Engine trouble lands another 21 Cubans on Brac

| 25/04/2016 | 4 Comments
Cayman News Service

Cuban migrants at Cemetery Pier, Cayman Brac (file photo)

(CNS): Another group of Cuban migrants arrives in Cayman at the weekend after their makeshift boat met with engine trouble on Sunday. Officials said all nine women and twelve men aboard said they wanted to disembark and as a result immigration has started its reception and detention protocols, with arrangements being made to bring the group to Grand Cayman. This means the numbers at the Fairbanks Immigration Detention Centre will be up to 67 when they arrive, as they join previous groups that have arrived over the last few weeks.

In a release Monday, officials once again reminded the public about facilitating illegal migration.

“This extends to members of the public assisting migrants, on land or in local waters, with food, shelter, transportation, or other forms of comfort,” the officials said. “Although persons who arrive in such a manner are detained pending a repatriation process, the Cayman Islands Government is responsible for ensuring that they are able to access resources necessary for health and well-being while in custody. This includes food, clothes and medical treatment.”

With many people finding that a difficult rule to accept, the immigration department said the restriction on assistance is in part due to the dangerous and potentially fatal journey the Cubans face when they make the decision to try and make it to the US, which is usually the migrants’ ultimate destination.

The immigration department said local laws criminalize acts by anyone who helps or facilitates illegal transportation, harbouring or the movement of migrants, whether or not for financial gain, with a possible fine of CI$50,000 or seven years in jail if anyone is convicted.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Would it be illegal for Caymanian residents to help them in International waters?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obviously the policy is not working as any kind of deterrent because people keep trying in increasing numbers. It would be much cheaper to let them make repairs, give them some water and let them go on their way. BTW who says this is illegal migration? Is it illegal to a breakdown at sea? Is it illegal to land in Cayman when your boat gives out? Doesnt the law require giving assistance to people adrift in the sea?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Every day we get more hypocritical. We would change the laws to accommodate two, but send 21 back to certain imprisonment for their lust for freedom.

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