lack of enforcement, like in Cayman, do you? Seems like the expressed view by the entire island is that RCIP sucks.
      Let me ask, is crime in Cayman going down, violent crime? Take a look at the majority of the stories on Cayman News Service anymore. Maybe it should be renamed to Crime Scene Investigations.
      Don’t jump on the naive and senseless bad police & blm bandwagon. It’s ignorance at its finest.

      • Judge & Jury says:

        Anon 02/10/2016 at 9:27 am – Just in case you are a late comer to this world or just not in-tuned with the world you live in…. please be informed of the staggering number of black people being UNLAWFULLY & UNJUSTIFIABLY killed – relentlessly might i add, on a weekly basis by white police officers around the USA over the last number of months. For more reference, do a Google search for news and videos of US Police Shootings & Killing of Civilians(mainly blacks).

        Further, you are very quick to be demeaning and abusive, but perhaps you should take an inventory of your own knowledge and mentality.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree. I’d suggest U.S. police departments send teams down here to learn from the RCIPS on correct non-lethal restraint methodology. Evidently there are so many gun-toting “shoot first, ask questions later” officers lose on the streets of the U.S. that there is almost the need for some kind of travel advisory.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, exactly, and I see this a lot from the cops here. Use of appropriate force, even restrained force. I have read a few stories this year where the same suspect would have been shot dead in the states. Even one where a guy pointed a gun at cops a few months back, and they didn’t shoot him. For all the knee-jerk whining about the police here, they seem decently trained on this point. Not cowboys.

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