Flow customers struggle to connect

| 31/08/2016 | 38 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): People on the Flow telecoms network were struggling to connect on their phones Tuesday after the company experienced what was described as “a degradation of service” for the best part of yesterday. A spokesperson for Flow stated that the service was impacted from 6:00am until 4:00pm. “This affected some long distance calls and inter-connection to local operators. 911 services were not affected at any time,” the company said. “Customers were updated through our social media pages and we’d like to thank them for their patience as we worked to resolve the issues.”

Some customers who contacted CNS were livid that what they see as a costly service was interrupted for such a significant part of the day, with attempts at phone calls met with a message telling callers the numbers were out of service.

The firm’s regional boss, Michele English, recently stated on a visit to Cayman that Flow would be making further significant investments here in its fixed network because, despite being small, the market was a very significant one for the telecoms giant, which is in the process of being acquired by Liberty Global. The senior executive said Flow had spent more than $30 million over the last two years in the local mobile network, creating what she claimed was the fastest and most reliable service anywhere.

Flow boss aims to settle regulator issues

The firm continues to be in talks with the local Information Communication and Technology Authority, which regulates the telecoms sector relating to issues that have arisen relating to the take-over, the service provision and immigration issues and status of some members of its senior team.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    It is my opinion that Flow simply does not care about the quality of the service that it attempts to provide in the Cayman Islands. It is also obvious to me that the entire management team needs to be fired and that the board with oversight of the local operation needs to be restructured in a meaningful way.

    The customer service that is provided over the phone, on the web site and Facebook page and by just about every other way is simply unacceptable. The simplest of things requires that you visit their customer service centre in the Galleria Plaza where you have to wait for extended periods of time only to be abused by some of the most incompetent individuals on earth that call themselves supervisors or managers.

    The company is in need of competent leadership at all levels.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Im still struggling to connect

  4. Anonymous says:

    By Business phone system has been down since Tuesday and after numerous fault reports, I only get the same response “sorry…someone will fix it today”. They are the worst company ever…Keep changing your business name ( C&W, LIME, FLOW) it doesn’t correct the fact that you should be, in the end called SUCK!

  5. Sharkey says:

    As I am reading in these comments , that these companies are witholding deposits and not providing business services and doing what ever they want to do.
    Why don’t everyone get up and go to Government and tell them that this kind of behavior is outrageous and crooked , and we are not going to except it , and they better act on it now , or we would act next election . I think that politicians understand that kind of language .

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is just a guess but maybe they are too busy sending me 3 f’ing spams a day on text. They should be reported to themselves for misusing their system to hound me to get my relatives in the US to send them money. Sad. Slimy. Relentlessly pathetic.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, these texts are enough to drive you crazy….

    • Anonymous says:

      Digicel too – and I am sick of them giving out my info to third parties (without my consent) so that they in turn can spam my phone too. Considering complaint to ICTA.

  7. Soldier Crab says:

    Am I missing something? They used ‘social media’ to communicate with their customers: facebook, twitter etc work through either the cell-system or fixed lines none of which were functioning at all.
    So exactly how did this magical customer relations exercise happen?

    • Anonymous says:

      Soldier Crab I do not know why your cell phone did not work, my C&W cell phones (plural) worked just fine. All day.

  8. Anonymous says:

    But hold on a minute – isn’t this the private sector where efficiency and effectiveness reigns supreme? Where competition brings out the best?
    I thought these kind of comments were reserved for the public service which has no competition.

  9. Annie says:

    How am I supposed to access these ‘social media’ updates whilst I have no internet service?

  10. Slow says:

    To be quite frank flow should just close their doors here in Cayman and move on. The customer experience really sucks and there’s no value for money – too over priced if you ask me.

  11. Annie says:

    We lost are credit card line all day yesterday, and all of our high dollar sales walked out the door. Are we going to be compensated? No. They don’t even answer the phone. Maybe they should rebrand yet again, as lemon.

  12. Anonymous says:

    An unfortunate renaming, this company certainly does not “flow”, it’s more like a series of swamps and sinkholes.

    • Cho King Often says:

      FLOW = Following Lime’s Old Ways! Did you expect anything different with a simple name change? We here in Cayman have been bled dry by this company for decades. Isn’t it about time we stood up and demanded better?

  13. Anonymous says:

    FLOW/LIME is the WORST!! I’ve been waiting to have my business line transferred to a new location since 2011!! I’ve had to use my cell and home numbers for contact and lost a segment of my local market, yet LIME/FLOW has collected monthly from me for the service (which I haven’t cancelled – only wanted it transferred) !!

    When I took the legal route, FLOW interfered with my lawyers!! My fight is ongoing!

    • Anonymous says:

      Those brilliant private sector workers again.

    • Anonymous says:

      At 5.08pm You say that since 2011you have been paying monthly for a service that you are not receiving. That tells me a few things 1) You are a poor business person and 2) You must believe that the service at Digicel is even worse, since you have not chosen them as your provider in spite of what you allege is extremely poor performance by FLOW. I am left to wonder if your story has been exaggerated just a little bit.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “Customers were updated through our social media pages and we’d like to thank them for their patience as we worked to resolve the issues.”

    Great – there are plenty without internet or social media at home, and many are prevented from using these at work. Businesses don’t tend to surf the web or social media when trying to operate without phones, they are trying (emphasis on trying) to work and shield off all the customer complaints received by email saying they can’t get through on the phone.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If flow had invested in infrastructure and customer service instead of rebranding themselves to sound like a line of feminine hygiene products, this wouldn’t have happened. No sympathy here…

    • Anonymous says:

      They rebrand themselves about every 4 years because we are too stupid to figure out they are the same lousy company as Lime (more feminine hygiene) and C&W

  16. Anonymous says:

    Aaaahhhh twas smooth sailing on Digi….I ported years ago and at the time was told by FLOW staff that I’d be back….nope, only came back because you still have my $200 deposit from a cell phone contract I terminated back in 2005 and you are yet to refund me.

    • Anonymous says:

      What…Digicel Land lines go down way more often then FLOW…you must work for DIGICEL

      • Anonymous says:

        Not true. I am not the original poster, but I can support their comment.

        I have been with Digicel for almost 10 years and they are always on whilst all around me all I hear and see is complaints about Cable & Wukkless/LIME/FLOW being down. When a storm comes the first to go down is FLOW – my Digicel continues to work a treat. Same with internet – Dumped FLOW and significant improvement with Digicel. I also find their pricing works out cheaper in the long run although I remain convinced it could still be cheaper.

        No I do not work for Digicel, but I would choose them over FLOW any day.

        • Anonymous says:

          11.04pm Then I guess you were not here for Hurricane Ivan. It was Cable and Wireless cell phones that were up and working when others were not. In fact my my C&W landline was up and running shortly after the storm.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I bet there will be no degradation in bill size…

  18. Anonymous says:

    FLOW/LIME/C&W has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my 20 years in Cayman. They have reduced customer service to an email address, there is no way to speak to a human being on their system. I have been waiting three weeks now to have a fixed line moved from one location to another. Also, you need to be aware that FLOW now installs digital local phone lines if there is not an existing copper analog line. The digital line does not work if the power goes out or if you are connected to an alarm system.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree they have the worst customer service of any entity on island. Their customer service agents are only available between 10 am and 2 pm! When you get there (if you can leave work to go), you have to wait up to an hour or more to meet with an agent. It’s ridiculous!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually the alarm side of you comment is incorrect…you just need to contact the correct monitoring company…IP/GSM backup is the best way to go today. fast/reliable and heartbeat versus system calling in once a day. I suggest you call Electra-Tech for further information.

    • Anonymous says:

      The poor customer service also extends to the fact that their physical customer service department is located on the second floor of a building with no elevator access. I have seen elderly citizens struggle to go up those stairs. What a shame!

      I had to go three times to get one problem resolved – this is after I received an email stating that the service that I had requested had been processed.
      What is going on FLOW???

  19. Anonymous says:

    “Degradation of service??” LOL! What a perfect description of the kind of service FLOW/CCLOG/LIme customers have been receiving for the past two years. Every upgrade results in further degradation and their customer service is little more than junior high school spin! This telecom defines Third World communications and there is no excuse for this poor quality of service at the rates they charge.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no data to support this but I would venture to say that they make more money from Caymanian public than from any other group of people even with our small population. A friend told me recently that FLOW stands for FOLLOWING LIME OLD WAYS, !! Having said that I must speak up for the ladies and gents working in the Country Side office. I find them very helpful whenever I have to go in there.

  20. Knot S Smart says:

    Despite all of its inadequacies I still like ‘Slow’ oops – I mean Flow…

  21. Anonymous says:

    The two cans you have illustrated would have been more useful than my “phone” yesterday…

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