Bryan out of the gate 10 months ahead of poll

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Cayman News Service

Kenneth Bryan launches his campaign, 14 July 2016

(CNS): Former TV reporter and one-time political assistant to the premier, Kenneth Bryan, has formally launched his campaign to become the MLA for George Town central, ten months ahead of the national poll due in May 2017. Having resigned from the PPM, the local political hopeful is running as an independent. He is the first person to make it clear not only what platform he will run on but also the specific constituency, based on the new electoral boundaries, in which he will run, long before he knows who he will be up against. No other political candidate in any of the current multi-member constituencies have declared where they intend to stand.

The official opening of Bryan’s campaign office Thursday evening attracted some two hundred people from across the island, as well as local residents and likely voters from Bryan’s chosen constituency.

Signaling a good start for the would-be MLA, who at 36 years old is likely to be one of the youngest candidates in the race for the Legislative Assembly, Bryan could find himself campaigning against the current incumbent George Town MLA and premier, Alden McLaughlin, or even the former leader of government business and current planning minister, Kurt Tibbetts.

But in the face of the potential battle with veterans of the local political system and an unknown collection of other hopefuls, Bryan was confident that he could still take the seat, even in a race that included some of the most experienced MLAs in the country.

“I am confident that the people will make the right choice and it doesn’t matter who my opponents are,” he said, as he explained how he intends to communicate with voters.

Bryan told CNS that launching his campaign early would provide him with the opportunity to develop closer relationships with the constituents he would represent, as he said he believes the advent of ‘one man, one vote’ (OMOV) in single member seats will require those who succeed to be for more connected to the needs and wants of the people they are elected to represent and much more accountable.

“People will need to be more direct and there has to be more listening,” he said, as he described how, using new technology, he planned to reach out to all of his constituents to find out what they expect from him. “People know what they want and the changes they need. We just have to listen to them,” he said.

With ten months to go before polling day, Bryan admitted that he could have an uphill battle with campaign funds. Taking an anti-establishment ‘Bernie Sanders’ approach to his campaign, he said he was well aware that he might not attract big donors, but so far financial support had been coming from ordinary people who were giving what they could to help him get to the LA.

However, he said, the most important thing was that he was not in “anybody’s pocket” and he was not taking money from those who expected something in return other than solid and honest representation.

Born in the central area of the capital, Bryan has a strong following in the community covered by the new constituency, which is a mixed bag that includes the downtown business district as well as some of Cayman’s most deprived neighbourhoods.

During the 2013 election, when Bryan ran on the PPM ticket, he polled just under 30% of the vote across the entire capital, coming in ninth in a field of 21 candidates. However, he received 315 votes in the polling stations in the central area (although with a slightly different boundary than the proposed new constituency), which was his best result and one that compared well to the premier, who collected just nine more votes from the same station.

While OMOV in single member constituencies is a game changer for Cayman’s political landscape, Bryan is setting out his stall early and taking a risk, which could pay off if his goal is to really get to know all of the qualified electorate of just under 1,200 voters.

Many candidates planning to run next year are playing “wait and see”, avoiding stating clearly which constituency they will choose to contest. By being open so early in the game, Bryan may prove to have the advantage.

Emphasising that his focus was on doing what the people of central George Town tell him they want him to do, he said the key was listening to what people are saying and focusing on how to deliver that rather than doing what politicians think the people want.

Tackling the causes of poverty and disadvantage is at the centre of Bryan’s campaign and he accused the current and past administrations of neglecting those who are the most in need. He criticized their failure to listen to the people and their tendency to show up a few months before election, never to be seen again until the next campaign starts.

“The biggest concern I hear every day from people is that ‘they’ are not listening,” he said, referring to those in power. The people believe the incumbents and past governments are only concerned with special interest groups, Bryan said, as he promised better, direct and accountable representation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We need to tax foreigners homes especially if they are unoccupied. Do this little thing Kenneth and you got my vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why? What is the logic – other than the fact they are not voters? If they are unoccupied they are arguably using less resources than occupants, they probably paid more stamp duty to buy the property in the first place, and as expats they are not entitled to the full range of services provided by CIG, so you want them to pay more for consuming less just because they are not from here? Sounds fair.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To run for office any where if you have these qualifications you have a job:

    Must be able to CHEAT & STEAL
    Must be a good lawyer!… sorry liar
    Must be a Christian…. sorry again Hypocrite
    Must have at least a primary school education
    Must have own interest at heart
    Must be able to say one thing and do the opposite

    If you have these few credentials you have a good chance . Please feel free to add to the above Job Description .

    What a world we live in , Just saying

  3. Anonymous says:

    doesn’t he have convictions? a couple?

    • Anonymous says:

      On the assault charge he was found guilty but no conviction recorded. Unless he has done time or received a suspended sentence, in both cases for more than 12 months, or been convicted of dishonesty, he is good to go.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just curious…. But what are Mr. Bryan’s qualifications and accomplishments besides talking on the air? Or does that even matter?

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac’s qualifications are? Alden’s qualifications are? Clearly you can have non or many and still be a poor leader.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mac’s qualification is “You don’t need an education to run a country”. Just a failing grade in gambling and negotiating with organizations like Dart and CHEC. By very stark contrast, Alden’s qualifications are a High School Diploma, a law degree, honesty, integrity, intelligence, and genuine (not wote buying) love for his country and his people..

    • B.M. says:

      He’s Caymanian and perhaps you should inquire with his campaign about his background further so that you can make an educated choice. Of course, this should be done for any candidates you are considering.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How’d you get my email?!!! DO NOT EMAIL ME AGAIN, or I will have to ask for a restraining order for stalking. Cheap move.

    • Ted says:

      Bro, calm down. I only say this because I think most people who have email received this from him. It came to my work email address and everyone else I have spoken to says the same thing.

      I laughed because the email looked more like a new years party invitation!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t email me again! Stop the spam!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who can distroy Alden’s play field please do it. I would support you financially, but Alden has it all. His motto, keep the people , barefoot , igronant , And pennyless eight years and just before election we throw an xgratia on them. Well Alden did not give any thing , the people already worked for that. Shame on him.

    • Anonymous says:

      One thing we can say for mckeewa is he certainly didn’t need anywon’e help or financial support in destroying his own playfield. That is the single flawless accomplishment that he has to his credit in decades of scoundrel politrics.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Run, Kenny, run! Run, Kenny, run! Oh I thought he was trying to make the Olympic track team because that might be the only run he has half a chance at, poor excuse for a candidate.

    He lacks the temperament to work with people or to consider doing anything that might be in the interest of others. Sadly this is not a man who has any experience with doing the right thing. The last thing he should have in his hands are the fate of a nation and its people. I can only think of one candidate who would be worse and God willing he keeps sitting his thumbs and does not run. They would split the fool vote.

  9. Around the mullberry bush says:

    Interesting. Kenneth said he was well aware that he might not attract big donors, but so far financial support had been coming from ordinary people who were giving what they could to help him get to the LA….. the most important thing was that he was not in “anybody’s pocket” and he was not taking money from those who expected something in return other than solid and honest representation.

    Not sure why he feels he has to address being in anybody’s pocket. Is it because the expensive full page adverts in a local newspaper, along with a costly office with staff, and a costly office launch with use of a marketing firm etc etc might make folks wonder who is footing the bill. I don’t know but I hope Kenneth is not starting off by being disingenuous about his funding. This is seemingly his full time job now. Who is paying your salary till election Kenneth? Ordinary people? Or Is it true that it is the good doctor? If so why pretend you do not have big donors backing you?

    I like to see people join the political process. But if they start to deceive before they are even elected then I cannot vote for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I too have heard that Doctor Steve is funding Mr. Bryan’s campaign. That seems to me that Kenneth IS IN Steve’s pocket, as Kenneth is an independent candidate, and not part of a political party (officially).

      Very doubtful that he will agree or support anything the PPM put forward, which leaves only the UDP proposals and UDP leadership for Kenneth to support.

      No thanks Kenneth. I have had enough of UDP Tax, Spend, Travel and Gamble policies to last the rest of my life.


      • Anonymous says:

        PPM, your political tactics will not work this time. Continue to hide behind comments on websites. In 10 months you will have answer to the people. So go ahead and think the people are stupid and see how far that will get you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Some of the people were stupid enough to let his political tactics get mckeewa very far, way too far, indeed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Last election C4C, the influential PAC had it’s candidates sporting yellow most of time… looks like he’s now with yellow team and at end of day these puppets all have same masters

  10. See the big picture says:

    So after you listen to people… What will you be able to fo on your own? How will you get anything done? Or will you be joining the UDP to help them form a government? And even then… How do you get Mac to do anything other than what he wants to do? Lots of words Kenneth. But to help people you need more tham words. You need ability and ideas and a team of likeminded and honest people who can get elected to form a Government to get meaningful stuff done. All you are so far is fluff.

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM is trying to paint kenneth bryan with a UDP brush. Sad strategy…

      Your strategy should be look at my record… oh wait a minute, you can’t because you have done nothing for Caymanians..

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think it is fantastic that Kenneth has decided to bolt out of the gate so soon.
    Just think of all the money he will save when he realizes he doesn’t have a hope in hell.
    Wise move Kenneth. The sooner you abandon, the better for all of us.
    Now can we have some Caymanians with some integrity who are willing to challenge those good-for-nothing PPM chumps?
    Previous applicants need not apply.

  12. Local says:

    Kenneth remember to be as delicate as you can with the flocks of sheep (brain washed people) around. Many of who will fight their own down at their own demise. We all being fattened up for the slaughter. Caymans populist needs a candidate who support the people. Many of who feel forgotten about, over looked, by their own.

    Stay strong and Avoid the negativity and ignorance grown into the people from generations of brain programming. Best wishes.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Garbage garbage garbage…please get a garbage truck to pick up trash 2times a week and you have our vote….its that simple my friend.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is that what that was? I thought he was having a New Years Eve party.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I really wish the ppm gang would apply themselv s to doing something positive for the people than spen their time and energy posting negative one liners on cns. Sounds to me like they a little worried.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Going nowhere fast! What have you done since you last ran for office? NOTHING but dress up and make appearance. It makes more than that my friend. GT Massive!

    • Just Sayin' says:

      To be fair, there was that whole arrest, firing, failed talk show host attempt, trial, etc. The man has been keeping relatively busy.

    • Anon says:

      Who really does anything before they run for office in these islands? Not one of them, so you can’t hold that against him.

  17. Anonymous says:

    So he brings Quincy Brown over from Cayman Brac to be the emcee. Is this perhaps the beginning of another powerhouse political team? Will Mr. Bryan be coming over to the Brac to introduce Quincy as a candidate?

    Seriously doubt that you will unseat Kurt or Alden – since you have at least one supporter from Cayman Brac – why don’t you run there instead???? As far as I know, Quincy is not gainfully employed on a regular basis and would be of invaluable assistance in running your campaign on Cayman Brac – seems like there will be a vacated seat in the Cayman Brac East polling district, as the current Speaker of the House had previously publicly stated that this term would be her last – ha, ha).

  18. Anonymous says:

    Dont ever email me again.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Kenneth has a lot of people to apologize to before he has any credibility.

  20. Anonymous says:

    after his recent radio stint….no thanks….

  21. Anonymous says:

    Him again? Oh dear Jesus, please, no. But with all these OMOV constituencies , we are going to have a whole bunch of “can’t find a decent job in the real world” folks standing. Plus, of course, the clapped out ex civil servants using the radio talk shows to further their ambitions to gain power and double dip/ enhance their already huge pension.

    • Alan says:

      Yes, but who brought in OMOV?


      • Anonymous says:

        True, Alan, but we have had poor quality candidates running AND being elected for many years now.

        • Alan says:

          Yep, but by implementing an even worse voting system we are really failing altogether. OMOV stinks more than the dump.

          • TinMan says:

            Agreed Alan, every voter IMO should have the right to vote for 1 candidate in each district and 1 candidate in the sister islands, after all we are collectively the “Cayman Islands”.

            This would mean that each voter actually gets 6 votes altogether and that my friend is a national voting system more democratic than we have ever had before.

            Of course the politicians don’t want this as it is too fair and just and dare I say “democratic”. They like a system they can tailor and tweak to suit their selfish agendas!

  22. Anonymous says:

    An example of the pathetic quality of candidates in our elections.

  23. marius voiculescu says:

    Best of luck Kenneth. Work for/with the people and you will do well. Most importantly, stay humble:–e1t_MupEpl

    • Anonymous says:

      Stay humble…From the experiences I have had with him…He doesn’t even know what that work means. Perhaps, become humble, would be more fitting.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for causing the traffic back-up the other day, what a great way to get people on your side…

  25. Anonymous says:

    KB 4 GT Central

    Time to sweep out Alden or KT

  26. Kenny G. says:

    Not on a cold day in hell.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how he got my email address but I would appreciate it if he would stop spamming my inbox with his campaign crap. I’m not voting for him for that reason alone.

  28. Isaac Rankine says:

    Congratulations Kenneth. You are on the right track. There will be detractors but stay focused.

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