NDC urges parents to talk to kids about booze

| 18/04/2016 | 11 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): The National Drug Council is encouraging parents to start talking to children about alcohol at a very early age, maintaining that talking early and talking often can make a difference and prevent alcohol abuse by young people, which is still the most frequently used drug among school age kids, according to NDC research. The NDC is also warning parents about being responsible with their own use of alcohol, as that can also be an important lesson.  

“One of the best ways to help kids avoid issues with alcohol and drugs is to talk with them,” officials said. “It’s never too early to start talking with kids about this topic, and the types of conversations you’ll have will change as your child grows.”

Throughout April the NDC and organisations around the world are focussing on the messages about preventing underage drinking as part of observing Alcohol Awareness Month. Parents are urged to set the tone to begin an open dialogue about alcohol and drugs because children become curious from an early age.

“Teen conversations can be difficult, but what you say matters a great deal to them,” the NDC said, as they warned parents to be prepared to answer questions about their own consumption. “Kids will notice when a parent has a glass of wine or beer at home and will question your actions. Being responsible with your own use of alcohol is teaching them an important lesson.”

They advised that parents can establish themselves as a resource for their children and let them know that they can count on them for answers to their questions. They also advised parents to listen with an open mind and be ready with the information to answer tough questions.

The NDC is offering Parents as Preventers workshops during April and anyone seeking more information on starting and continuing conversations can call 949-9000, email info@ndc.ky or visit www.ndc.ky

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  1. Wake up NEO says:

    Tell the kids that drinking is the new way of life in Cayman, encourage them to drink up while we wait for our Welfare money.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I see the new Liquor Centre next to Foster’s Republx is soon to open at the entrance of West Bay.
    Cheers..I guess

  3. Anonymous says:

    Alcohol is a mocker. It turns decent people into morons.

    • Bigger One says:

      Wrong! Whatever out are it just turns you into a bigger one. Small moron becomes a larger one. Stupid becomes more stupid. Jerk becomes a bigger one.

  4. SSM345 says:

    In a country where the 3rd pillar of our economy is alcohol behind Banking and Tourism, telling kids to stay away from alcohol might prove difficult when you can find it more easily than a patty and chocolate milk.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go home Dinks, you’re drunk.

    • Anonymous says:

      More easily than a patty or chocolate milk? Bro, not only that… Water is more expensive to buy than alcohol.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, that is just because you are a Celtic fan and you need to normalize abnormal drinking to handle how much you consume.

  5. Anonymous says:

    drinking is fun.

  6. Anonymous says:

    There will be many do as I say not as I do parents on this island. Everyone is an alcoholic!

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