Drunk drivers netted during violence-free weekend

| 14/06/2016 | 27 Comments
Cayman News Service

George Town Police Station

(CNS): The police said things were a lot quieter in and around local nightspots over the holiday weekend following rising concerns that licensed premises were becoming trouble spots for law enforcement authorities. While police arrested five drivers on suspicion of drinking and driving, there were no major serious or violent incidents though near to bars or nightclubs and there were no reports about the presence of weapons at licensed premises.

“We would like to thank the community for doing its part to improve public security this past weekend,” said Robbie Graham, Superintendent of Uniform and District Operations. “Nightclubs and bars still appeared busy to our patrols, but there was a low number of incidents nonetheless. We want to work with the community to sustain this safer environment in which everyone can enjoy themselves.”

Police said they patrolled areas surrounding well-known bars and nightspots over the weekend and conducted traffic operations around the island.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    every Sunday that gang of motorcyclist drive like crazy around Cayman….why is it so hard to stop them?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It wasn’t Gov pay day weekend.

  3. Knot S Smart says:

    If you are out drinking and the PoPo stops you then you need to tell them: I I am am nnott nottt drunkkk…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen some bikers on the road, and sure I’ve had a pack behind me, however not once did that pack of riders at the time ride in a dangerous manner affecting me or affecting the other riders around him.

    These riders did eventually pass me, however from driving behind them, I can say this particular group of riders weren’t behaving in a dangerous or aggressive manner that would affect me or their own group.

    I’m guessing there are different groups of riders out there. Some who ride for the enjoyment of riding in a group, and then there are others which you all are commenting about and have issues with.

    Maybe its just my luck that I havent’ run across these group of riders everyone seems to get caught up in.

    I’m guessing the group that I had experienced with were probably affiliated with the local motorcycle association.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are definitely at least two groups. There is the one group who tend to go East on the weekend, these normally have a few choppers and that type of bike but there are some pocket rockets too. They from whenever I have seen them wear the right gear and drive normal, as you say I think they may be affiliated with the local motorcycle association.

      But then, there is the other group. These are mostly on dirt bikes, you can tell them straight away as none of them have license plates. They are normally wheelying or doing something stupid down the road. I’ve seen them drive individually, or in groups. Best part is you report it to the police and nothing happens. These guys are posting videos on social networks showing them doing this on the road. I’ve given the links to the police, and they are still on the road.

      Apart from the failure of the police though, every time I see them, I have to ask, where are their parents? I assume they are ok with their children doing this? And they let them park their bikes at home at night? If so, if the police ever decide to do anything about these guys, I think the parents should be brought up on charges also.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Harley riders are a fine group of people riding licensed and insured bikes in a lawful manner and raise money and toys for disadvantaged kids. They are not popping wheelies on dirt bikes or standing on their seats tempting fate. Totally different socio-economic group.

  5. Anonymous says:

    OMG the cops patrolled and deterred bad behavior? Shocking! Now let’s do it every day dummies. And arrest those idiots on dirt bikes doing wheelies down the road. There is a particular d-bag that rides a purple crotch rocket with wide wheels who thinks the middle turning lane is his personal speeding/passing lane.

  6. Rosy Shades says:

    You know, in my day we did all our illegal bike riding on the dyke roads and we’d just push the bike to Delworth’s to fill up. The modern youth are so brazen in their law breaking. It is sad to see what Cayman has become.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Five whole drunk drivers. Nice. I can pass or get behind that many on a drive from town to east end. Every time I think how nice it would be to actually cross the path of an officer, flag them down, and have someone pulled over. Never see the PO though.
    As far as these motorbikes go , yes something needs to be done. There is one group of adults obviously that ride every weekend. They do wear the proper gear and are respectful of the law. It’s the groups of idiots out there with their go pros and illegal bikes that are the issue. Saw the same group of idiots as the above posted. They are like clockwork every weekend. The police could use my driveway to sit in, I don’t mind. Then while they come down the road at over 100 mph maybe the police pull out in front of them. A few might crash but the ones in front are probably going fastest and deserve what they get.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was on the road yesterday and bikers passed me. They were very polite and had on all the safely gear. I know one thing. Nome of them was out committing crimes.

    Leave them alone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Racing, driving dangerously on unlicensed illegal vehicles, popping wheelies, molesting other traffic…at minimum there is a whole booklet of traffic tickets awaiting these street punks and hood rats. What planet do you live on?

    • Get a life says:

      You must be one of the teenage girls from the SUV.
      Get a grip and stop aiding them before you become a victim.
      But as usual you won’t stop and you will be a victim of them.

  9. Road User says:

    Great work.

    Now can we do something about those reckless and dangerous kid drivers and their motorbikes that are on the road every Sunday.

    They overtake unsuspecting drivers no both sides, pop wheelies constantly and dart in an out of traffic, run cars of the road, jump in front of cars and slam on their brakes making the rear tires go into the air and cause the car behind them to run off the road.

    In fact this Sunday they even had two four wheelers with them.

    911 was called, again, as the group traveled east past lower valley, and all they said was that “officers were aware and will deal with it”, well that didn’t happen, again, because a short while later all 30 of then came barreling down back towards town, running people off the road, with the dark SUV that has the teen girls hanging out the sunroof showing everyone the middle finger and their boobs, again.

    This is a weekend occurrence every weekend. The Police are either inept or part of it, because 911 has been contacted every Sunday for the past month about these hooligans and nothing is being done. Do an FOI and see for yourself.

    They stop at the Boddentown gas station to hang out and refuel, they go behind the BT station into that development to the east side of the area and race. The have been posting all their fun on Instagram and YouTube.

    What I can tell you is that people are fed up. Either the Police do something, or the parents of these kids do something or one or more of these kids will end up dead. Either they are going to crash and kill hopefully only themselves or they are going to hurt some innocent road user and then all hell gonna break lose on them.

    Do something guys and do it fast cause the pot about to boil over. You have been asked, now you are being told. We all know what comes next.

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard a police siren then counted a dangerous swarm of 34 going up ETH at 5:30 – a mixture or drag bikes, street bikes, and dirt bikes (many without plates) and including an unlicensed four wheel ATV – all weaving in and out of law-abiding traffic. Not sure where the police went, but the bikes were unmolested and undeterred all the way up to West Bay and back down again. Shortly after they passed there was a chorus of rice rockets that did their fast and furious run behind them. Coast was clear evidently!

    • Anonymous says:

      Problem is .. These aren’t kids as you thought; these are young men (said tongue in cheek) behaving like children. Very dangerous riding styles on display…

      • Anonymous says:

        Instead of trying to shut everything down and force people to resort to unlawful means, why not build or seek funding for a track where bikers and car enthusiast alike can practice and enhance their skill sets.

        Some food for thought folks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here’s what Chris Rock would say: https://youtu.be/TGb-G-kMEmw

    • Anonymous says:

      boobs you say…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Boobs you say? Time to get out the lemonade stand and refresh some thirsty ladies! Oh wait, you need a Business and Trade License for that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I saw two guys on illegal dirt bikes coming up the Newlands Bypass turning onto Hirst Road when the Marine Unit was turning from Hirst Road onto the Bypass. You could see that the two bikers were initially shocked, thinking it was police but once the penny dropped and they realized it was “only” the Marine Unit, they kept on going with their usual disrespect to everyone else on the road feeling quite comfortable nothing was gonna happen.

      Just wondering – how much do various depts within the law enforcement actually work hand-in-hand? Did the Marine guys call the traffic cops into action after what they saw? I highly doubt it cause those dirt bikes constantly racing up and down Hirst Road and we know where the Marine unit is located.

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