Millionaire’s daughter surprised by theft

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Cayman News Service

Susan van Dijk leaving the Cayman Islands courthouse

(CNS): The daughter of the elderly man who has claimed that his girlfriend stole millions of dollars from him told the court that she was surprised by the theft because Michelle Bouchard always seemed nice. But Susan van Dijk said that she was with her father, James Bruce Handford, when he discovered that Bouchard had been stealing from him. She said she never thought the woman would steal her father’s money and described how she had been greatly involved in taking care of her father and his affairs, financially and medically.

Van Dijk said her father was an independent man, even in old age, and he had no other family in the Cayman Islands.

Taking the stand on Friday to give evidence for the crown in its case against Bouchard, she said the bank contacted her and asked if she and her father could come into the bank to clarify some transactions.

Van Dijk told the court that when they arrived, her father’s personal banker presented statements to them showing many large withdrawals from Handford’s account that had been transferred to Bouchard’s personal account.

She said her father’s reaction was odd as he realized what had happened and didn’t say much for a few days. But one night, after reviewing the statements, he said he wanted to go to the police station and make a report. Van Dijk said she went with her father to make a report that night but they were told to come back the next day to speak with the Financial Crimes Unit and make a statement.

The next morning after making the statement, they returned to Hanford’s condo, where they found Bouchard. Sometime later the police called and asked for the address of the condo and if Bouchard was there. Van Dijk told the court that, as she was speaking with the police officer, Bouchard was standing beside her. When she ended the call, Bouchard asked her if she was calling the police over the money she had spent on her fees for the law school, where she was studying at the time.

Moments later the doorbell rang; it was the police who arrested Bouchard.

The case continues.

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