Police out in force as murder suspects visit crime scene

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Cayman News Service

The court visits the scene of Jason Powery’s murder during the trial of Justin Ramoon and Osbourne Douglas

(CNS): Brothers Osbourne Douglas and Justin Ramoon, both from George Town, were under tight security Wednesday morning as they took part in a court visit to the scene of Jason Powery’s murder outside the Globe Bar last summer. Police were out in force in and around Martin Lane and Sheddon Avenue as the defendants, wearing hand cuffs and leg chains, as well as court staff, the presiding judge and the lawyers in the case, and a key prosecution witness visited the scene to help gain perspective from the evidence being given.

Wearing a protective vest, Jerome Hurlston, one of the crown’s two eye-witnesses in the case, pointed out the alley where he and his friends were on the night Powery was shot and exactly where he was standing when he claims to have seen Ramoon shoot his friend at point blank range not far from the front of the bar.

Douglas and Ramoon were flanked during the walk-through by four prison guards, while armed and uniformed officers as well as patrol vehicles surrounded the area, making a tight security cordon for the twenty-minute visit to the crime scene.

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