Cops get on their bikes to get back into community

| 27/08/2016 | 20 Comments
Cayman News Service

RCIPS officers patrol Cayman by bike

(CNS): Police bicycle patrols around Grand Cayman have been redeployed as part of the RCIPS’ goal to enhance the its neighbourhood policing strategy and increase community engagement. Police officers from the neighbourhood policing department got back on their bikes on 17 August and since then, they have been out daily at different times in different areas of George Town to increase police visibility, interact with the public and respond proactively to any threats to public safety they encounter. The patrols are considered important in the fight against crime and will be extended to other districts, police management said.

“This is about community engagement and community reassurance,” said Robert Graham, Superintendent of District Operations. “But it’s also about fighting crime, because this kind of nimble, responsive police presence has a deterrent effect. My plan is to extend these patrols to all districts in time.”

PC Christopher Donaldson, one of the neighbourhood officers who has been on the bike patrol over the last ten days, explained some of the advantages of the pedal patrol.

“On the bikes you can stop easily and speak to anyone, so you are in the community more. But also, you can reach rural areas not easily reached by cars, and disrupt illegal activities like ganja smoking, among other things.”

“There are burglars who use bikes, and also street indecent assaults have been committed using bikes – it’s easier to catch someone on a bicycle if you are too,” PC Charles Ebanks said, just a few days before a tourist was robbed near Sunset House by a suspect on a bike.

While chasing down criminals on two wheels has its advantages, the pedaling police said that they also found being on a bike made it easier to engage with residents in some rural areas with very narrow roads.

They related one instance in which they spoke at length with an elderly woman in one such area who said she had not interacted with a police officer in man years.

“But they are really useful for tourist areas as well,” said PC Ebanks. “We can maneuver easily among crowds of people when the cruise ships arrive. The only drawback is the heat,” he noted. “It can get a little rough around midday.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope they ride on the correct side of the Road and start regulating all those cyclists who they come across riding every which way they feel like.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Random ID and immigration status checks of people loitering around Eastern Avenue, Walkers Road etc etc. Get these roads cleaned up!

  3. JH says:

    Mr. Ennis is a professional Cop and his ability is now being showcased, It is sad when hard working, loyal, persons like him are not offered the job outright instead of going through an antiquated and tired Colonial process. If we don’t promote our own who will?.

  4. Anonymous says:

    so now they can cycle around all day and turn a blind eye to people breaking the law in broad daylight…….eg. tinted car windows……

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great way to get them in shape!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great gesture, although I can’t lie and say they won’t be feeling the heat of the Sun. It’s been blazing recently. And yet people believe that global warming isn’t a real problem.

  7. MM says:

    I think this may be a great way to do community policing. Four to five officers on racer bikes throughout each community, 24/7, armed at the hip.

    Larger communities like Prospect, Newlands and West Bay areas could have their dedicated group of cops. Not only is it a way to keep our cops fit and healthy, they would be more accessible to each community. It would also save the police budget tens of thousands of dollars a month on gas and vehicle maintenance. Of course there would still have to be cops in cars; but it is easier to jump off a bike and chase a criminal than to park a car and get out.

    Great job RCIPS.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What were they suppose to do? Walk? They have already wrecked too many cars ahead of pace. Now they are forced to utilize bikes to get around since the budget has been so poorly managed that they cannot replace the cars.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ganja smoking is a ridiculous crime, clogging the courts and encouraging smuggling of the drug. End the cat and mouse game and tax the enlightening plant

    • Anonymous says:

      They would make plenty a tax dollar from me, that’s for sure. Legalize it and take my money, would rather to relax with a lil spliff than getting a hangover.

  10. Anonymous says:

    On your bike mate!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Or an attempt to cover up that they wrecked 13 ned Dodge Chargers in as many months and now have decided those didn’t cost enough of tax payers money and opted for Land Rovers for their next fleet. Wake Up Cayman! You are being fleeced.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please get your facts straight before posting. The Land Rovers were donated not bought.

      I agree that the RCIPS need to clean up a lot and get more done, but spreading crap like you just did is wrong too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Where did I say they “Bought” them? Do you know how much insurance, maintenance & gas costs on a Land Rover as opposed to a normal police car? It is a “Luxury” SUV and has no justifiable application as Policing vehicle. Why didn’t they sell the Land Rovers and buy 6 normal police cars? In your warped sense of reasoning, if someone donated a Bugatti Veyron they should slap some Police stickers on it and use it to fight crime? Wake Up!

        • Devil's Advocate says:

          I guess you have not seen what the Italian police officers are driving these days…Lamborghinis Gallardo, Lotus Evoras and Haurcans. I would say the donated Rovers are tame in comparison!

  12. Bicycle, bicycle says:

    Excellent! Even though I’m not a big fan of the police, this is good to see. Direct, human interaction and service, not Force.

    Another plus is you keep fit and healthier by riding. Just remember to wear sunscreen!

  13. Delrot Davis says:

    They shouldn’t have left.

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