Cops believe bus driver may have seen fatal crash

| 21/09/2016 | 17 Comments

(CNS): The police are appealing to the driver and passengers of a white bus that was travelling on South Sound Road toward George Town at the time of the fatal crash on Monday, 19 September, to come forward, as they believe they may have seen the collision of a white SUV and a motorbike at around 11:30am, in which the bike rider was killed. They are also asking anyone else who may have seen the accident to get in touch with the investigating officers to help them piece together what happened.

Cayman News Service

Fatal crash 19 September 2016 (Photo courtesy Cayman 27)

“We understand that a vehicle which appeared to be a white bus was traveling on South Sound Road at the time of the accident, heading toward George Town.  It is uncertain whether this was a public bus or private vehicle,” a spokesperson for the RCIPS stated.

Police are asking the driver of that vehicle or any passengers who may have any information regarding this collision to please contact the Traffic Management Unit at the following numbers: 936-0127 or 936-9853.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What about CCTV??!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do any of you criticizing the bus driver stop to realize he is probably as clueless as to what happened as you guys are?

    • Anonymous says:

      Having no knowledge whatsoever never stops a good CNS poster expressing very firm and judgmental views on an issue. It is just like Rooster, although on Rooster apparently being a “son of the soil” etc gives you knowledge and wisdom about absolutely everything.

    • Anonymous says:

      their always clueless as they never check mirrors, stop at Stop signs or red lights.

      They do not care about anyone else on the road but other buses they can flash their lights to

  3. Anonymous says:

    And didn’t stop to offer assistance. Sickening.

  4. Cheese Face says:

    Seriously, if you saw this happen, why on earth wouldn’t you stop and try and assist?

  5. Anonymous says:

    That picture says it all… The bike is in the wrong lane and hit the SUV. RIP old boy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Congrats! You’ve just won first prize in a “spot the ball”, sorry “spot the bike” contest. You can also go and collect your prize for being an expert witness, sorry meant expert wanker, at the nearest RCIPS station.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really… does it?

      So the bike hit the front of the van (apparently without locking brakes since there are no tyre marks on that part of the road) and then bounced back several yards while the van came to an instant stop?

      Or maybe the picture doesn’t show the point of impact at all?????????????????

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a skid mark from the bike on the road too you dipshit. The bike braked moments before impact.

  6. Sharkey says:

    You mean that the witness or CCTV could show the police that a white bus was traveling in the area of the accident at the time, and that’s all . Maybe by publishing the name of suv driver or a photo could help put this investigation to a complete. Or is this the new style of hit and run .

    • Anonymous says:

      There was an eye witness directly behind the motorcycle as well as the driver of the SUV and the passenger. What difference does it make who the driver of the SUV was? does that change the outcome? its not like he left the scene nor did the passenger nor did the eye witness that was behind the motorbike.

      There was a white bus or similar that the motorbike appeared to be over taking or avoiding so the police are asking for that person or any passengers in the vehicle to come forward, in case they would have some further statements that could be helpful.

      Everyone needs to stop assuming and let the RCIP do their job. Comments like these are not helping the situation.

  7. 345 says:

    There was an eye witness driving behind the motorcycle. What more does the police need.

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