Calls come for Ennis to stay as top cop

| 20/07/2016 | 59 Comments
Cayman News Service

Anthony Ennis, RCIPS Acting Commissioner of Police

(CNS): As government officials begin interviewing the people on the shortlist for the commissioner of police post, calls are coming in from the community to put at least a temporary hold on the recruitment process to allow Acting Police Commissioner Anthony Ennis, supported by Deputy Commissioner designate Kurt Walton, to continue their efforts to get the RCIPS back on track. Since the local pair took over control of operations just a few weeks ago, things already appear to be improving, as Ennis has begun changing the command structure and re-introducing community policing.

Independent MLA Alva Suckoo told CNS that he had noticed a marked improvement already in his Bodden Town constituency.

“I support giving Mr Ennis and his officers an opportunity. They seem to be making a difference and I have seen for myself that there is an increase in police presence on the streets,” he said. “I also had a meeting with the Bodden Town officers and the new superintendent and I was impressed with the plans they have discussed with me. I definitely support putting the search on hold and giving Mr Ennis an opportunity to lead.”

Local criminal defence attorney Peter Polack said he was hearing improved satisfaction levels from across the community and has written to the members of the Legislative Assembly calling on one of them to file a motion making a formal request to suspend recruitment of the top cop. He said that in light of the many positive strides made in a short time by Ennis and Walton, a temporary suspension on the search for a new commissioner of police would allow “greater opportunity for local talent to be displayed”.

The governor’s office confirmed last week that preliminary interviews had already taken place after more than 50 people had applied for the commissioner’s post and further interviews were being arranged for the shortlisted candidates.

During the last recruitment process in 2011, when David Baines was appointed, the office released the names of the final six into the public domain. This time it is being far less transparent and no applicants have so far been identified.

What is certain, however, is that neither Ennis nor Walton are on that list because neither of them applied.

Walton applied for and secured the deputy commissioner’s post, which he will take up when the incumbent, Steve Brougham, leaves the jurisdiction at the end of the summer when his contract ends. Ennis, who has been deputy commissioner for many years, confirmed last week that he had not applied for the job.

But since taking over the top post following Baines’ departure in the face of a lack of confidence in his ability to deal with local policing from the community and politicians, Ennis has hit the ground running and made significant changes. The most significant is the reintroduction of neighbourhood and community policing, with officers posted directly into communities and more visible policing.

Ennis told the press last week that the move away from this method of policing by the previous leadership had a lot to do with the RCIPS’ taking its “foot off the pedal” when crime began to fall.

Falling short of blaming the former commissioner, he said it was difficult to explain why the service had drifted away from the philosophy but he said he believed it was a shift in the priorities.

“I don’t want to throw any previous leaders under the bus,” he said because he was part of the command structure, and he noted that the budget influenced decisions. Nevertheless, he said that the community policing must be sustained; the foot should remain on the pedal and the RCIPS must sustain the programmes, even when they achieve success.

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  1. Sickandtired of amatuer policeonbrac says:

    One thing have me very puzzled.. There have been loads of burglaries in the Brac and none is solved. Felt good when I saw some cayman police come up over the weekend but what did those idiots do? they went on the road and stopped every soul for traffic offenses so Im really starting to get worried now and yea the kirk freeport robbery someone saw the person coming from behind the building on the Sunday Morning around 5 am and the police was told and nothing was done.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The RCIPS has not suddenly changed overnight. All this was underway with Baines, just no one wanted to see it. And if he was still here, you would all be berating him about the crime stats, which you now conveniently forget. Anthony Ennis is a fine police officer and an honourable man, we understand. But he was always in the Command Team of the RCIPS, so not much has changed. What we do need is Kurt Walton to step up as he appears to be doing. And why oh why would you think anyone local would want to expose themselves to the vitriol that comes out the politicians mouths?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the same results would have been achieved without the recent appointment of the Superintendant in charge of uniform policing, Mr Robert Graham? It would appear his new approach has also had a massive impact on visibility and results. This persons contribution to recent success should not be ignored as it would appear that his hard and approach to local crime challenges has certainly been instrumental in turning things around.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any news on the C Brac jewellry store robbery as yet. This should be very easy to solve with such a small population. Please don’t let the crime get out of hand in the Brac like how it did in G rand Cayman. In a Country as big as America minutes after a crime the Cops has their hands on it. The Public seems to have their fingers on it, might be worth getting a few people from the Community to assist with the investigation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Doing a good job ! Far as i’m concerned ! lets strive for excellence ! # I see you on spotts straigh with your blue lights on and i slow down ! Then at Prospect ,Crewe rd and Linfird Pearson, I continue to race to town.

    Have a safe day $$$$$$$

  6. Anonymous says:

    Shame that the same.cant be said about Immigration. All kid of messes going on under the acting Chief and many people are leaving. CNS should Foi the exodus. I like Mr Smith he’s a nice man but he is way in over his head in that role and it’s evident from the continuous incidents comimg out of that one Dept. Bring the old chief back, bring someone else in or rotate him out give him a break now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I say leave them to it. Let the politicians run things for a few years. After a couple of years, sort thru the carnage and a new start with UK cops.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ennis is from the old school, he went through the ranks here while furthering his education . I do believe he has a law degree smart guy . Let me take you all back on a ride in time . Back in the 80’s & 90’s when we had less Police we saw more of them. There were frequent road blocks during the week and even more so on weekend. This was crime prevention at it best. Police was seen so this, in it of itself did a lot because the public saw them out . Here lately it was not done. Back when you could distinguish a traffic patrol from regular patrol was also good. When I drove I was on the look out which made me more aware of my speed etc . Now a day you can cross a Police car going 90 which I have done, believe it or not and nothing happened. I guess they did not have a radar, Thank GOD. LOL . It is simple POLICE must be seen in order not to be SEEN if you get my drift . Meaning if you see them all the time in good times keeping everyone in check and aware chances are the criminals amongst us will think twice before the act. We will always have crime it a given but good can prevail . In the BOOK of life ……. Naaaa.. just kidding not going to preach .

    But honestly, let us give them a chance we must can all work together for a crime free community. In the end we all want to feel and be safe

    Keep up the good works Ennis and Kurt. God bless

  9. Anthony Ennis says:

    While I am humbled by the coverage and comments to the article, “Calls Come for Ennis to Stay as Top Cop”, I would like to request the community that it continue to focus on and support the good work of our police officers, as I do not wish to become a distraction from the important work that has to be done. My decision not to apply for the position of Commissioner of Police was a personal one, and in no way will impact my commitment to the Cayman Islands, the RCIPS and the next Commissioner of Police, who will have my full unconditional support, as have all previous commissioners since my first appointment as Assistant Commissioner in 2003 and then Deputy Commissioner in 2005.

    • Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. says:

      Sir, your country needs you and others at this time. If it is still possible, please step forward and lead the RCIP. Your officers would be very motivated if you were CoP, especially at this time. I call on our citizens as well as officers to add their voices to this call as I believe that would mean a lot to you. God bless you regardless of what you decide.

    • X Marine says:

      Sir. I wish you would take the job. But i respect your reasons.

      I would say however that at least try and do something about the MU.

      They need personell.

      How about bringing back that Chief Engineer that was suspended. At least when he was there the vessels and equipment ran, not like it is now where everything is broken and because there is no trained engineer nothing can be fixed or maintained peoperly. As well as he was capable of captaining the vessels in bad weather without hitting them.

      Just my two cents.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe HE could consider a permanent Royal Navy presence as a shore base here. The Marine base could be used, the existing craft could be used and the duties of the Marine unit can be taken over by the RN. The marine unit officers can be returned to front line police duties as they are police officers filling voids where they are needed.
        This would not only fulfill the drugs interdiction, it would cover the absence of any coastguard and bring another stream of outside revenue to the Island.

      • Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. says:

        7.41 pm. you say “the equipment ran ..,.” don’t know what equipment you are referring to, but I can see yu rootin fur yu buddy agin! LOL.

        • X Marine says:

          Drink much buddy. Thats why drunkerds are not suppose to send messages when they drunk. DUHHHHH.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Ennis,

      While I respect your personal choice and understand that it was for personal reasons, I will implore of you Sir, to kindly reconsider your decision.

      This country has long been in need of Caymanian leadership. I can imagine that part of your consideration is the mentality of Caymanians against their own. I understand and appreciate that as well. We all have to live with that fear.

      But, Sir, I am confident in you. While you are not perfect nor propose to be, I believe that you are the perfect guy the job.

      You are committed and caring and if you need the public’s support I declare it will be there, because your change in the overall attitude and performance of the RCIPS will be so commendable that the public will react favourably to your requests.

      Thank you for your reconsideration.

      God bless you and keep you and make His light to shine on you.

    • Anonymous says:

      A gentleman and an officer.

  10. Just Watchin says:

    Yes, unfortunately this is the flip side of the coin that less than brilliant minds like Bernie Bush, edged on no doubt by the forever Hon. I-never-did-nothing-wrong-in-my-life didn’t see. Your very own won’t want the job after you meddle in it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bernie Bush is an elected official. The people chose him to represent them, to make decisions on their behalf in the best interest of the country.

      Please simply acknowledge this: Bernie is not the first to challenge his performance.

      But the fact of the matter is that now Britain sees how it has a get-rich-through-rape scheme going on and now every thing out of England wants a job here in the police force so that when they screw things up, get booted then they throw the blame back on the country for their termination and sue our purses for what they haven’t been able to carry away through tax evasion to the UK government while getting rich on their property investments here.

      In other words, they have come up with the ideal rip-off plan that would make the Ocean’s series, George Clooney and everyone else associated with such a robbery envious.

      The Cayman Islands Police is the only service in the world in that has made so many of its top-ranking employees rich for NOT doing their job!!!!!

      Please no more UK Commissioners. If anyone has to get fired and sue because they were wrongfully done so, let it be a Caymanian.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Everything out of England wants a job here in the police force”

        Sorry to burst your bubble sweetheart but English cops are leaving faster than you can type this blog.

        Not sure what is coming over the horizon but they all seem to be off.

  11. Con Spiracy Theory says:

    That is not the plan by the FCO and its adviser/Interloper Tempura Larry.Who by the way needs to go! Yes there is a serious notable and real change and respect on the streets by and for the RCIPS and a real focus on crime these days. Not our financial industry/ intelligence and our political environment as was the case. Not for long folks those in the know are fretting and going through real withdrawal now not having absolute control and say. They are having sleepless nights because they believe the longer they are disconnected from our intelligence stream, raises the possibility that someone our others may realize or recognize that their presence here is either not need or has a negative or zero effect on the crime situation. We not our bogus govt, may also catch onto their little crime distraction operation program they had running along with the unreasonable amount of money $$$ we are spending to keep them here to run it. Oh well it was good when it last, incompetence and corruption soon will return to the ranks of the RCIPS???

  12. Anonymous says:

    Are you saying; for fear of being ridiculed by your country men, natives would rather risk the safety of the country than stand up and fight for it? Because of a few ignorant MLA’s.
    I doubt this is the true Caymanian way.

    • Anonymous says:

      You miss the point.
      The aim of the game is to reap as much reward for the minimum of effort and zero responsibility with someone else to blame when it goes wrong.
      Preferably a furriner.
      That my friend is the true Caymanian way nowadays.

  13. Roger Davies says:

    I could not agree more with the comments from 9.08am.I have met with Mr Ennis on several occasions and he has been most helpful with my concerns and has displayed the highest standards of professionalism.He has accumulated many years of local policing at the highest level, with an exemplary record.In my humble opinion he would be the ideal candidate to take over as Commissioner.Perhaps he can still be persuaded if he receives the support of all our politicians, if for once they can put their country first, over party politics.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hardly surprised by the back patting, was only a matter of time. If Ennis has made such an improvement already, then why doesn’t he stick his neck out and submit his application for the CoP job.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ennis is the right man for the job but it’s also clear that they prefer to have a cronie there. Give Ennis he job! He has earned it!!!

      • B.M. says:

        Perhaps he has seen enough during his RCIPS career to know that a move into the CoP role would not be a good move for him. He does have the right to personal and professional self-determination unless I am missing something. Leave the man alone. If he does not want the job, he does not want the job. We should all be more focused on the men and women who would scrap tooth and nail for this job not in the interest of the people of these islands but in their own selfish interests.

        I support Mr. Ennis in his current and future endeavors as he is making decisions that suit him and his career best. You never know long term, they may suit all of us too.

    • Anonymous says:

      So the contradictions abound in the news on the same day: The RCIPS under Ennis has made a great improvement since Baines left and then reports about crime going up and 400+ call outs this weekend alone! It is far too soon to say Ennis has made a difference as he already had a say in how the force was run with Baines at the top. Such naivety!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    The RCIPS have stepped up their visibility recently and that alone helps to deter crime. They still have a ways to go but any forward movement is appreciated. As far as Mr. Ennis, he didn’t apply for the top job so I’m sure he has his reasons. Maybe he feels that he can get more accomplished from his current position, rather than stepping into the top role and having to deal with the political side. It would be nice to hear from Mr. Ennis on his feelings and reasons for not applying, but of course he is completely within his rights to keep his reasons to himself.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The job will go to whoever the FCO believe is most willing to carry out whatever ultimate agenda the UK has in store for the Cayman Islands.

    – Who

    • Anonymous says:

      As it should be then.

      • Anonymous says:

        Too bad the UK government can’t figure out what their own people want politically tho.

        #BrexitSurprise anyone?


        – Who

        • Anonymous says:

          Not at all. It was bound to happen. Having an open door policy without any work permit system (as forced on the UK by Europe) it was bound to happen in time. I mean, you are so keen on keeping expats out of Cayman you should be able to relate. Imagine if Cayman dropped the work permit regime and let anybody, just anybody come and live here with or without a job, claim AND receive substantial benefits from CIG – I am sure you would be one of the first in line to object nuh true?

          • Anonymous says:

            Firstly, please don’t create fairytales about me (or Cayman as a nation) being “so keen on keeping expats out of Cayman”.

            Secondly, I have watched the population of Cayman double in my lifetime – and I am an 80’s baby. Can any Brit say the same? No.

            Nevertheless they consider whatever they are facing a crisis worthy of throwing over the applecart.

            Perhaps the UK should take some lessons from this overseas territory on how to not be a nation of xenophobes?

            Anyway, enough about countries that have proven to be utterly confused as to what or where they want to be …

            • Anonymous says:

              “How not to be a nation of xenophobes”
              Don’t make me f…..g laugh!

              I was subject to an unprovoked attack by one of your drunken “sons of the soil” along with two friends who were also racially abusedby this idiot.
              All three of us were from different countries, previously lived and worked in other countries and all agreed that we had not seen anything like this anywhere else.
              The only common denominator was that we are all white and that we were on his island!

              As I suffer from an intolerance of dickheads, the police were called and this idiot ended up arrested.
              All three of us went to court as witnesses to give evidence and the son of the soil was convicted and sentenced in April 2016. (See court lists).

              There are more incidents like this that are racially aggravated and go Unreported as people think that some sort of mystical power is wielded by the perpertrators.

              Even in my case, as the police arrested him he was shouting that by the time he got out I would not be on this island, friends in immigration, related to politicians, etc. All the same usual crap spouted that we have heard before.

              Well, that was over a year ago, I am still here and I still think he is a racist dick. So much for him having friends in immigration, blah,blah.
              I will go on my terms, not his and look back at this place where it seems that xenophobia is part of the national identity.

              I encourage all others that may be in a similar situation to adopt the same mindset, pay no mind to the hot air spouted and take the same legal action.

              • Anonymous says:

                Maybe we should go to your country, belittle your people, belittle your way of life, complain about every thing and every one in your country, and cram whatever we like down your throats, all while making a better life there for ourselves and taking whatever we can get our hands on with the plans to jet off with it…pretty sure that would be fine and dandy with all…..

                • Anonymous says:

                  Feel free, I am sure you will have the right passport to do that.
                  Don’t let the plane door hit you on the way out!

                • Anonymous says:

                  As stated above, there is a general intolerance to dickheads outside of these islands. It is sometimes safer to swim in a shoal, stay put where you will not stand out.

              • Anonymous says:

                An inherently biased recollection of your personal experience does not a national xenophobic Brexit make.

                Nice try tho.

                – Who

            • Anonymous says:

              ” Not a nation of xenophobes.”

              Did you miss:


              Or almost any speech from Ezzard Miller?

              Or any Rooster talk show?

              Or almost anything said by a would be politician in the run up to elections? ( You can catch this one though, coming to a district near you very soon ).

              Or almost any post on CNS by yourself?

              Thanks for the laugh.

              • Anonymous says:

                You seem to have missed the absence of a national referendum revealing the xenophobic and racist (against blonde haired and blue-eyed Poles no less, lol, you couldn’t make this sh!t up – talk about the height of xenophobia), albeit democratic, attitudes of an entire country.

                You also appear to have missed the 50:50 ratio of locals to foreigners without even a hint of a EDL, BNP, BF and or assassination of elected MP in the name of xenophobia and racism.

                Nevertheless, yes we Caymanians are the xenophobes.

                gtfoh. Each and every last one of you narcissistic idiots that refuse to own what is the reality of your people.

                Don’t get mad at me either. You people created it – Whodatis is but a mere observer.

                – Whodatis

                • Anonymous says:

                  Ok, time to give who a break now, he is losing it. Time for a coffee and a Jonny cake.
                  Meanwhile, can we get back to Mr Ennis and the top cop position subject.
                  Whilst as lovely as it is to hear about the topics hijacked by Who on his anti uk / racial purity/ personal agenda, it is getting a bit repetitive.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    Yeah, figured that would force a u-turn outta your ass.
                    Be sure to get a prescription fa’ dem bruised heels, ya hear?

                    – Who

                • Anonymous says:

                  You claimed Cayman was not a nation of xenophobes and I highlighted some obvious examples to negate your position. Should be simple to understand, but apparently not.

                  Whether the UK is xenophobic or not has no bearing on whether Cayman is. Again, should be simple to understand unless you are a ” narcissistic idiot that refuses to own what is the reality of your people.”

                  • Anonymous says:

                    I guess it is safe to assume that we both recognise the xenophobic nature of British society.

                    Therefore, how can we categorise Cayman as the same when there is no comparison between the stats, incidents, political parties, democratic upheaval, political assassinations and national referendum that support the claims of xenophobia (in the UK)?

                    The mere difference in ratio of nationals : immigrants (or “expats” for White people) between Cayman and the UK is enough to halt any attempt of comparison.

                    Try again Bub.

                    – Whodatis

                    • Anonymous says:

                      You really do have a comprehension problem don’t you. You are the only one comparing – or more accurately, not comparing – Cayman with the UK.

                      My point is simple. Caymanians are essentially xenophobic. I listed a number of ways that this reveals itself in our society. Whether or not the UK is has no bearing on my position, only whether the examples I give are correct or not.

                      Feel free to tell me why Ossie Bodden’s driftwood comment, or the refusal of the government to sanction him for it, is not xenophobic.

                      Oh, and since you’re on a roll, your comment at 12.26pm makes no sense within the context of our exchange – at least you’re consistent.

    • Anonymous says:

      So what happen if they dont want it?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Anthony is an intelligent, ethical, conscientious and caring Caymanian….he would be spectacular as Commissioner. With the support of Kurt these guys could do wonders. I’m sure he has been frustrated in the past with the operations of the RCIP and this would give him ability to change that for himself and all other equally conscientious serving members. Anthony, please consider how much you can do for the people of Cayman as Commissioner.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Anthony is too smart to take on the role of “top cop”, only to find himself abused in the LA by ignorant boorish people like Bernie Bush, and disagreeable ones like Ezzard Miller and Arden McLean and have every decision he makes criticised by politicians like them and confidence in his leadership thereby eroded. Only a naive foreigner who doesn’t know any better would take this position on – at least for a while.

    • Anonymous says:

      You hit the nail on the head…

      Too much political influence and bullying by certain politicians. Over time it will just wear a person out and cause him/her to quit.

      • Anonymous says:

        The politicians already getting in it. Alva Suckoo already started kissing up on Facebook. Anything for votes. Politicians need to sit their backsides down and mind their business. These men didn’t apply for the jobs so how is it fair to the people who applied for the jobs? They don’t want the jobs so leave them alone.

        • Unbelievable says:

          What a childish comment. How is offering a comment on social media considered kissing up for votes? This comment could only have come from one of the wannabees in BT who are after Alvas seat. I bet you wouldnt post that under your real name!!!??? Coward. Probably the same armchair quarterback who calls the talk show everyday boring people to death.

        • What???? says:

          Mind their business???? Isn’t this Alva’s business? That’s why I voted for him. He did his job and got Baines out of here,

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