Cops to clamp down on illegal trailers

| 11/07/2016 | 30 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): The RCIPS Traffic Management Unit has warned that officers will be clamping down on trailer safety in response to public complaints about the way some are being handled by drivers on the roads and as a result of some recent dangerous accidents. The traffic law regards trailers in the same way as it does motor vehicles, such as cars, trucks or motorcycles, so owners need to register and license them and undergo separate inspections from the vehicle that is towing them. 

Licence plates must be fixed to the rear of the trailer, Inspector Adrian Barnett, who heads of the unit, told CNS.

Some of the safety issues that the police are highlighting include ensuring that the hitch and ball are the right size and that chains are used as a failsafe. Barnett also said that drivers must check that their insurance covers whatever it is that they intend to tow.

The traffic cops acknowledged that the public may not be aware of that as the law has not been consistently enforced in the past.

Inspector Barnett said police office are educating the public about their obligations before they begin issuing tickets.

“We have had a number of traffic operations in the last couple of weeks during which we have not issued tickets, but have been just talking to motorists instead and informing them about the law, especially those towing trailers,” he said. “Very few, if any, of those we have stopped have registered or licensed their trailers.”

The crackdown will begin next week, when officers will be issuing tickets to offenders but police are still giving drivers a chance to bring their vehicles into compliance.

Some of those expected to be affected include small construction or gardening businesses, which often tow various types of equipment, or may have large loads on the back of their trucks.

The traffic law calls for a fine for operating a trailer, or any vehicle, without licensing, registration or inspection of $300 or six months in jail.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In the 15 years I’ve been here, there have been more crack downs than there have been Middle East peace agreements. Though not as many as “improvements” to the immigration department.
    Anybody remember the crackdown on people riding in the back of pick ups? Yeah, boy that was pretty severe. How about the crack down on illegal window tint. Don’t see that anymore do ya. Oooh wait. Now is a very special time in cayman law enforcement history: the rare and sophicated ‘Double Crackdown”!!! Beach vendors (well sometime in the next year or 11) AND illegal trailers. What ever.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was told they are not required to be licensed… By someone in the know! Who knows….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just this Saturday I saw the Police Marine Unit truck pulling and empty boat trailer without any lights and a number plate. Practice what una preach…

    • Anonymous says:

      8:33pm, I had called the police station on the very same vehicle about a month ago!!!! Thought by now they would have fixed the problem!!! They were coming down they bybass in Savannah. Called again about 3 weeks ago on a public work truck that was over taking vehicles on Frank Sound Road doing over 60 (I was doing 50), and speeding all the way over taking. Not one police car stopped the truck. Its all BS when you call the police station, you give them plate numbers tell them where they are going and never do you ever see a police car stop them along the way!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree I was at the movies the other day and there were several trailers before the film and they were very annoying.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Stop running these educational campaigns! The drivers and vehicle owners are adults and it is up to them to familiarize themselves with the law! The RCIP’s job is to enforce the law!!!! What do they think is going to happen if they tell someone nicely that they pull an illegal trailer? They gonna act apologetic and 2 yards down the road they kill themselves laughing. BTW it would be good if police could cross reference if some of those who pull business trailers actually have a business license and hold work permits for their employees.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha! There’s one boyo who uses that jake brake every time he slows down. They’re intended for the sort of down hill grades we don’t have and slowing from higher speeds than the limits around here. He’s been doing it for over 10 years and must have the mind of a 12 year old.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How about also putting a the top of your traffic crack down list the slew of rogue dump truck drivers with overweight, uncovered loads speeding down our highways using illegal “Jake Brakes” in residential neighborhoods? Also on your priority list should be rogue taxi and bus drivers who still don’t know how where there indicators are or speed, dangerously pull over and pull out into traffic?

    Don’t look at the latter as inconveniencing passengers look at it as saving their lives!

  7. Southsounder says:

    Please can someone show me where it states in the highway law, that trailers must tested insured and registered?

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is about time that this trailer situation was enforced. There is an important insurance situation where we are at the mercy of, say, a trailer becoming uncoupled and colliding with somebody’s vehicle, or God help us, hitting a pedestrian. Unless said trailer is insured and licensed, the responsibility of indemnifying the innocent party is on the driver of the vehicle pulling the trailer personally. Not a happy thought, folks.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The one that gets me is that most people have trailers without tail/blinker/brake lights. When they hook up their trailer it blocks the car’s tail lights.
    I always thought brake lights were kind of important.
    I really don’t think the police think they are. Whatever, they are the experts.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is, all these try a ting companies that have sprung up in recent years. They will put anything on the road.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if they will ever find my 2 axle trailer 16 foot 2 of the 7 boards replaced with new and 1 new wheel bearing + the handle on the jack is bent and all messed up But in a place like cayman that would be too hard

    • Anonymous says:

      1:48 Are you sure it they haven’t been shipped overseas. Too many sprung up gardening services, and bare face coconut stealing importees.

  11. Anonymous says:

    They need to check their own first. I witnessed a cop pick up truck towing a burned out panga on a rickety trailer on lp highway just recently. Boat was not secure and trailer wheel severely wobbling.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I would also like to see drivers charge for parking on sidewalks they are made for walking not parking. This forces walkers to walk on the road which is dangerous.

  13. ThIs WrItInG Is VeRy IrRiTaTiNg says:

    Dear RCIPS,

    Here is a list of some other basic road rules you may want to consider to enforcing.

    – children not in proper car seats or even wearing seat belts in moving vehicles
    – running red lights
    – running stop signs
    – not using indicators
    – not using roundabouts correctly
    – turning where signs clearly indicate no turning is allowed
    – emailing and texting while driving
    – talking on the phone without a hands free phone while driving
    – illegal motorcycles on public roads
    – motorcycles and scooters weaving in and out of traffic in the centre of the road and on the shoulder
    – illegal window tint
    – illegal number plate covers

    I see at least one example of each of these just about every time I go anywhere no matter how short the drive.

    Once these are under control please let me know and I will send some additional items for you to start enforcing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree agree especially the car seat……. it happens all the time and is never enforced.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why are the Police waiting for public complaints before enforcing the Law? It is their job, all day every day, without fear or favor!

    • Anonymous says:

      My favorite: the inertia wasting “right of way” vehicle that threshold brakes to let someone in that does not have “right of way”. See also dump road disfunction junction.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yes, tax the small business & hard working man in the recession.

    You can’t fool everybody all the time.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Are you sure that you didnt want to mention the exact time and location of the crackdown, geesh, just do your job 24/7 then no need for so called “crackdowns”

  16. Anonymous says:

    I remember RCIPS running a campaign like this back in late 2007. Guess it didn’t much good?

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