Over 100 Cubans held after new group arrives

| 07/05/2016 | 13 Comments
Cayman News Service

Cuban migrants in Cayman waters, 5 May 2016

(CNS): The number of Cuban migrants at the Immigration Detention Centre has soared to 116 after another 48 people arrived over the last few days packed into a makeshift vessel. The group of 37 men and 11 women first arrived in Cayman Brac on Sunday and were met by local authorities, but the group said they wanted to press on with their journey and left the next morning (Monday 2 May). Later that night, however, the group returned. Five people opted to leave the boat and come ashore while the rest of the group pressed on again. 

But the 43 Cubans left on board apparently encountered technical difficulties and returned to local waters early Friday morning, when they were all forced to end their journey.

The first five migrants, who were transported to the IDC at Fairbanks on Thursday, have now been joined by their companions, swelling the number of migrants already held at Fairbanks. Immigration officials have begun the migrant reception and detention protocols.

The Department of Immigration also said that it returned three Cuban migrants to Havana this week.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the government going to do anything about the boat on the beach in South Sound? Won’t be long til the weather switches and the waves break it up

  2. Anonymous says:

    And they should all live with our MLAs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Exactly. We don’t have money to feed our elderly but we must support all of these Cubans.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which would you rather do: (1) give them basic human essential needs (food, fuel, water) or spend thousands per person of our own money to repatriate them? Pretty simple choice to me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The boat needs to be moved before the surf destroys it on the beach and the fuel leaks on the sand!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi CNS. Any chance of a follow up article on this? As expected, the boat is still on the beach, us being broken up by the waves, and is now leaking diesel. The government is totally useless. Thanks

  5. Tibbetts says:

    That’s foolish behavior of giving then food and water and pushing them off in their unsafe boats is the reason they are flocking here now. Looking for more food and water.

    If you want to give them food and water go to the immigration dention center.

    How heartless to advocate sending this poor people to their deaths in those death traps.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My wish is that another 50 boat loads come too our shores loaded since our government seems to like the idea to feed clothes and shelter them at a much higher cost than letting the public assist them with maybe a $10 part for there boat or a $7.99 case of water or too lil tanks of gas..Come on down Cubans we got space for you if not we make space for you..Please bring me two cigars next time you come…

    • Anonymous says:

      My wish is that you suffer the same fate in your next life. People like you are a great example of what is wrong with Caymans culture.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope they start coming by the thousands so we can see what these Bunch of Idiots do !

      • anonumous says:

        They need to stay in their country and fight for their rights instead of running away Cuba is now opening up ,, why don’t they stay in their own country and work or start a business.every body want to come to Cayman but yet they don’t have anything nice to say about us.. Why is that. When the Caymanians went to Cuba they went to work , they didn’t go as refugees so don’t even start with that silly argument. I think we have already paid them back one hundred fold. Yes we are a christian island but even Christians reaches our limit. We are not suppose to lie down and let the dump trucks run over us over and over. We have helped them and now it is time for them to help themselves. Bring on the ” dislikes” I do not care!,

      • Tibbetts says:

        You mean like in 1994. Our country was at its finest then and we will be again. What will you do to help. Or you can only complain.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry 4:39pm, those days are far gone….cayman sold out!!! the beaches are almost gone, dart owns 3/4 cayman, population of over 60000, buildings like skyscrapers, crime worse then some inner cities…we will never be at its finest!! Cayman is gone..and the only thing that may bring it back is a cat 5 hurricane, we can start from the bottom up again!!! To many constructions companies, salons, security companies, restaurants, hotels, to make any kind of money anymore…..greed is what destroyed this Island.

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