CIFA opens nominations for president

| 29/04/2016 | 26 Comments
Cayman News Service

Bruce Blake, Acting CIFA President

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Football Association will be holding its Extraordinary Congress on 28 May and nominations for the post of president are now open. The job became vacant last year after the arrest and later conviction of former CIFA president, Jeffrey Webb. Acting President Bruce Blake, who has also been under scrutiny after irregularities in the association’s finances emerged, sent a letter Wednesday to the membership asking for nominations for both president and deputy general secretary by the deadline of Friday 20 May.

As well as the elections, there will also be an update on CIFA’s financial situation, including the 2014 audit, a review of the 2015 Income and Expenses Report, and the adoption of a register of interests policy and procedures.

Sports Minister Osbourne Bodden cut government’s contribution to CIFA in August last year, largely over concerns about the lack of transparency in the organisation.

However, CIFA has faced broader criticisms from the community over questionable transactions regarding awards from FIFA and a “loan” from a sports company later becoming a “gift”. Questions were also asked about cash transfers in and out of CIFA accounts by former CIFA treasurer Canover Watson and Webb and the intermingling of money connected to AIS (Cayman) Ltd, a firm that was created to facilitate a corrupt contract with the HSA, for which Watson is currently serving a jail sentence.

Blake said that the 2015 Income and Expenses Report would be available by 13 May for members to collect, along with the agenda and the register of interest policy and procedures.

In light of the row that followed the last elections over how people can be nominated for the vacant positions, Blake said in the letter that nominees must be “bona fide” delegates of one of the member groups or clubs. He or she must make this known to the officers and members at least three days before the date of the Extraordinary Congress at which the officer is to be elected, which means by Wednesday, 25 May.

He added that as per Article 10.6 and Article 10.7, all nominations must have two proposers and two seconders and must be agreed upon by the nominee. “The two proposers should be different from the two seconders. Only full members of the CIFA and the CIFA Executive Committee are entitled to make nominations,” Blake stated.

All nominations will be revealed to the membership and the CIFA Executive Committee, he said, just three days before the date of the congress, where each entitled person has one vote.

“Only the members present are entitled to vote. Voting by proxy or by letter is not permitted,” Blake said, adding that delegates must belong to the member club that they represent and be appointed by the appropriate body of that member club.

The acting president, who is understood to be standing for the post himself, said the name of the voting delegates from each member must be sent on the member’s stationary or the football club’s official letterheads from the member’s president or general secretary to the CIFA acting general secretary before the opening of the Extraordinary Congress.

“Each member club shall submit to the CIFA office, on club official letterhead, the names of the two representatives of the member club that will be attending the Extraordinary Congress. One of these representatives shall be identified as the representative duly authorised by the member club to vote at the Extraordinary Congress. Each of the two representatives shall be duly registered with the respective member club and a member in good standing with the member club and with the CIFA,” Blake said.

It is not clear if the congress, which is taking place at the George Town Town Hall, will be open to other members of the public or the press. However, CNS, will endeavour to report on the congress proceedings and outcomes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let the Cayman Olympic Committee take it over. They know a thing or three about working the international system.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For twenty (20) years the current CIFA Exco in one form or another have mismanaged the local game for personal benefit and the member clubs still not able to see it.
    CIFA has not set a development plan for the game to improve, they simply used the younger players year in and year out to go through the motions and make sure funding is coming. How it is that the clubs simply stand by and allow this to happen, the clubs have members (players) who deserved an opportunity to experience international football and in order for this to happen the local association must be more active and allow the senior teams to compete to get better and offer hope for young players coming behind.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I dont know…should we ask Tara if HE IS “UnTrainable”? Is that even a word? Blind leading the blind!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The current CIFA exco is simply an extension of Jebb Webb , remember he said he thought bribery and kickbacks were part of his position, therefore he surrounded himself with equally minded people, a VP got the contract for the goal project another member was going into the pharmacy business with JW and CW on the back of the illegal Carepay deal, BB signed the loan turned gift documents, the game itself is nowhere near their mind. We have a good crop of young players, Andres Ruiz, Matthew Suberan, Ernie Jacques, Wesley Robinson, etc all under 23 years old with great potential to represent the country. We need someone who understands this, we must invest whatever funding we have in providing competition for our players so that the younger ones do not be disheartened that by the time they turn 18 international football is basically over. I am not able to understand why the member clubs do see this is in their interest and press for changes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Beyond redemption.

  6. willing to run and is open honest and wants to help put Caymans F/Ball back where it was many years ago without any fear of being “used”by other people

  7. Anonymous says:

    In these days of sexual equality, it’s time for a woman to run CIFA.

    I nominate Michelle Bouchard!

  8. Sharkey says:

    You could never in a million years clean this association up .

    • Chris Johnson says:

      The only way to go is to start again. As noted in my viewpoint article several months ago corruption has been rampant for years. The auditors have no clue and have been unable to complete the 2014 audit let alone the 2015 audit. The partner in charge of the audit firm has a business relationship with one of the contractors who built the pitch. Do he ever declare that. Well not in the accounts filed with Government to enable funding.

      From my examination of the records in my possession between $1.5 and $2m has gone missing. Just what has Blake and the club’s done about it. Have they appointed an investigator. Yet Flake is a qualified accountant and was trained by Pricewaterhouse the very firm that has been here at least twice to assist FIFA and CIFA in the investigation of the grants made by FIFA that were intercepted by certain members of the executive committee. Why has he not done his own investigation to prove his innocence.

      The whole think stinks and the ultimate blame rests on the clubs. But guess what certain clubs got cash and tickets to the big games and even flew on the FIFA plane with Webb. Corruption abounds and no one even Government can fix this problem. Like Blatter it is not going away.

      As for transparency the website after six months remains as broke as the finances of CIFA.

      • Anonymous says:

        The corruption goes beyond the usual suspects. There are many fringe beneficiaries whose fees and charges for services rendered do not bear scrutiny.
        Somebody, please investigate this den of thieves.

        • Chris Johnson says:

          Already done one investigation but without all records it is impossible to do a thorough investigation. Now only the RCIP can take it further as they have investigation powers. It needs to be done before the next election, believe you me. Then all will be revealed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t his last public statement that he would not run? I guess he thinks the firestorm has died dowm.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The acting president, who is understood to be acting for the post himself? Please say it not so. A few months ago he clearly stated he will not stand for post, change of heart?
    In any case CIFA needs a clean sweep, even if Bruce Black does not stand for the post clubs should be very vigilant as to whom the current CIFA exco may support. They just might support a close friend of JW and the previous board, so it will be business as usual. The clubs must show some courage to force change, 20 years is surely more than enough. XXXXX One of the current VP was called during the Canover case, let’s not forget. CE on, Scholars, Elite,
    Cayman Athetlics, Academy, BT, Future, Cayman Brac, Roma, etc, have courage.

  11. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      While Renard was the Technical Director we actually had a good periód for football in Cayman. The senior team had a very good showing against Belize with very little support from Jeff Webb, Bruce Blake and the other CIFA members. The U20 competed very well in Curacao, and other teams travelled to official competitions abroad. Renard understands teams must compete regularly to be able to improve the standard. The CFU Championship is in progress and Cayman did not enter a team, whereelse can we compete? No funding available, yet one of JW Rolex watches could have paid for the trips. Bruce Blake was/is a part of that mal-administration. He must not continue.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Might be interested, what does it pay – official and unofficial?

  13. Sepp Blatter-Ebanks says:

    I vote for Bruce Blake a man of proven ‘integrity’ who fights corruption at all times

  14. Anonymous says:

    Why only replace the President? There are other positions which also require desperate changes……..

    • Anonymous says:

      The entire CIFA board needs to be replaced

    • Anonymous says:

      Just like the police service, they an get rid of the English CoP but the majority of cops are from you know where

    • Anonymous says:

      The solution is simple. Government through the Minister of Sports needs to force the liquidation of CIFA because the facts have shown that CIFA is bad for the image of Cayman. A new start is needed with a new name change and executive.

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