Wreck serves as reminder of dangers of DUI

| 17/03/2016 | 7 Comments
Cayman News Service

Car wrecked in a fatal accident in East End, Grand Cayman, 13 March 2016

(CNS): The car driven by Chris McLaughlin (30), who was killed Sunday night in a single vehicle crash, serves as an illustration to drivers about the dangers of speed and driving under the influence of alcohol, the RCIPS has said. The cause of the crash is suspected to be DUI, though no formal finding has yet been made. The extensive damage to the Toyota, which collided with a light pole near the Blow Holes in East End, should serve as a warning to other road users, police said Wednesday.

McLaughlin, who was alone in the car, had to be removed by the Cayman Islands Fire Service and was pronounced dead at the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town.

He is the third person to lose his life on the roads this year. Denvil Roy Mitchell (40) died following a collision on Shamrock Road in Savannah on 21 February when his motorcycle was hit by a Burgundy KIA Sportage near the Countryside shopping plaza. The first victim was Ethel Venola Ebanks (86), who died on 28 January on the Stake Bay Road, Cayman Brac.

Thirteen people died on the roads of Cayman in 2015, one of the highest number of road fatalities on record.

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  1. Jen - DUI says:

    I don’t believe we need to mark the accident as a result of a DUI. What it reminds me of is a result of an unavoidable accident on the road. Whoever’s fault the accident might be, I believe anyone who sees the car wreck would be extra careful while driving on the road. Won’t you agree?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agree that DUI is wrong but at least if you are going to use an example try to get the facts straight this accident happened on Friday March 11th. RIP and condolences to the family who are left to mourn.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Personally I find it quite insensitive for RCIPS to use this particular accident, including photos of the vehicle and allegations of DUI, before the deceased driver has even been buried!! I wonder if the grieving family approved this? Quite likely not. Very disrespectful!!

    Exactly what kind of ‘service’ does the RCIP Service represent anyway??!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The victim lost the right to complain about sensitivities when he got behind the wheel drunk and endangered the lives of good innocent people. DUI is a serious crime committed by lazy, selfish people.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Without speaking to the tragedy of this event at all, the RCIPS and NDC should be campaigning against all forms of driver impairment and equipping the traffic unit with THC detectors, in addition to breathalizers.

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