Bolt injured after race in Cayman

| 18/05/2016 | 14 Comments
Cayman News Service

Usain Bolt at the Cayman Invitational

(CNS): Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is being treated in Germany for an injury he incurred in the Cayman Islands in his first race of the season this past weekend. Glen Mills, the coach of the two-time Olympic 100m and 200m champion, told the media that Bolt had damaged the hamstring during Saturday’s Cayman Islands Invitational. However, the injury is unlikely to stop him from racing on Friday in the Czech Republic.

“If you noticed in the race, he was grimacing towards the end,” Mills said on Hitz 92fm radio.

The world famous sprinter finished the 100-metre race 10.05 seconds at the Truman Bodden stadium on Saturday, beating Dentarius Locke from the US, who came in second, as well as his team mate and training partner, Kemar Bailey-Cole, who placed third.

After the race Bolt (29) believed he was injury free. “In a season-opener, you never know what to expect. My coach can analyse the race, see what we need to do, see what we need to work on, then move from there. It didn’t feel as smooth, but that was expected because it’s my first race. I expected to be rusty. Once I get a few more races under my belt, by trials time I’ll be ready,” he said, as he referred to the upcoming Olympic qualifiers.

Local Olympic hopeful Kemar Hyman (26) finished sixth, clocking 10.32 in front of the home crowd of hundreds cheering him on at the fifth annual Cayman Invitational.

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  1. Fed-up Caymanian says:

    And you have young talented Caymanians begging for Government support to make them better athletes and they can’t get a single dollar! But they will soon be needing these same young Caymanians to vote for them, and I pray they would vote them all out!

    • Anonymous says:

      $150000.00 for a single visit (not including expenses), like he needs it so bad! but that only what i heard.. and like you said our own Caymanians can get any help.. Sad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Even though I am the offspring of two certified pre and postwar athletes, I must confess to never having quite seen the point of running between two marked places quicker than anyone else. Now running for a departing bus or a train is different, of course. But simply getting all exhausted and out of breath (and now in this case injured), well, it all seems rather pointless. Just presenting a perspective from the non-sporting segment of society, you understand, and no offense meant.

    • Jesse Locke says:

      It’s something very few people can do. That makes it rare; that makes it valuable. If you or your parents had recognized this early in like you may have discovered that you were talented enough to compete at a high level and you wouldn’t need to run to catch buses. You would instead be driving in style.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So when is it going to be made public how much he was paid for this trip out of the public purse??? I’m hearing amounts in the 100’s of thousands! And now this ‘bad’ publicity??? Ah boy poor Cayman Islands, always get the sh-t end of the stick!

  4. B.M. says:

    Hey, we could have treated him at our fine HSA facility, GT Hospital. Why would you leave a first class medical jurisdiction to go to Europe?! Of course, I jest. Run, Bolt, run before they try to steal your Speed Force!

  5. Anonymon says:

    Haste makes waste

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    So Bolt won this race then, unlike last time…?

  8. Anonymous says:

    he probably tripped over a wild chicken at the stadium

  9. Neller says:

    Wow, Bolt didn’t even have to try hard to beat the others. He was holding back!

  10. Anonymous says:

    That is odd because Bolt just posted a video on Instagram of him sprinting like lightning during training in the Czech Republic…

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