Shedden Road fuel spill date remains mystery

| 03/05/2016 | 4 Comments
Cayman News Service

Area of fuel spill, off Shedden Road, George Town

(CNS): Officials from the Water Authority do not know how long ago the fuel spill in George Town, which has contaminated the water supply to at least one customer and impacted local ground water, seeped into the land. The pollution was discovered behind the Rubis gas station on Shedden Road on 15 April by the current property owner. The WA said that when a trench that was dug as part of an ongoing development project began to fill with the fuel seeping in from the ground, the land owner reported the spill.

“The authority cannot provide any information regarding how long the fuel has been in the ground,” a Water Authority spokesperson told CNS Monday. “Our role in this investigation is limited to the effects of the fuel spill on groundwater and public water supply to our customers.”

The WA is one of several government agencies as well as local and overseas consultants now involved in the investigations into the impacts of the spill.

Water has been tested in properties surrounding the spill. Officials say that so far, only one customer’s water supply has been contaminated but all customers in the area are advised not to use groundwater for drinking or cooking.

The WA has also sent water samples to an accredited lab in Florida to be tested to find out which type of fuel-related contaminants are in the spill that has leached into the ground water.

While the source remains a mystery, Water Authority officials said all property owners impacted are aware of the situation. However, there were unable to say if the previous auto mechanic tenants have been contacted, whether they are under investigation as the possible source or what sanctions, if any, would be applied.

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  1. Cyclops says:

    All across Cayman we have garages dumping Oil and you name it in the ground water. This one is only the tip of the iceberg. Planning and the DEH are blind to these activities, and toothless to enforce our laws. They set up shop anywhere, clutter the landscape with derelict vehicles, blocking roadways and breading rodents, chickens and what have ever. How they get business licences to operate in these locations I have no idea. The same applies to the informal commercial vendors (Higlers) that spring up on Saturdays all over Cayman, and people wonder why we are heading towards third world status.
    No one enforces the Laws of the Country.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Check the previous tenants one had a cleaning service with many types of chemicals and one had a garage and dealt with oils from vehicles and only GOD knows what else went on down behind there ..One thing I KNOW for SURE was the whole place was kept very very NASTY..Bottom-line some people just DON’T CARE about our environment just the $$$$ they making..

  3. Rochelle says:

    Isn’t there a gas station there? I mean duh???

  4. Ling says:

    1st class prices; 3rd world service.


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